Setting Up The Nabi Tablet

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Ebony Adkins: Someone gave my 2yr old a Nabi and still has some of there stuff on there. Can I do a factory reset to start over again and set up a Nabi account

Brandy Wiest: I miss my nabi soooo badly

Jacob Vermette: I unchecked unknown sources send pictures brings me when I go in the crew download the Amazon app store

Joanise Gay: tell me the password you freak

JameyChaCha: "NAH Bee"  A sound like August.  It's the Korean word for butterfly.

cody braul: How do you put a password on it ? Lol

12BFAVORED: How do you do a factory reset on the Nabi

Tiera Jones: How do you get the good morning alarm set on the Nabi?

Lloyd Wallace: How do you know your password

jess stokes: im nine I love it

Chennie Rob: Meep does have netflix. I have the meep for my son and we have netflix installed on it. You have to install it from the Google Play store using the meep website.

Ann Holliday: it's a nice product however i have had so much trouble linking it to my wireless it keep showing out of reach.

MayaElbasani: Does It Come With The Charger

andy juarez: Dddd

Dylan Mau: how do you make a password for nabi.

gaby s: Does it have Netflix on the nabi or the meep or the tabeo or the kurio 7 cUase I want those for my kids

Leslie Heredia: How do I reset the nabi?

Megan Pharris: I love this video

stewardsproductions: Thanks for the Great video I'm going to go get one for my 5 yr old son

MsLexiBeauty: How do you make like, uh..the chores! I go to chores and it practically is lank

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Setting up the Nabi Tablet 5 out of 5

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Setting up the Nabi Tablet