GSXR Fuel Pump Fix

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Gustavo Sandoval: I need a replace for my pump, the cylinder burnt, so i need to know what kind of (car or something else) pump do i need to make it run normally, any ideas?

trachito: thanks for the instructions for trying to fix it instead of replacing it. gonna try it this weekend.

Hector Gallegos: what about the fuel regulator? ?

hgallegos915: I replaced the strainer on mine and my bike still cuts out at high rpms. new pump time :( the filter was veey dirty.

Danger Zone NYC: Great Video! Very Well in Detail

rustler08: Anyway

DJ FACE: Thanks

Matthys Harmse: great video. i have done it. pump to be tested in the bike.

Taz Man: Thanks for this Bought a Gixxer1000 for bugger all cos it wouldn't go. Traced it back to blown fuel injection fuse. Stuck a new one in and it blew that too. Turned out the pump was seized so pulled it out and freed it up. Back to insanity! (Dyno 165 hp at rear wheel) :)

Jutto vant Hoff: Just worked for me on a 2006 SV650. Great video, you just saved me a load of money and aggro. Top job, thank you.

Jere Johnson: This worked for me. 2002 GSXR 600, been sitting since last year, pump would not prime. Checked fuse, relay, etc...Removed the fuel pump, took it apart, cleaned it, all the stuff in the video, and my bike is back on the road again. Good advice. Thanks

armchairgangsta c: just cleaned my fuel pump pat attention to how you remove the fuel filter. he did not install it right

Mattie Aikens: Can you fix my bike

Sinister13 Cruz: thanks for the video

Sinister13 Cruz: did it work for u.

Daniel Leech: Or wear safety glasses if you're that type hahahaha

GeorgeBonez: Oh CRAP! I dropped my potentiometer and stepped on it when I was trying to pick it up! lol

J Gomes: thanks for the video man but I m gonna let my mechanic do it its like u said don't do it if u don't trust ur skills hahaha. thanks

John Nielsen: thanks for taking the time buddy! very helpful!

Morris1million: Legend! Thanks for the video :) I'm having a problem with my gsxr 600 K7 as the fuel warning light keeps flashing even with a full tank, can anyone tell me the best way to access the float/pump, do you have to run it until its out of gas before removing the base plate? Cheers

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GSXR fuel pump fix 5 out of 5

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GSXR fuel pump fix
GSXR fuel pump fix
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GSXR fuel pump fix