Get Google Play On Trio Stealth 7

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pkgzapper: didn't work links are broken on pc too:(

tikighost1: Links are not broken, you have to right click on the links and "save as" then they download.

Elizabeth DiGiovanna: Links are broken. :(

peterpanpixyland: It worked! Thanks! Now I can finally use GP to get Firefox, since the browser that came with the Trio crashes more often that a seriously drunk driver! :-)

Adam Robert: still says "unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped", any suggestions? 

redneck4541: This worked perfect on my trio stelth pro . Thank you

ParasitE: Still work ? I have dl both files and tried everything to get it to work. I am using a factory default trio stealth pro 7. I downloaded and installed the apk and then installed and ran the patch_tool but it seems the button does nothing. I hear a clicking sound when i press it but it does nothing. Is there supposed to show a notice that it was patched ? Also did a restart after clearing data and caches on both. When ran App keeps saying unfortunately google play store has stopped. Plz help asap.

William Edger: Found that not to be the case. Google Play Store was the only way I could add the Google Chrome app to the Trio.


work913: i need help i have a trio stealth lite and no google play and i dont know how to get it ive downloaded the googleplay.apk file and the market place patch now what do i do with it?

chapstixify: IT WORKED!!! I have a trio stealth lite. I did just like you said... install the market place download(from link, I didn't open the software.) and downloaded the link patch and ran it. Then I opened play works!!! Thanks to you, it was a big help!

Joe Breeding: Does anyone know how to work a trio to get Google Play it will not let me download girls or do anything I can open anything

pitbrand: Just install the Amazon App from Amazon and you can use that to get the same apps that you would find on Google Play. 

Danny H: thanks for the help worked perfectly and thanks again 

Anime 14: idk if its me or the link cause the patch tool link dosent work

Gabriel Piller: I've installed this one two different Android tablets (Mach Stealth 9.7 and a Hipstreet Equinox 2) by downloading the .apk files and transferring them onto the tablets. Make sure to restart your tablets after the initial install, that will stop the crashing.

William Edger: Glad to hear it and thanks for the heads up on your success!

Steel Fist: Thanks for the tip, William! Both my girlfriend and I have the Trio Stealth Lite and your directions were dead on! With Jon's links and your comments, I'm good to go! I love YouTube!

Felicia Phillips: thanks for this link my son has a trio 7 and i was able to put google play on his tablet and he is very happy

William Edger: I used this approach on a Trio Stealth Lite 4.3. Transferred files, both .apks jon doe links to (if it doesn't prompt for download at first just refresh the page), from PC to Stealth Lite in USB transfer mode. Installed, wouldn't load, Rebooted and same on second try. Went into Apps in Settings and cleared cache for Play Store and rebooted. Third time was the charm! Installed Chrome and Play Store found updates for installed apps, installing now. Play Store was the missing piece. Thanks jon doe!

Get Google Play on Trio Stealth 7 5 out of 5

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Get Google Play on Trio Stealth 7
Get Google Play on Trio Stealth 7
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Google Play installation
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Get Google Play on Trio Stealth 7