The Hendershot Generator Parts

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jmgreen1968: huh 10 videos of the same video this is just a way for you to sell your crap hey folks thing is crap it doesn't work like they say it will if at all these guys probably have 100 of these different account on youtube and they all lead to the same place YOUR CHECK BOOK THATS ALL THEY WANT

Rozafati: When I ask for AC transformers 1:5 ratio in the shop they do not know what I'm asking for.
Can someone help with more details about transformers.
My need is 220 V Europe standard.

Christina Henry: So where can we get the parts that are not red-ably available? 

JC Blaque: Thanks for appreciating it man. Please tune in to my channel for more updates.

JC Blaque: Please tune in to my channel

JC Blaque: Yes you are correct

Sydney Brylle: So you mean to say that the rotation of the motor depends on that gravitational force created by the differences of field on the true north and the north pole itself? i'm correct here?

PVA Store: I agree with JC's reply to Joel...

Marc Smith: This invention really looks interesting and i'm planning to replicate this one very soon.

Evan Sharboneau: I am looking forward to checking out the sight for your notes, I do have my other brother here but he could careless funny huh anyway i really enjoy your show...

JC Blaque: The generator taps itself from the earths's magnetic field so a magnet is necessary.

John Spencer: In the video they just moved the little coils closer to the magnet to start it up. If you have a scope you can test some points to see if there's any oscillation happening.

Nikola Tesla: yes. So this explains the Hendershot "tuning". However, there could be more to it. If the bar is instead attached to the horseshoe magnet, its field is NULL. If the solenoids can pull it away from the magnet, its field would re-appear. By creating a flux like this, the Q goes way up in the tank circuits due to the induced alternating flux. The frequency response curve goes lower.

HendershotGenerator Hendershot: Is it not possible to pulse electronicaly instead of a buzzer? Thanks for sharing

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The Hendershot Generator Parts
The Hendershot Generator Parts

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The Hendershot Generator Parts