Minecraft: How To Install Little Maid Mod 1.4.6

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Little Tater: Can you make a new version plz

Myzie Tallbean.: every time i download the mod the folder for littlemaidmob turns into mc launcher what should i do?

Emily Hulse: I don't have BIN!

TheHybirdVelocity: what do you do if you dont have the bin folder??????

Relz Smh: I DONT HAVE BIN >.<

Ian Tan: so did you update this to 1.7.5? you should, thanks

soypancho productions: i have the auto installer forge meaning sounds folder DOES NOT EXIST

Tatokun: hey i don't have "Bin" on Minecraft folder, what should i do?

Strawberrei Miu: @TheGoonGamers
Uhmm can you explain a little more? I might help.. tell me your problem & what happens and take a screenshot of your minecraft folder.

Strawberrei Miu: @Keenra Reed
No probs!

Strawberrei Miu: Download and install forge for the mod folder. WoW.

Angelkiller221: can you help me i do not know what is wrong 

Leek-chan: it didn't work for me :/ i did everything exactly like you did, except the sounds folder in the resource folder was called sound3 and it had some other folders in it, fireworks, mobs, liquid, etc. but that's only the maid sounds, i did everything else just like you did, what went wrong?

ChickaSteve: you need to make the "mods" folder

Tatokun: can i even get them in xbox 360 edition???

THEFurious1964: How do you install custom sounds on FTB?

Myu: Me 2 <-<''

NanaKun: i did every single thing you did 3:40 where it said 4 mods loaded,4 mods active... well it didnt say thet ion my minecraft game and i didnt have a mod folder


Mellanie Lee: thanks so much i have been searching for a video that shows me how to do it in the game!! tysm tysm tysm!!

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Minecraft: How To Install Little Maid Mod 1.4.6 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: How To Install Little Maid Mod 1.4.6