Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video On Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Part #6

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Aaron Riegel: That Briggs Tachometer 19200 is absolutely fascinating to me. I've never seen anything like it before and cant wait to get one. My digital tach on my multimeter has an induction pickup but the digital readout tends to jump all over the place; lending itself useless for accuracy. Thank you for the video. :-)

Bri whi: I have tecumseh 9 hp. I took the carb off to clean it an the governor spring fell off. I have no idea where it goes or even if I need it. Can you help?

sblg43: A most excellent video!

tjones2269: thats a different tac never seen one like it before

thegenrl: how do u tell if running rich or lean in the video?

Brad Crawford: Thank you sir!

31pockets: @mustie1 That is a good price because the one in the video was about $24 from a local store, when I had the meter on the piece of cardboard it in the beginning it was set at 2500rpm and I thought it was 2200rpm, It was my mistake looking through the camera lens, so make sure you can see the numbers clear before you get started with tuning thanks.

Mustie1: @31pockets thanks I found one on ebay for 10 bucks, liked how worked on your vid

31pockets: @mustie1 I have tested it with V8 engines and it usually will match the tack in the dashboard on a car.

Mustie1: Hi does that tach work on twin engines also? thanks

31pockets: @fotoflojoe I tried to make it easy as I could to understand the settings. Thanks!

Joseph Cummings: This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! My Tecumseh motor was running extremely rich and bogging down - I tinkered with the carb settings last and kind of messed things up. With the info in this guide, I was able to get the motor running great again. 31Pockets, thank you so much for doing this!

31pockets: @PhungDuyvo it is usually on the air flow hosing. thanks

Phung Vo: Awesome instruction I have 18 year old yardman 24" wide and 7 horse power tecumseh enginer Can you tell me how to indentify part number of carburator Where it locate Is it on flow cover? I read number 27

31pockets: @simpsonxpress In this video the wrench is a 7/16 but, some older snow kings can sometimes be 3/8

simpsonxpress: What size wrench is used to take off the carb ? Is it 7/16 ?

31pockets: TRaasken Thanks, We are also having a snowfall day here and Ive been a little slow to get back with everyone lately, Im glad it worked out for you. Many of the small engine manuals are sometimes hard to understand, so I do the best I can to turn them into a talking story book to help others. take care 31pockets

31pockets: so if your engine has the low speed idle mixture set screw on the side of the carburetor only, Like most new style engines have, you will still need to adjust that point in the same manor as the older style engine seen in my video to complete the setup calibration for the low speed I hope this helps 31pockets.

31pockets: Poochar thanks for your email question. The High speed idle mixture is set on most new style engines in the prefixed main jet part of the carburetor! If the engine runs good the only thing to adjust is the top speed 3,600 RPM setting with the governor adjustment,

31pockets: Hi 1TINBEATER, and thanks for your email question? The Tachometer or Sirometer is easy to get, their sold through Briggs&Stratton part suppliers and are in the B&S Service and Repair Instructions for Single Cylinder 4 Cycle Engines. They are in this Manuel Book in Chapter 13 on page number 5 seen right at the top of the page, their B&S part number is Tool NO. 19200, I hope this helps. Thanks again 31

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Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #6 5 out of 5

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Tecumseh Snow King Carburetor Repair Video on Troy-Bilt Snow Blower part #6