Windows 8 For PSP V1.2 Build 107 -Homebrew

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Ethan Butler: Lol anyone else hear she wolf by sia and David Guetta?

Enzo's Racing Videos: I found a few links and it's amazing, must have lua player, unfortunately without english in menus

Petruta Ursu: Can you give me a new download link ? Pleasee i m a big fan ! I subbeds 

TheGrayWolf81: can you use the analog stick to control the mouse instead of the d pad?

Swaraj Shaw: But how can I download it

Pizinger 007: Please how I Change MY Language

Swaraj Shaw: Ur great

MINECRAFT SPICER: need a password

Chi Udejiofor: password

raul dumitrescu: password

Erazem Kokot: not found

ismat raja: hey can i have a download link for a windows 8 portal because i tried this for my psp phat 1003 and it doesnt work

Abid Salim: the link is 404 not found :( can you give me a new link..?

raul dumitrescu: ba carei pasword

Francesco delle cave: download not found

Carbon Ziro: any updates?? would like to see a more developed version, but i appreciate all your hard work!!!

Xanrer Kazuki: yannız bi problem var bu acayip kasıyor (psp 2000 slim) sistemlemi ilgili yoksa benmi hata yaptım

Xanrer Kazuki: Helal kardeşim bi şirket kalkıp akıl edemidi şunu adamsın

mcl771: This interesting...

SpixxMC YT: i subbed and liked...

SpixxMC YT: dude what is the pass?

Batu The Hedgehog: Allah razı olsun. Bunu arıyordum hep. :)

AJ Dich: does this wrk with 660 pro c and does the new version hav english

Pweer Duty: u should remove tht mouse...

oğuz samancı: abi bunu nasıl yüklüyeceğiz

Rich DiPietro: have you mae a v1.3 yet and does it have english translation? i have v1.2 and i cant find how to run it in english

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: PSmyrna yı memory stickinin ilk dizinine atmalısın psp klasörünün olduğu yere :) bide versiyonun pro-b değildir umarım :D pro-bler sorunlu

Rihards0099 / MCVLV: Tell me the password

louai WAIL: thank yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Batu The Hedgehog: Lanet olsun Pro-B9 benimki kullanamıycam üzgünüm. :'(

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: Your PSP's Firmware isn't compatible for This Homebrew. I recommend to use CFW 6.60 ME -1.6 for PSP 2000 or CFW 6.60 LME -1.6 for PSP 3000 and GO

amar1327 | New account hey how do i change language to english?

Batu The Hedgehog: Bunu düzeltemez misin? :(

nayel zahir: the pass is doga.ozkaraca

harshyo96: Awesome :D But fix that problem pls :(

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: you can add your java apps to your ms and you can customize..but actually i don't understand what are you saying ?? can you explain more detailed

MrEdmar101: Nice MOD is there for english version?

K.P. Bishnoi: link broken retrieve it !

ahnaf rafid: no its not the pass i tried it

Mr. Dmuchowsky: if you can be alone upload java programs?

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: yes i'll release english version :) on v1.3 with multitasking feature :) v1.3 release on 1-5 february :)

angelo borja: help me when im clicking my game im going to the xmb or windows 8 plsss answer me quick

ribzxwolf wasim: my screen went blank and switches off after a few seconds, i followed the instructions and all that, but wont get windows 8. HELP!!!

maanas27: sorry, solved :D

Batu The Hedgehog: Birde sorun oldu hep girdiğimde ms lerdemi ne error oldu :(

TheCarevi: CAREvi :D

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: on 20 march :))

Scareh Ghoost: seems legit

K.P. Bishnoi: the games are included in the pack ?

Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu: i'm trying to find source of problem :)

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Windows 8 For PSP v1.2 Build 107 -Homebrew 4.7 out of 5

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Windows 8 For PSP v1.2 Build 107 -Homebrew
Windows 8 For PSP v1.2 Build 107 -Homebrew
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Windows 8 For PSP - NOT A PORTAL -
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[Tuto] Filmer sa PSP - (Windows 8 - 7 - Vista - XP) RemoteJoyLite 0.19
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psp emulator windows 8/7 64 bit confirmed working ios/android also
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windows 8 for psp (not a portal)
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Windows 8 para PSP

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Windows 8 For PSP v1.2 Build 107 -Homebrew