Ruger BlackHawk Convertible .45 Revolver Review

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Thomas Osteen: thanks for the video Big & Little

Zan Zibar: ковбой,настоящий ковбой! молодчага дедуган!

Hawks 13: this guy is extremely high with his dog

535tony: When I bought mine in 1981 it just came in a cardboard box. You can reload those 45LC rounds pretty hot in this gun. Mine has the 4 5\8 inch barrel too, great pistol.

Angela Cruz: My dad was thinking of getting a shotgun. if u can do a review on that, that would be nice :)

pagan poet prophet: cool video man ; i enjoyed

James Austin: You got a mighty nice Ruger Blackhawk there, Big Daddy!

BR5499a: Jump to 5:27

v SIG: Nice video but this is not my kind of gun,  I like the New Vaquero anyway in .357  :)

Alfonso Gomez: Great video, just went out today and got me a Ruger Blackhack in 357. magnum 6.5 inch barrel.

Wyatt Bronx: Jack does not talk much does he BigDaddy? Ha Ha Nice Dog! Great Videos also.

DarkBioCloud: Rick Grimes would love this gun.

HugoStiglitz: Thanks, Big Daddy. Another nice video and another sweet looking gun! Definitely gonna go get me some of that!

Luis C: hey what revolver is he carrying

Jeff Swartout: ....that there shore is a pudy lock......39 oz.brushed aluminum alloy.....looks like a single action tumbler....similated petroleum coated rings......flat bottom I tell ya what....that'll make ya slap ya grandma.....yorn, not mine...mine'll slap ya right back...right qwik....hooowweee.....and weeeelllll dooogggggeeee as uncle Jed used ta say...that there lock done come with a nice, pudy, shiney revolver too......heh heh heh....skuse me whilst I run an slap my grandma.....hell...I'd go shootin with ya anytime BDH1911...nice vid.

On The Lamb: Big Daddy, That's beautiful! Pulling the plastic off of her is like pulling the stocking off of Rita Hayworth. What a fine smoke wagon! 
Love your videos!
Oh, and your singing ain't to shabby. :-)

Praxic Fire: Hoffman u sir are a badass and ur dogs awesome too! U earned a sub!!!

spanky44mag: I went through TWO of these.  Both of mine were awful and LIpseys took them back. I ended up getting a 44special vaquero from them.  The cylinders on both guns were not machined correctly. You could tell where they failed to remove enought metal from the rear face of the cylinder.  not enough headspace for the cylinder to turn while loaded.  Case rims would drag and open gate when roostering hammer for the next shot

canal WDC: if I send the money to you, you can buy me, and send me?
more money from the shipping of course.

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Ruger BlackHawk Convertible .45 Revolver Review 5 out of 5

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Ruger BlackHawk Convertible .45 Revolver Review