Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work On Dark Hair?!?

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everybodylovesbroify: Yeah if your the type of person that loves to constantly dye your hair and are really creative then I love splat. If not and your someone that just wants a change, maybe not. It does stain things when you do it and it's kinda unavoidable. I don't recall still dying things when my hair was dry but this was 4 years ago. Glad to remember tho I think I'll just go blonde.

Alex Hobbs: I’ve used this before and the first twoish times it may get on your pillow but just cover you pillow in a towel

Chloe Watts: I recently dyed my hair blue and I was going to get Splat just because it was cheaper. I'm SO GLAD I DIDN'T.

Cookie Time: This worked very well for me when I first tried it. My family friend did a fantastic job with it and the colour lasted for almost 2 months no joke. Definitely recommend

Absolute Nerds: It's didnt work for you so you have to bleach it

Priscilla Vilva: So true I tried this

Zero Cool: tape seems like a good idea. I always get my ears dyed, every damn time. lol

Rosanna Gomez: It didn’t dye your hair because you didn’t bleach it first

Brittanie Hall: slat freaking sucks I used it and it never stops leaking the color out all the time when u wash your hair

Alexandra Sanjines: i dyed my hair the same color and i had it for 4 months my bath tub was stained for weeks until i used bleach for my bathtub it worked a little my hair is dark brown so i do understand a little bit it still looked nice ...

Sneaking With Susu: i have black hair i dont want to bleach it

Kiki G.: Side note though, your hair is so gorgeous, if you ever consider cutting it, don't dye it for a while and consider locks of love. You could probably get at least three children's wigs out of it and still have shoulder length hair.

Kiki G.: It's a wash out dye, so yes anytime your hair is damp or wet until the dye is completely gone, it will dye anything it touches. Just the nature of the beast. Concentrate more so than residual residue, lighter colors show up more so than on black etc. common sense basic stuff. If you have the virgin undyed recommended basic virgin hair to start with, it will take to the dye better than pre-treated, product built up, over bleached and stripped hair. And hair properly maintained after being dyed will hold the dye longer than daily washed with hot water and harsh sulfate rich shampoos. For the shower, a mr.clean magic eraser or magic bubbles spray works fine.

some 1: your eyes are so pretty

Emma Leyva: Why didn't you wipe your face off before?

ItsMeXy: I just did my hair with the same product you got and the exact thing happened to me with the shower!!!!

Madison Price: the dye literally looks like pen ink 😬

Ash K: Can you try Special Effects brand hair dye¿

silvia dyson: 👌🏻🔥😂🤗

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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?
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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?