Demo Of Patient With Penile Implant In The Supine Position

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Andrew Smith: Sensation, ability to have orgasm and ejaculation is unimpaired with the penile prosthesis.

Elwyn Mathew: is it available in India this treatment

Nuansa Net: what it's mean ? i dont understand

Elizabeth Lemley: are you making the peiness longer

taiwan townsend: OMG does that hurt

Sheila Tyler: do it work the same

Joona Любовь Россия: Why do you have to implant a pencil? is he a she or missing one?

Alberto Mireles: So good video

brian mccoy: Fake pencil ? Or what ?

Neva Jae: Squeezing the balls like that doesn't hurt!?

Niivers: I'm not sure how well versed you are in the subject, but how effective and natural-looking could a surgeon create an artificial pencil for a sex change using this method?

Little Things Korea: bien

MIchael Harrington: Gentlemen... bigger is definitely not always better. A pencil that looks good and works when called upon is all a man needs, so make sure you are using a pencil health creme every day. Applying it takes only a few seconds, but it will provide your pencil with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep the skin free of irritation and the internal components functioning at a high level. Don't go under the knife... use a creme and your partner(s) will be very happy.


Sindi Michea: Are there any bigger then that. I want know what you think I can do with something so small

M Stratocaster: Can U have an orgasm. Can U keep on having sex as long as you want?

WildPinkSalmon: Where does he pushing?

ronald cruz: be the first to comment... what i would like to know if is this penile implant were used or applied only for those guy really don't have any chance/hope or having intercourse due to non erection of pencil?

mrmiangel00: Can patient have a normal erection without using the pump??

mrmiangel00: Can patient eyaculate???

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Demo of Patient with Penile Implant in the Supine Position 5 out of 5

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Demo of Patient with Penile Implant in the Supine Position