Chainsaw Carving Moai #2, Tiki Head, Arborist, Tree Climber

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Little Li: you must really use a sunglass or anything to shield your eyes when you're doing that...

EmoLoveKillsSlowly: how much gasolin did u used to carve that? ;D

zuditaka: Shouldn't he oughta be wearin' safety earmuffs to protect his hearing? I don't think even disposable sponge earplugs would block out enough sound....

SoCalDualSport: I'm cuttin down trees today...just for you.

Humberto Taborda: lindo muito lindo!!! parabens!!!

PERPARSON: hey you need to buy new stihl carving bar...if you need it contact me

the430movie .: Kool Dude!

natyavaruval: fantastic doing>.

pedro paulo: bealtiful

Valek Eaglefalcon: you cant even see the ground :/ and he doesnt seem to be alone and how could he chop off the hand he holds the saw with

CushionOfWealth: Hey Per., Did he contact you about the stihl? . Do you think he nees some saftey equipment. . The gound has a lot of trip hazzard, don't you think. . He seems to be alone at that location; it would be difficult to call 911 if he lopped off his dialing hand. Nice sculptures; just as the primitives did, except they used stone. Cheers.

moliciousthe: whats up with the square at the begining?

John Dixon: f*** sake . give him some wax, or ice or ...just anything - before he carves us out of a planet with air , eh? !!!

Scoat TheGoat: Easter Island Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Dengler: just did it, no marking out

greatbigshineyhelmet: finally! someone carving something other than an eagle! well done.

gilles bellemare: holly crap! your good at that man good job.

CushionOfWealth: Dear Valek., I think it would be nicer with a hump in the nose. . cheers.

djtoo7: Very cool. Would u set up your videos so they can be viewed with mobile devices. Thx. Way cool tikis

P47ThunderboltJug: This guys badass! He chainsaw carves and listens to led zeppelin!

Esuper1: wow, that's got to be great for your hearing... I SAID THAT CANT BE TOO GOOD FOR THE EARS?

mrdocstoc: cool, looks like an easter island head

Paitro202: can really cover up wrinkles lol

Pretty Sweet Vid's: That is sweet Daniel! You have alot of talent, and you have a wonderful sister! I work with her at Atlantic. Look forward to meeting you someday. Peace, Terry

dsliceg: Hey that is sweet!! can I buy one from you???

m3sca1: nice chainsaw skills-5 stars. Have a look at the one i carved out of sandstone.

bj616: I love it! That is awesome, dig that Easter Island Head.

Oma Hampton: Dude i didnt see u carve anything are u sure u carved that hahahahahaha

jackoalltheway: naughty boy using a tp handle like that!!! must admit they are good though

Billy Woods: people, who cares if for one time he doesnt get dressed up in husqvarna chaps and helmut its not like osha gonna come and shut him down its his choice hes not gonna lose his hearing over 5 minutes so just shut the freak up its his choice, he can do what ever he wants shut the freak up

Oma Hampton: O yea i saw a dumb freak down there hahahhha im a pretty dam good carver myself and im gonna start posting videos and dumb freaks are gonna flood me because i dont even own a freakin pair of chaps hahahahahaha

chainsaw carving Moai #2, tiki head, arborist, tree climber 4.5 out of 5

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chainsaw carving Moai #2. tiki head. arborist. tree climber
chainsaw carving Moai #2. tiki head. arborist. tree climber
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chainsaw carving Moai #2, tiki head, arborist, tree climber