How To Load EBooks On The Kindle Paperwhite

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Donna Maguire: Hi, Thank you.  The video is very detailed and clear.   After all the preliminary steps, I sent the book to my kindle.  I can see it but when I try to turn from the cover to first page, it goes to the end of the book.  Basically, I only have a cover and the last page where you can rate the book.   Anyone know what went wrong.

Elias Ștefănescu: where did

Elias Ștefănescu: from wherdid you get the book

joe parker: amazing

Kaizen 86: is this applicable also on basic kindle 7thgeneration? pls need an answer.

RIth Leakmoneth: Can you guys help me one thing, share me some link to download a book, cuz I am really new to use Kindle... Hope you guys give me a good sharing...

Didgeridoo: Great guide, ty.

Chris Harry: Excellent. Thanks for the info! Tried it out on default for Kindle Paperwhite and it worked just fine!

Kelsay Jendrusik: I've been using calibre for a while but I just did a quick and dirty conversion and transfer, and never played around with the other settings like adding a nice cover, or the metadata.

Kelsay Jendrusik: Thank you so much for this video!

Michael Taylor: Great tutorial Michael, thanks.

I live in Portugal and bought a PW from a pawn shop. Later to find out that my American Amazon account can't be registered for this kindle. So I started searching for alternative ways to read books on the kindle and found your video. Just a couple of questions before I start.

Should I jailbreak the kindle pw gen 6?
Should I make sure to never connect to my wifi connection and try to register to my account?

It's a shame that I can't use my American Amazon account due to the original country origins purchase, which is France but this looks like a good option to still use the kindle as my daily ereader.

Migle: thank you;]] helped me a lot today to start using new kindle;]]

Yash Singh: if i could like this video more than once i would

Bryan Delgadillo: does it work with ANY kindle?

David Corinthian: does this work for the new Kindle paper white 3

LV4NYG: will syncing with amazon remove these books that amazon doesn't recognize on account?

Thank you.

chichi123448: I got everything done but when i plug my kindle in my laptop, the kindle icon doesn't pop up

rfh1987: If you set up Caliber to be able to email books to your Kindle (I found it to be easiest if you have access to a POP3 or SMTP mail server), and if you have your Kindle server settings set to archive personal documents, the book will be saved to your account on Amazon. This means that you don't have to worry about losing the book. You can just go to the Amazon website --> Manage Your Content and Devices --> Show: Docs, and tell it to send to your Kindle. While this isn't as convenient as being able to search for your cloud books on the Kindle itself, at least you don't have to worry about your computer crashing.

Tip: If you only want some books saved to your Amazon account, enable "Personal Document Archiving" when you send the book, and then disable it, afterward.

Taranjeet Chawla: Can books that were downloaded from torrent sites be uploaded to it , IN other words pirated books in epub format be uploaded ?

Diego Bustamante: there is a lot of videos like this but none of them shows the actual device reading the converted file.

How to load eBooks on the Kindle Paperwhite 5 out of 5

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How to load eBooks on the Kindle Paperwhite
How to load eBooks on the Kindle Paperwhite
How to Load eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2
How to Load eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2
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How to load eBooks on the Kindle Paperwhite