Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work On Dark Hair?!?

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Sxmia Has Arrived: guys these do work i dyed my hair the purple berry thing but it did come out a diff color because my hair ks black but it works and its cute

Mia Gacha Studios: I’ve tried this before and my hair started falling out ;-; my hair is probably not right for splat

Oh Um Yes: 9:50

Megan Woodard: It wont turn blue because it is just a stain. There is nothing in it to oxidize and to open your cuticles and left the natural pigment to be replaced with the blue. Hence why you bleach it.

Megan Woodard: Omg I am a licensed stylist if you plan on using it dont plan on getting it removed!! Cause I have tried to remove this before and it does not budge!!

alexandra fragoso: It didnt work on mine like it left it all blackish blue 😒

Alexis Nelson: Everytime you get you hair wet after dying you hair with splat it bleeds onto everything. I had a light brown soft couch & I didn’t know my hair was gonna bleed & my whole couch where my hair tounch was blue

faith by name: Moron use bleach

Melody Moreno: Looks a lil like alexsjada

Shannon Robb: My hair is currently brown! I’m getting ready to do it blue! I intended to do the splat first before I bleach it to see if it works! I’m more scared of the blue staining my tub but I used to do my hair red with products like garnea and have had no problems with getting the red to drain and not stain my tub!

Alisha Marquez: The green cloak bleach will get it our of your white shower rubbing alcohol and baby wipes gets the blue dye off your hair

Beth W: Also Sallisaw has radical skin wipes to get crazy colors off your skin after dye

Beth W: Girl I used a garden hose outside to rinse mine out.

Jessica Pepper: Bruh you really gotta dilute splat dyes. You can turn a single bottle of concentrated dye into like 4

carrie white: Sorry it's hard to see the color on your hair

nessie v: my red splat stained my whole bathtub, had to bleach it so many times. the red dye rinsed out to white within a couple days but my hair was stained pink in some spots and would not come out no matter what bleach or remover method i used

Stephanie Clauson-Gonzalez: You put Vaseline around your hairline your neck your ears I have to put it on my face as well because I'm very sloppy when it comes to dying my hair you put vaseline where you don't want the hair dye to hit you is what you do just put the Vaseline around your hair dye and it won't hit your skin. You're welcome

Yukki Katsuki: Ive had zero issues with splat dye. It stops bleeding colour quickly(i put my extra dye into my shampoo) and i have applied the red directly over my brown hair and the colour lasted for ages(the splat colours are known for staying in your hair sometimes they will stick it out through BLEACH). The bleach is okay it has a tendency to yellow your hair and if you want to have the exact colour you want you need to use a toner

Amy H: The directions tell you what it'll look like on the box. I used this on my daughter, and her natural highlights were more blue and the darker brunette looked black underneath. It was actually pretty cool looking when we were done..

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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?
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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?