Demo Of Patient With Penile Implant In The Supine Position

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taiwan townsend: OMG does that hurt

Sheila Tyler: do it work the same

Jack Johnson: Why do you have to implant a pencil? is he a she or missing one?

Alberto Mireles: So good video

brian mccoy: Fake pencil ? Or what ?

Neva Jae: Squeezing the balls like that doesn't hurt!?

Niivers: I'm not sure how well versed you are in the subject, but how effective and natural-looking could a surgeon create an artificial pencil for a sex change using this method?

Little Things Korea: bien

MIchael Harrington: Gentlemen... bigger is definitely not always better. A pencil that looks good and works when called upon is all a man needs, so make sure you are using a pencil health creme every day. Applying it takes only a few seconds, but it will provide your pencil with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep the skin free of irritation and the internal components functioning at a high level. Don't go under the knife... use a creme and your partner(s) will be very happy.


Sindi Michea: Are there any bigger then that. I want know what you think I can do with something so small

M Stratocaster: Can U have an orgasm. Can U keep on having sex as long as you want?

WildPinkSalmon: Where does he pushing?

ronald cruz: be the first to comment... what i would like to know if is this penile implant were used or applied only for those guy really don't have any chance/hope or having intercourse due to non erection of pencil?

mrmiangel00: Can patient have a normal erection without using the pump??

mrmiangel00: Can patient eyaculate???

MR. Man: +James Hayes it's an easy surgery one scar I've had it done it's just propofol a night in a hospital with a catheter and a one year later checkup 

bigblueowx: issue with it is that it doesn't fill & swell the entire pencil like blood does,  i think that much of the girth and length will be gone.

Игорь Васильченко: Three different patients demonstrate how their penile implant devices work with Dr. Eid explaining internal penile prosthetic surgery. Each patient inflates and deflates their penile prosthetic devices showing how a natural feeling erection is easily attained.

Samy Sulser: what is the device brand and model plz ? 

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Demo of Patient with Penile Implant in the Supine Position 5 out of 5

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Demo of Patient with Penile Implant in the Supine Position