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Zelda Hagedorn: O

Dennis Mitchell: I wanted to know about the aging of strawberry beds. Is the matted system permanent? You should have called your video how to plant strawberries as you have only told half the story.

Romel Madray: Thanks for providing this information. I would like to know how you dealt with any diseases, such as leather rot, scorch, leaf spot, leaf blight ad anthracose. I am growing strawberries in full sun in a tropical climate with wet weather and hot sun. All crops get sufficient water Do you think wild strawberries with fare nay better in the climate I just mentioned. Assistance appreciates.Please note that strawberry varieties are unknown and I plant also strawberry from seeds from the the strawberries in the supermarket i.e Driscolls strawberries

Pauline Anne Brady: Thanks for the very interesting information

Rose SEME: want to grow strawberry i n africa what shoul i do email:semerose@yahoo

Teej Al: Great information here.. Thank you!

A Strawberry: OH- OH MY GOD

yes350yes: Helpful info I really like the mesh lid with latch to raise up and down. Im going to put one on my small raised bed, thanks.

Scott Jaz: why are you people always fat???

Togidubnus: Nicely presented, informative. I've never netted fruit wherever I've grown it. A few are taken by the birds and other woodland creatures, but not so many that I'd notice. It's rare that they all get harvested, so leaving a few for our fellow creatures seems only right. Most netting systems and fruit cages are over-engineered, and their cost/benefit ratio does not balance, is how I see it. Strawberries are easy to grow, but getting a quality berry without them getting dirty or mouldy takes quite a bit of effort.

Kimland1: Seems unnecessary protection.  I planted about 5 straw berry plants in a backyard garden that comfortably supports 10 tomato plants and within 2 years the strawberries had taken the entire garden for themselves.  Even weeds would not grow any more, except just one weed that resembles the strawberry.  Squirrels were a menace In the first season when I had only a handful fruit.  Since then I cannot notice if squirrels or birds are helping themselves to the crop - actually I hope they are, because my wife and kids prefer to get their strawberries from Kruger even when I have so much fruit in the garden that I have no plan for.  I just don't get the idea of protecting strawberries - they don't seem to need it.

Javian Perez: Thanks for teaching me and my mom to grow strawberries

haou teole: the democrats and neo-cons want to murder anyone not worshiping the Jewish Money.  Evil people don't understand this? The Bible makes a case for truth, humanity, and decency. Evil people make a case of Satanism. the satanic have no values besides evil.  

diodoro73: thanx Carol. this was great!

Rick Schulte: Thank you advise is well accepted

Ameer Ahmed: I need some best tip points to care tomato and peppers plant.

New Me to New You: cool

John Miller: Thanks for this useful information. One thing is that the right audio channel is a bit weak. This can easily be corrected by just copying to strong left channel over to the right channel in your video editor.

Steven DeJong: Wonderful video. Very Knowledgeable person as well. Thank -you!!

Miguel Monreal: Why do my strawberries only gore to about 1/2"

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