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muhammed akdeniz: onu nasıl yaptınız aga

SuperCapoG: does it jam?

Mücahit Barak: bende aynısı var 2 gün önce aldım. 200 mermi attım takılma yok. otomatik değil yarı otomatik şimdiki blow f92.

KIRIK OKSİJEN: paso tutukluluk yapmış amk :D 

Hasan YÜKSEK: Amına koydğumun oğlu-))

Sad Whisky: mnogo zasicha we

Ventsislav Chochev: Does this gun has a safety position? I have this gun, but nothing can stop the trigger from pulling it?!

GamePan GR: I'm from Greece!!Can i buy a blank gun from your site (!

ssas smo: some people put a little metal ball in the bullet to shoot it for self difence is that effective???

Оръжеен магазин The pistol in this video is BLOW F92 not Jackal Dual. This two model are the same constructions and design - B F92

MoHaMeD AmR: that is ekol jackel dual not blow f 92

Luis Terrazas: Where you buy this gun I need information plis

Jason Sassine: if i aim on somebudy can i hurt him?

Viktor Bogoevski: Поздрав имењак, виждам, че имаш голям мерак на пистолети-Аз обслужват всякакъв тип орузје а съм и колекционер, ще ти пусна линк, поздрав .....

Muphlon: @OTVchannel the safety switch is also the fire selector.

tigerwoods13177: i need this f92 for free as i have no money if so i'll be a rich man

Peter Ivanov: Яката пуцалка :)

Magdi Nakhla: great video, where the button which convert from manual to autiomatic??

BLOW F92 ATOMATIC 5 out of 5

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