How To Remove And Replace Valves In A Cylinder Head -EricTheCarGuy

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sheashaus1: Great Video it’s giving me ideas of how to get it done with big sockets since I’m stuck at home.


Private Property: I'm trying to replace all valve seals.

Private Property: I can't find a video about how I'm suppose to know what valve stems close when each piston is at TDC. And I can't find anything that let's me know if I need to set the other pistons at TDC the same as the repair manual tells me to do to cylinder #1

Private Property: Also is it possible to put The other pistons in TDC ? I'm supposed to put the air supply and the pressure gauge into the other spark plug wells, and in firing order right? Correct me If I'm wrong.

Private Property: Eric, how do I know which piston is under which valves? Like how do I know when piston in cylinder #1 Is at TDC what valve stems are compressed. There's 4 pistons on one side but A lot more valve stems than pistons . So how do I know what pistons compress which valve stems?

ricks kzrx: Thank you eric for this super helpful video! God bless! you are a good guy for taking your time making these videos for us! Thank you!

Ryank games: im having such a time with that tool i have been fighting with those massive spring compressors and holy freak that little tool is amazing

Brandon's Garage: "This one's for larger valves, and this one's for smaller valves"

Bill Gowin: Is that a dodge?

Jesus Negron: thank you for the great videos i enjoy very much,and learn a lot from you..GOD BLESS.

JoeCnNd: 13:55 that was a breeze to get off.

E Peterson: Would these cause a little black smoke out of the tail pipe at start up and when beginning to accelerate?

casey escobar: What happens when instead of 4 valves pet cylinder. You have 5? Cause I have 5 per cylinder.

Gumball's Gameroom: Thanks! I tried 3 different types of spring compressors to no avail. The 36050 tool worked like a charm.

Eric Luciano: Hey Eric, I wanted to ask your opinion......I recently purchased a pre-owned 2017 Ford Fusion (2.0 Ecoboost w/turbo). This was a "rental" car and has 43k miles. The Carfax shows the cylinder head gasket was supposedly replaced, but two weeks in....the heater stopped blowing hot air when in idle position. I also noticed a slightly thicker white smoke coming from the dual exhaust pipes. No coolant leaks, and the car ran very smoothly. Now, the Ford dealer is taking great care of me and everything was under warranty, but they needed to replace the Cylinder Head and engine block. Can you tell me if keeping this car is ok? In your opinion, what all will they need to replace for such a repair? Is there any advice you can give me? I would appreciate any of your help. -Eric L.

Tommy Newhouse: very useful video ,thanks

Matthias Dailey: That's a great tool, like you said. But grip it tight... It slipped once when I pounded it, and it flew up and knocked my forehead, giving me a nice cut. #cursedworldproblems

nima mt: Very use full.thanks sir

Ed Horn: excellent lesson for a beginner such as myself, thank you

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How To Remove and Replace Valves in a Cylinder Head -EricTheCarGuy 5 out of 5

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How To Remove and Replace Valves in a Cylinder Head -EricTheCarGuy
How To Remove and Replace Valves in a Cylinder Head -EricTheCarGuy
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How To Remove and Replace Valves in a Cylinder Head -EricTheCarGuy