Mini Lalaloopsy Sisters Wave 2

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LalaloopsyESB: SO WANT THESE!!!!

glenn agulto: Make a video daycare to be sportmanship

Kats rule: I also liked commented and subscribed too

Oriana Hernandez: once i opened it yesterday, sahara fell apart :(

Lisbeth Sanabria: I have 22 lalaloopsies i LOVE THEM!

Jacqueline Navarro: Hey 4everlalaloopsy i love all of you videos and i was wondering if i could get a shoutout.Pretty Please with sugar on top! Thanks:)

Chelsea McKnight: How do you do the music in yor videos. 

Samantha Felixson: Make another daycare vidio

Yolyvette Rosario: Your parents do not have to buy you anithing for christmas because you have them all

melanie bravo: I have rosy and stumbles. They are adorable 

Kyla De Jesus: Hello 4everlalaloopsy i was wondering can i have a special shoutout at your next lalaloopsy daycare lessons? I love all your daycare lessons because i can relate. Please i want some shoutout!! :-) <3

Pinkie Dash: These are awesome!

Rachel Sperry: Is this true ppl say your dad makes lalaloopsys so you get the new ones first like the baby ones.

vinhg Luong: I mean I have stumbles but in big

anoodie mohd: OOOOOOOOOOO i want a shout out please i saw all ur vids please please please i want a shoutout im a very BIG fan i would die if i got a shoutout I LOVE YOU! <3

Kirby loopsy: I want them I saw them yesterday at Walmart but my dad didn't get me it

lalalover: what is your next video?

lalaloopsy shows123: im a lalaloopsy fan but now i just hate walmart like realy

Jeandelize Chernoff: Where did you get that

Lalaloopsy1125: Wait a minute! When you were reveiwing tricky you mixed up her name with troubles!😨😵 oh well.☺️😇

Geraldine Alano: You said that Tricky was Trouble at 2:00

Crys Vera: I love you :) <3

danhector delda: love them

Madison Moss: Can u do it on spot and scribbles ? 👍 or👎


Gabriela Perez: Dear 4everlalaloopsy were did you get marina little brother? From:Little zelda

Ashley Joseph: Where did you get them I have been looking for them? 

Jennifer Mariselli: your my favret

Miraikun: well done video; really

sara shaw: Omg, I hope I find these soon. Love your videos! :)

Erwin WinSpirit: Dear 4everlalalopsy i just want to describe of your dolls and they are wonderful and joyuse and amazing XOXO Love:Erwin WinSpirit

Gisela Franco: I want them so much

Pollypocketo: whats the name of your song?

RainbowGold Nicky: 1:59 you said trouble, not tricky!

Tahmina Khugyani: If you get the big Tricky mysterious, maybe you can do a video about her doing a magic trick and she becomes small.

Meva Cooper: Love your videos girlfriend!! You should be a professional video person of the world!!!!!!! 

Makynzee Hayse: Sew cute video and I got Prairie and Trouble dusty trails and my sister gots the docter one. We got them at our Walmart :-) rock on can we be friends please

Kats rule: 3rd or 2nd comment and I LOVE your videos I am a fan can you please give me a shoutout

vinhg Luong: I have stun less but in big 

anoodie mohd: do more daycare vids with them please please i asked you before you didnt answer please do more daycare reply!! :P

Kirby loopsy: LOL you said trouble! What is she? Trouble mysterious?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

lalaloopsy shows123: your walmart is better cause mine has everything i have so i would have to go to taget! i really want them bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lalaloopsy1125: You are crazy lucky!😍❤️😱

Crys Vera: I CAN'T FINE THEM :(

Chelsea McKnight: 99,999 pesent love it

Pollypocketo: This review is more cute than others because they cant put emotion to see that video i admire u

anoodie mohd: ur so lucky i want them so bad but i have to collect my own money + i live in dubai and i cant do yard sales and stuff like that . AND where i live (dubai) there still not selling them yet :( 

Crys Vera: Yes I have prairie and trouble :) and rosy and stumbles :) and misty and tricky 1 left :D

Jennifer Mercado.: I have an idea for lesson mate about bragging that tricky is rich and sprinkle was going to tell ms crumbs that she bragging 

Monster High 4534: Is that your Real voice cause its really weird And its to preechy

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Mini Lalaloopsy Sisters wave 2 4.7 out of 5

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Mini Lalaloopsy Sisters wave 2
Mini Lalaloopsy Sisters wave 2
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Mini Lalaloopsy Sisters wave 2