MCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights On Your IPhone - Review

What do you think about this video?

Mitch Crowley: Great video, super informative. Thanks!

JOHN MEDINA: Where I can get that ??

Michael Tavernaro: Nice video - thanks very much.
I would be interested to know, how good the mic is, which is coming with the mCAMlite, compared to the built-in mic of the iPhone. Did you maybe try it and if yes, were you happy with it ? 
Greetings from Austria and thanks again

Prabhath MP: That was a decent review :)

Thanks so much. I wished there was something similar for Android phones too; but the problem is there are too many models and it is really difficult to find a suitable product for model specific unlike Apple devices which are more standardized :)

Hope in near future, Google too decides on having more standard approach than customizing everything (at least in terms of phone/equipment size and performance) :)

Cheers from Bangalore, India

Luis zarate: Does the iPod touch work on this

Danielle Watson: What is the mic called?

Riko Badrakh: can i change the lenses of the iphone 5 with the nikon or canon lenses??

andy: Fantastic review.

Wyatt Miller: Great review, I wanted to know what this thing was and and you told me very clearly along with test footage.

OddRexStudios: Thank you very much for the greatly detailed review! I've been researching this for the past week, and there has been some confusion between the OWLE Bubo and the mCam lite, especially on the vid-atlantic/enCinema web site! Thank you for highlighting the distinction. Strongly considering purchasing this soon. Any option for having handgrips like the original Bubo, or does it not make that much of a difference (especially with the three tripod mounts)?

marc barto: Nice review Blunty. They've just released a mcam version for the Samsung Galaxy S3, I have ordered it and will comment on it here when I do some testing!

yoshiboshialt: I'm probably really late, but the new one, the mcamlite, is much better. The handles on the original are pretty useless.

cowboysfanzz77: They make this for galaxy s3?

Blog Man Ry: Excellent review/tutorial. Just one question for you. How do I turn on the accessibility option to turn off the phone?

xbiggchrisx: What about the pops?

J Espiritu: what type of external light is that thats in the video??

S LT: 5-star review - brilliantly done! I'm sold :)

DJ DARTH SMALLS: what kind of external light do you recommend?? great video!!!

NeilyonNutrition: Great video! I've had the mCam for a few months and love it. Didn't know there was a "lite" version. Nonetheless I'm very happy. It's an ongoing learning process. Just ordered an attachable light but still trying to figure the lense situation. You say "it lets you use a bunch of different lenses"...please explain. I am looking for a telephoto lense that is more than 2x magnification. I cannot find any that have the 37mm threading. Suggestions? Thanks!

Keith Lo Bue: My bad... Will check it out! Thanks!

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mCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights on your iPhone - Review 5 out of 5

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mCAMlite - Put Lenses. Mics. Lights on your iPhone - Review
mCAMlite - Put Lenses. Mics. Lights on your iPhone - Review
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mCAMlite - Put Lenses, Mics, Lights on your iPhone - Review