Neewer TT560 Flash Review

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Fiend V: I agree with you on the power of the flash. I was conducting the blinding myself test on full power and I was successfully blinded for up to 10 seconds.´╗┐

Jerry Onyechi: can you use this for video?´╗┐

Kwabena Adjare Danquah: is it durable´╗┐

Ryan Contos: Its compatible with Nikon D3100 as well right? Ive heard on reviews it is but I'm looking for exerternal flashes on a super tight budget and i need to know if this is reliable

Jack A: Do you need the PC sync cord to use this speed lite?

mmfilms123: That depends on your camera, With my t2i i can only go up to 200 usually. It really depends. I would still recomend this flash for the price is crazy good.

Jebaovasusername: how can i use slave mode on my nikon d80? :s i can use only M mode and its works fine... PLS can anyone help me?

mmfilms123: I will do a video on that possibly tomorrow just for you dude! Hope it helps :)

June de Vera: will it work with nikon d90? Thanks

hossein sadeghi: Hi, do you know if it works with a wireless trigger? I wanna get the CowboyStudio NPT-04

Photopete1000: do the red light work on it

sfgiantsfanman: Hi, would this work withe the canon t3.. Please reply!

Dan Suda: do you need a transmitter for the flash to remotely triggered it from the camera?

mmfilms123: I happen to love it! For the price its unbeatable. I cannot speak for other people though.

Lana Gramlich: Thanks for the info. I appreciate the video!

mmfilms123: Yes, because it is full manual it will work with any camera that has a hot shoe mount! :)

shuggabb: i followed instructions on how to connect it with my t2i but the message shown is ''This menu cannot be displayed. Incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off'' there something im doing flash is on and it still showing me that msg

mmfilms123: Yes! If the camera has a hot shoe mount, which the T3 does, it should work just fine! :)

mmfilms123: Whats red light?

Ethan Elliott: what does fully manual mean ?

CinemaNaufrage: does the Speedlite's infrared beem fire to assist auto-focus when mounted on your camera body ??? really need to know, thanks, anyone who knows plz answer, im talking about this model in particular,,,,, thanks

mmfilms123: It is a full manual flash. No TTL.

mmfilms123: I have my camera and flash both on maual mode. I keep my shutter speed under 200, because thats that max sync speed my camera will do.

CinemaNaufrage: someone please tell me... does the red beam auto-assist light fire when you use it on the t2i/t3i canons ?? does it offer auto focus assist lights?? thanks

Nick Andy: psl demonstrate the s1 and s2 modes

Valen Garcia: So, I've read and watch videos about this flash and some say that the flash is bad and others say that the flash is good sooo.. im in the middle of a desicion,

Gamaliel Sierraalta: thanks for the review, do you know if this flash can be triggered with the 580ex II?

Xai Yang: Can you use this flash for high speed sync...

mmfilms123: Slave mode is simple, you either trigger it with another speedlight, or a pop up plash (if available)

RMCPortraits: it is thats what i use mine for. just make sure the flash is in manual mode and the camera as well

Nancy Interiano: would it work with nikond5100?

mmfilms123: Haha, you like that? Had it since I was young and its a bitch to take off. LOL thanks! :)

Ginny Barroteran: but you just turn it on(the flash) and what settings was on your camera?! cause it doesn sync! my camera with my flash!

Allan Ray: yep bought the same one but name is " godox flash " TT560 . I think they are all the same made but different companies are selling it. :)

SKATE VEGAS: dose it work cannon t1i'

ItachiUchiha1902: What's the difference between the Godox?

beachmonkeycom: You will have to get a better flash. Canon uses the infrared beam that comes out of the flash for its AF beam. This isnt compatible and will not produce that beam.

mmfilms123: I can operate this flash on all settings. i shoot in full manual mode on the t2i and it worls perfectly! i love this flash its amazing for the money. I would reccomennd you buy it unless you have like 500$ to shell out for a better one. haha.

jtgranado5: What's the difference between the TT560 and the TT520?

Ginny Barroteran: hahaha okay! thanks! i cant make mine work :/ can you please tell me what settings do you have in your flash mode in your camera? pleaseeeeeeee

YakMan NC: Ordered the TT560 last week, got it today for my Canon T3i. How do I set this up? I went to flash control; external flash func. setting - As soon as I set ok - I get an error. "This menu cannot be displayed. Incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off" How do I set this to use TT560 set on the shoe?

mmfilms123: Im not sure if it is compatable with the D3100. I would assume so. As long as it has a hot shoe mount you should be fine. Its a full manual flast so it should be compatable with EVERY camera that supplies a hot shoe mount. Its a great flash man! Im glad you watched the video be sure to subscribe!

mmfilms123: Are you poistive you have the Neewer TT560? This is a full manual flash so there shouldnt be any "menus" that pop up. If there are i would say that you either have it attached the wrong way, or the flash/camera has a faulty hot shoe. To make sure this is a faulty product PLEASE double check everything, I would replace the batteries with BRAND NEW ones, make sure the t2i is working properly etc. I hope this helps my freind and thanks for watching! :) - Matt

TheFlatulenceking: Thanks for the review, very helpful. And nice castle in your room!! Haha

SKREWYOUTV: I have a canon t3i , I purchased this and i just got it 2 days ago... i'm barely getting to play with it, but i already got it to fire.. so yes! it works!.. now i just have to learn the tricks.. but yes it works!

Cesar Froylan: Will it work on the t3i. I read one review that said it didnt. :./

Ershad Ashraf: i've got tt560 on my canon 550d , i normally use this in club photography ! the problem I'm facing is in low light photos as there is no AF assist light on the flash like the build in flash AF ASSIST light ! Is there any other way to sort out my problem ! anyone out there pls help me :)

Faroek Wielzen: Oke thanks what settings did you use? because many people say that this flash does not work on the T2i but if you say so i will buy it

mmfilms123: It defintlely should. Its a full manual flash so just about all hot shoe mounts will be fun!

mmfilms123: Yes, that is what i use it with! :)

Neewer TT560 Flash Review 4.6 out of 5

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Neewer TT560 Speedlite Review
Neewer TT560 Speedlite Review
NEEWER TT560 Flash Speedlite review
NEEWER TT560 Flash Speedlite review
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Neewer TT560 Flash Review