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Romel Madray: Thanks for providing this information. I would like to know how you dealt with any diseases, such as leather rot, scorch, leaf spot, leaf blight ad anthracose. I am growing strawberries in full sun in a tropical climate with wet weather and hot sun. All crops get sufficient water Do you think wild strawberries with fare nay better in the climate I just mentioned. Assistance appreciates.Please note that strawberry varieties are unknown and I plant also strawberry from seeds from the the strawberries in the supermarket i.e Driscolls strawberries

Pauline Anne Brady: Thanks for the very interesting information

Rose SEME: want to grow strawberry i n africa what shoul i do email:semerose@yahoo

Teej Al: Great information here.. Thank you!

A Strawberry: OH- OH MY GOD

yes350yes: Helpful info I really like the mesh lid with latch to raise up and down. Im going to put one on my small raised bed, thanks.

Scott Jaz: why are you people always fat???

Togidubnus: Nicely presented, informative. I've never netted fruit wherever I've grown it. A few are taken by the birds and other woodland creatures, but not so many that I'd notice. It's rare that they all get harvested, so leaving a few for our fellow creatures seems only right. Most netting systems and fruit cages are over-engineered, and their cost/benefit ratio does not balance, is how I see it. Strawberries are easy to grow, but getting a quality berry without them getting dirty or mouldy takes quite a bit of effort.

Kimland1: Seems unnecessary protection.  I planted about 5 straw berry plants in a backyard garden that comfortably supports 10 tomato plants and within 2 years the strawberries had taken the entire garden for themselves.  Even weeds would not grow any more, except just one weed that resembles the strawberry.  Squirrels were a menace In the first season when I had only a handful fruit.  Since then I cannot notice if squirrels or birds are helping themselves to the crop - actually I hope they are, because my wife and kids prefer to get their strawberries from Kruger even when I have so much fruit in the garden that I have no plan for.  I just don't get the idea of protecting strawberries - they don't seem to need it.

Javian Perez: Thanks for teaching me and my mom to grow strawberries

haou teole: the democrats and neo-cons want to murder anyone not worshiping the Jewish Money.  Evil people don't understand this? The Bible makes a case for truth, humanity, and decency. Evil people make a case of Satanism. the satanic have no values besides evil.  

diodoro73: thanx Carol. this was great!

Rick Schulte: Thank you advise is well accepted

Ameer Ahmed: I need some best tip points to care tomato and peppers plant.

New Me to New You: cool

Lily Tang: Informative!!!

John Miller: Thanks for this useful information. One thing is that the right audio channel is a bit weak. This can easily be corrected by just copying to strong left channel over to the right channel in your video editor.

Steven DeJong: Wonderful video. Very Knowledgeable person as well. Thank -you!!

Miguel Monreal: Why do my strawberries only gore to about 1/2"

10ac: yup no sound


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