Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review: 18oz. Of Power

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Sblaze813: Listening to this with headphones and Tommy scared the crap out of me.

Sadko Litsky: вот немец - рубит как девчонка !

Debbie Hund: Looks like Tommy is a pretty good wood processing "tool" himself! 😄

M Lopez: you chop like a bitch your technic sucks

Hammock Hiker: just get a sven saw + a good knife and be done with it.

Kipper White: WoWEeeeeeeeeeee Wally need 2 git one LuV Mora stuff TY 4 intel if U tire of it glad 2 give it a good home TY ;) 18oz good weight 4 this Ole DAV go unltrlite on my Kit Bad back-shoulder & Hip 3 strieks but keep going like the D/Bunny sorta ;)

Gary Spring: excellent hatchet. I use hikeing


CJ T: You need to learn how to pop a chip out of the wood. Continually chopping in the same plane is highly inefficient. You did this with both hatchets, so its neither hatchets fault. Your technique is very bad. JT.

DevinAK49: I must have missed the price.

Paul'ie 4X: Say Heah Aaron, Alot of people don't realize you can baton with this small Mora Hatchet. I still use my Lite Trio when I go out for a good cigar and a coffee, known as my Afternoon Delights.,,.p

Martina Dejaquiz: even though i do NOT like axes/hatchets that you can't replace the handles on i say this about the little Fiskars: the Fiskars hatchet cut like living hell. i've had that damned Fiskars for 15 years and the SOB cuts damned good - keeps a damned good edge, too. the Fiskars is a damned good hatchet. however, when the handle breaks that's it for it and i'm wondering when it's gonna break? it's old now, but it has been used a hell of a lot and lasted 15 years.

Mark Schattefor: It looks like something that every non muslem has to carry 24/7.

Mr450pro: What about the most importen thing, splitting the Wood ? That why you carry an axe.. dooh

Paul'ie 4X: Say Heah Aaron. I ordered my Mora Hatchet with my Mora 2000 in Green Because I didn't know the Bacho Laplander was available in Orange, or I would of had a Orange Trio. No biggie, I like my Green Trio. It's my Lite Trio. Infact it's one of my Fav's. Lite Trio Carry. I bough a few of Far Nine Flap Over Purses at a closeout Price, I think I paid $2.99 apiece for them. Their not as we'll made as the good Haversack's. But that's excactly how I use my Far Nine Flap Over Purse as. The funny part is I'm still using my first one as a Haversack and it's still holding up great. It carries my Mora Hatchet and I have my Bacho Laplander with a knife I bought at eBay , It's a Damascus knife. But not your average damascus, It's more fancy but the lines connect to eachother and to my surprise it is a Damascus. It wasn't too expensive and came in a cheap sheath. with a wrapped handle which I use to nake a defence/fish, frog spear if I want. On one side I have a Bushnell Compact Binoculars . the other side my Compass .The good size main body carries my other 5C's, I also carry a Survival Bekt with my Canteen and Necessities Pouch and my Mora 2000. I also carry an Nalgene Bottle, Pancho and a Space Blanket in my Makeshift Haversack. When I take my friend along for a Afternoon Delight, I might take my Homer Harmonica after the fact and she makes a great Mors A La Cup of hot coffee and we bring some Cheese and Fruit and ofcouce I bring sone good Cigar's which she doesn't mind in the open air. So yeah, The Mora Hatchet is a great piece of kit to make up one of my Fav. econo priced Lite Trio. After seeing how it's made and how it holds in the handle, I just wish it was more wedge shaped to split better. Oh, don't get me wrong, I manage it working wood and it's very lite and compact as it is. But sometimes on wet condition's I bring my Wildeness Tool which is also around a pound with my S. O. G. Seal Pup Elite TiNi Tactical Knife that by the way work's great in the bush. With my C. S. double edge machete that's discintinued makes a pretty good clearing tool. Oh, I also, and because of your sharing the Steel Will's I got a great combo, I ordered my Druid 240 and teamed it with my Druid 230 as a clearing long knife with my Estwing Sportsman make a pretty good Trio. But I also bring it with my makeshift Havesack so the Bacho Laplander is in the zippered flap over. Thanx Aaron for sharing the Mora Hatchet that made me also get the Mora 2000 and ofcorce the Steel Will's.,,.

Just a guy survival: great video! I've been kicking around the mora for a bit not. very informative. Thanks so much. also loved the bushcraft black review I have 4 companions and been wondering if it was worth the money to buy the b.b. so thanks for that as well.

Daniel Breit: the schrade hatchet's much better

Phillip Davies: I confess that did not leap out at me, but thanks for the review.

TheKimjoh560: Consumercraft/Posercraft at its best.

I usually skip this channel on account that its one of those channels where a big man child is playing in the woods with guns an knives but I was genuinly interested in the axe so I watched the entire 13 minute clip and I'm none the wiser.

Let me tell you something. I dont use an axe like that. I would use a saw and save the axe for splitting. But if I did use an axe like a moron and it got my edge damaged I would not make conclusions about the edge retention when I damage the blade. Yep, that edge is DAMAGED not just dulled.

Also, would anyone buy an axe like this and expect it to work well as a hammer? And would that person also expect that the paint on the head of an axe not chip? Its asif you have never seen either an axe, a hammer or put up a tent before.

Grab Me Gear: Thanks for the helpful review and comparison 👍

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Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review: 18oz. Of Power 5 out of 5

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Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review: 18oz. Of Power
Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review: 18oz. Of Power
Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review
Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review
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Mora Outdoor Camp Axe Review: 18oz. Of Power