Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work On Dark Hair?!?

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Aamber Moore: i also use splat & i always scrub the tub with AJAX or COMET. It comes right off... untill u shower again lol

Ashley Davidson: To get dye off of skin use hand sanitizer

Amanda Barbolla: You can use a very light coating of baby oil on shower stall walls and sides of tub. This helps with general cleaning even when not coloring. Just very light coat but cover all areas except tub foor

Bizzardvark stuff: it didnt work for me and i have blond hair. i got the Midnight Violet.

Ew Bananas: i used that hair dye and it took so long to wash out!! it gave me a really bright tint in the sun i dyed it last summer its now 2018. it only faded to red long after the 6-10 ( how ever long it said ) washes for semi permanent.

Ashlee Biggs: It means when your hair is wet and you dye it the slap will bleed

Mia Rodriguez: Ur makeup😍😍😍

Arianna Richardson: Easy, short answer: yes. I use this to dye my hair. I dyed my hair That exact color a few months ago without bleaching and it worked really well.

Lisa Hernandez: You need some Clorox or bleach to remove the dye from tub easiest. I have used these dyes they dont really do much to our dark brown hair. To get the actual vivid color u need to lighten it. I was using the thw ruby one and needed to lighten it before hand. I used that blue on brown hair not as dark as ours but it didnt come out that great as well either. I read the box which wasnt for our hair. Unfortunately. I would like to see u use the got2b metallic red it came out great in my hair and colored my dark hair a pretty shade an my highlights when washed a few times came out like a rose gold so pretty.

Amanda Hensley: Beauty secrete we're taught in school. Hand sanitizer get it all off and that stuff is so horrible lol sorry we all know it but I couldn't help my self.

beverly hail: Next time try a lemon

sarah bowden: Just a stylist hack for staining surfaces use a magic eraser it should work if you need a bit more power add soft scrub with the magic eraser that should do the trick,

Jocelyn Gill: I always use spat and it does do that for me but it never stains my walls or bathtub

Vanessa Ramos: I used it, it just came right out

Carmina Villamizar: I used it liked the results but I hate the mess during and even after your hair is dry it still transfers a lot the collar on my white blouse was red . Do not recommend

TRICK SHOTS 2018: i did not even watch the video yet i paused it on the add before the video starts and i can tell u i have super dark brown hair and the red splat really worked and showed up very well

MasakaHitachiin: most hair once water is clear from washing porably a few washes then you don't have to worry nearly as mush about stainage on pillow cases and towels

Colleen Theisen: If you wash out dye with cool water it does not stain

Random Things459: Ya I use splat and it’s going to do that you just have to wash your bath tub really good to get it off and it’s not easy

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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?
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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?