MCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights On Your IPhone - Review

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Michael Tavernaro: Nice video - thanks very much. I would be interested to know, how good the mic is, which is coming with the mCAMlite, compared to the built-in mic of the iPhone. Did you maybe try it and if yes, were you happy with it ? Greetings from Austria and thanks again´╗┐

Prabhath MP: That was a decent review :) Thanks so much. I wished there was something similar for Android phones too; but the problem is there are too many models and it is really difficult to find a suitable product for model specific unlike Apple devices which are more standardized :) Hope in near future, Google too decides on having more standard approach than customizing everything (at least in terms of phone/equipment size and performance) :) Cheers from Bangalore, India´╗┐

marc barto: Nice review Blunty. They've just released a mcam version for the Samsung Galaxy S3, I have ordered it and will comment on it here when I do some testing!

andy: Fantastic review.

Bonn1189: I think you just sold one of these. Excellent video, and an excellent piece of kit from the looks of it.

NeilyonNutrition: Great video! I've had the mCam for a few months and love it. Didn't know there was a "lite" version. Nonetheless I'm very happy. It's an ongoing learning process. Just ordered an attachable light but still trying to figure the lense situation. You say "it lets you use a bunch of different lenses"...please explain. I am looking for a telephoto lense that is more than 2x magnification. I cannot find any that have the 37mm threading. Suggestions? Thanks!

Dylan Stembridge: Tight pony background on your iPhone! Also great review, interesting and useful product I just might look into getting one.

Blunty: @TheRabidDolphin99 There is another unit designed specifically for the iPod Touch. Their website is linked in the description, you'll find it there.

yoshiboshialt: I'm probably really late, but the new one, the mcamlite, is much better. The handles on the original are pretty useless.

ckole11: Apparently we're all wrong. After reading the wiki, the US and the UK have different spellings and pronunciations Did you look in the dictionary?

dracknlrrd: @Blunty3000 this oh god this

Jax Reads: Actually, yes. However, living in England (I'm not English originally), the Oxford dictionary uses the UK spelling.

marcus murphy: @blkhackr The noise is coming from the radio waves being transmitted from the phone. You have to film with it in airplane mode. If you film with the radio waves active you will get feedback ;)

Robotonic Clydesdale III: 2:12 nice applejack lockscreen man :P

b21nhl: I've used the OWLE Bubo for days on end and love it. I got to play with the mCAMlite a few weeks ago for couple of days and just didn't have that same enjoyment. Without the extra handle, I found it tiring to hold for long periods. I attached a neck strap on the top two 1/4-20" holes of the Bubo, but found I couldn't do that with the lite. Any thoughts on the comfort-ability of holding onto the lite?

ThoseTechGuys: This vs. OWLE 1st generation?

Blunty: @marauderNOR Actually, that's because I forgot to engage Airplane mode to stop the cell radio screwing with the mic.

DJ DARTH SMALLS: what kind of external light do you recommend?? great video!!!

Adam ricket: @james1997milne 6:48 if you were not blind you could also SEE the led through the lens

rockra70: @Blunty3000 Do Brits and Australians spell it aluminium? Not hating, because the British had the language first but i think there's too many I's pronounced

Pfizenmaier: This might be the first gadget I ever buy for my Iphone because the idea idea is pretty neat. Especially the micro seems very interesting to me .But anyways, how much is it for the kit? Nice video Blunty

Hugh Jass: I have a IPod Touch and I am wondering about buying this product. Does it only work with IPhones because of the shape of the holder? Will it work with my IPod Touch 4g?

brandonbranflakes: just wondering, was that static from the mic when you were using the one that came with the mCAMLITE or my crappy speakers?

daewonskate: @Blunty3000 its alu-min-eum liek you said it yay

Luis zarate: Does the iPod touch work on this

Whole in the Wall: @jesserichards it's the same and the lenses are interchangeable if you don't like the included one.

Mark Berman: Oh, I am definitely getting this. I have a fairly active channel that's powered just by my iPhone so this'll be extremely useful for me. Thanks! I have used an OWLe Bubo for 12 months now. I tried the DSLR kit, but wasn't able to make it work how I wanted it to. I have the XLR attachement for using external mics and that is great. As you said it works great in an interview situation at short range. I have even filmed live shots with the various apps that are available and the whole kit stands up well.

RyTrapp0: it's actually acceptable to spell it "aluminium" as well as "aluminum", meaning both pronunciations are acceptable as well. that aside, great review of a great product! would love to try one of these out.

J Espiritu: what type of external light is that thats in the video??

FreakingYa: Great review, I wanted to know what this thing was and and you told me very clearly along with test footage.

S LT: 5-star review - brilliantly done! I'm sold :)

Keith Lo Bue: My bad... Will check it out! Thanks!

trilanguepasbilangue: nice video! i dont even own an iphone and i watched the whole thing and i want to buy the Mcamlite as well :)

anninja16: does this come in a version for an ipod 5th generation?

cowboysfanzz77: They make this for galaxy s3?

Harrison8209: Go Sydney!

ckole11: @Blunty3000 Although I think it sounds better when said by Brits and Aussies, the word is actually spelt a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m, not a-l-u-m-i-n-"i"-u-m. The way you say it suggests that its "n-i-u-m" rather than "n-u-m". So the illiterate colonists actually say it correctly. Good review.

Blunty: @minxamo Please name for me the "dedicated camera" that can fit in my pocket, shoot in 1080p, allows me to ad post editing effects, then edit the footage in a powerful editor which includes music beds, transitions and titles, and then allows me to direct upload the finished edit over 3G or wifi - or even stream live to the net. ALL on ONE device, all with a simple, intuitive best in class touch screen interface. Go on who makes a "dedicated camera" like that? I'd seriously LOVE to know

TheKungFuProductions: The lens and the mic I don't mind, but the light is a little bit overkill. I mean, if you want to get into professional photography, invest in the real deal.

james milne: What about the flash does that still work because the lens is covering it up ?

maclovr: Very nice Mr. Blunty3000, I always enjoy a new video uploaded by you in my subscription box! -Zachary

Blunty: @jstow118 Well nothing's perfect.

petro1986: Very good review, I saw it's bigger brother a few months ago. I think this might make for a good investment :-)

bibulb: What's the weight difference between this and the original Bubo? You mentioned that it's lighter, but is it especially noticeably so? More to the point, do you have a walking shot face-off between this and the original for comparison of the stabilizing effect?

Phiniox Glade: If I have the choice between the older mCam and the newer lite which one would you suggest?

Krishan Ladwa: theres nice borkeh on that lens!

Blunty: @h0tar WTF? Because if I "put the phone ON the flower" I couldn't freaking take a picture of the flower... the phone would be ON it. what the hell are you trying to say?

DBsantos77: Hello! Is there any way for you to take night shots or night video? Really interested in the kit but I'm curious to see how it performs in low light. I mean, as far as pixelation, etc.

minxamo: @rockra70 Yes, we do.

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mCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights on your iPhone - Review 4.8 out of 5

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mCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights on your iPhone - Review