USB Gamepad Right Analog Stick Problem

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sam sim: try turn on the analog in the gamepad

Sandro Koridze: normally pc usb joysticks have button called MODE which dedicates every button and makes gamepad act like normal one

中野春子: Press the mode button once and then test it. If it dose not work try repeating this until it works right. It should work after pressing the button once, and most of these controllers designed this way should have a light that turns on after you press the button. I have a sabrent game pad controller just like this. I find it annoying, but you just have to put up with it. Also, if I can save anybody any trouble and money, don't purchase saberent game pad controllers. Most of them have issues with the analog sticks. I recommend spending a little more money on a Logitech game pad controller. If you have the money though I highly recommend purchasing a PlayStation 4 controller. They work the best!

Andro Luka: Turn on Analog on Joystick and then try again!

Dat Green Guy: i have an other trouble with right analog stick... in some games it works just fine, but a few games swap Y and X axis of it... and it's just right stick, left is fine.

Rainn abeire: you need to turn your analog on

Queirosene: I know how to fix it bro. while you're in "properties" (min 1:12) press the ps/home button while you move the right analog. After that you whould be able to use the analog by itself without pressing the home button. At least that worked for me. :)

NOor Idris: my problem is a little bit different, the right analog stick is just dead, when i move it nothing happens, but the left one works well.. CAN ANYONE HELP?? i tried to calibrate it, but as i said it does nothing when i move it

Bence “Vinc” Nágel: i noticed this problem too when i bought a ps3 usb controller to my pc and playing AC black flag. only what u need to do is turn on analog button (red led at the middle of the controller) and after this its worked fine to me. hope this is help for u guys

Andreas-Stavros Soultatos: I 've pressed to mode button but the right stick is not working.

PizzaPowa: lol guys just press the ANALOG button (in the middle of both analogs) and its all good... XD

Johnny Bravo: I'm having the same problem! When I press the analog button, only moving left and right works.

arslan ghous: Is there any MODE button on your controller. Press the MODE button a bit hardly and a light will be on. If your controller does not have a MODE button then I cannot fix your problem. SORRY

Grof: i have strange problem,my right analog stick turns analog button off when i move stick down,every time.idk what to do

saif jr: very easy to fix this problem. go to control panel>>printers and devices
then right-click on the "generic usb joystick" and click on "game controller settings".
then go to "properties".  move the controller analog and press the keys to check if everything is alright. then go to "settings" and click "calibrate" for those whose RS or any other key or such is having a problem. follow the instructions exactly. then try running the game. if you find a problem with either analog, go through all the steps above except for the calibration step. click "reset to defaults" and try testing it again. it shouldnt have any problems now. it should work smoothly. thats how i fixed my usb controller.

HawkEye X: i play pes 15 and i can do tricks on right analog stick

Shin Kazakage: I use the same controller that looks like a Ps3 controller. and I have still this "Analog" problem. I use it to ACTIVATE the controller. If anyone had the same problem please explain to me how to fix THIS on a PS (R) GamePad.

Deleted youtube account: I dont have a analog button or a mode button can someone help me pls!!!

CyanGaming: It's a simple fix. Press the analog button. If there is no analog button, press the mode button. If there isn't a mode button, press the home button. Glad I could help!

Perfect Combet EVER: just press analong button on your gamepad 
and now tell me how i can use my gamepad on my pc because it isn't work.

USB Gamepad right analog stick problem 5 out of 5

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USB Gamepad right analog stick problem