GSXR Fuel Pump Fix

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Mattie Aikens: Can you fix my bike

Sinister13 Cruz: thanks for the video

Sinister13 Cruz: did it work for u.

Daniel Leech: Or wear safety glasses if you're that type hahahaha

GeorgeBonez: Oh CRAP! I dropped my potentiometer and stepped on it when I was trying to pick it up! lol

J Gomes: thanks for the video man but I m gonna let my mechanic do it its like u said don't do it if u don't trust ur skills hahaha. thanks

John Nielsen: thanks for taking the time buddy! very helpful!

Morris1million: Legend! Thanks for the video :) I'm having a problem with my gsxr 600 K7 as the fuel warning light keeps flashing even with a full tank, can anyone tell me the best way to access the float/pump, do you have to run it until its out of gas before removing the base plate? Cheers

Kevin Hayes: Thanks for the video, I have a Suzuki sv1000 and I'm pretty sure I'm having fuel pump issues. It doesn't want to start cold unless I cycle the switch a few times to build up the fuel pressure. Now I'm thinking that it may just be the filter. But thanks again for the video, I was having trouble understanding how the pump fit into the assembly. I didn't want to take it apart until the new one got here because I'm still riding it.

airwolfk6: Hello guy''s, i have a problem with my bike Suzuki gsx-r 1000 2005, interrupted 9200 rpm min, and include emergency svetlini.cnange fuel filter. whether the problem is at the petrol pump, because the motor is stop these rpm

Tom Sockeel: Thx I just did mine tha hardest part was getting the entire thing out of the fuel tank it's pretty tight...
My pump still worked okay but still there was quite a lot of dirt particles in the filter now I'm sure my bike is ok :)

TheArch001: Great video man. Very informational. Good job on explaining and showing us step by step 

Chris Waldrop: Stop right now i just want to add a note if and when u get to the fuel pump and u stick ur tool in to free it up u could break those fins they ARE plastic. I know because i just tried it and broke on of my fins so its a new fuel pump for me but mine was beyond repair it sat for 5 years without being started. I would fill the fuel pump up with some kind of liquid that will not break down plastic. And let it sit for a day just to be on the safe side if u dont wanna pay money to repair it. If u did break a fin u will need a new fuel pump for sure it will probably lock it up again if u do get it to break loose and dont get the plastic out and im sure you dont want that to happen while your driving down the road

MCR BIKER: Just wanted to say thanks for the video.  Have just followed it to free up a seized pump on my suzuki motorcycle and is now working a treat!  Cheers bud.

Damian young: Great video,thanks helped a lot.

D Yns: PRO !!! 

keith robinson: Genius. :) come be my personal mechanic -_-

DARRYL ROBINSON: I have a 06 Gsxr 1000 that I went down on. My stator cover had a hair line cracked but started up fine. I replaced the cover and tried to start the bike. It turned over but shut off after a second. Would that be a possible fuel pump issue?

ddemier: I have a 07 gsxr 1000 with 25,000 miles. Should I perform this maintaince? Bike runs fine

mikesneed31: I'm glad my video helped you guys out I really can't answer any bike related questions because aim only using the GSXR 750 engine in my golf cart. Sorry

GSXR fuel pump fix 5 out of 5

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GSXR fuel pump fix
GSXR fuel pump fix
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GSXR fuel pump fix