How To ... Poulan Chainsaw - Replace Fuel Lines

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Lanes Small Engine Repair: LOL, Not once did you show how you got the fuel lines into the holes of the gas tank.

Bp Ga: Thanks for the video. Given a Poulan Farmhand 2750 about 15 years ago and just replaced fuel line. I took top cover, air filter and loosened two carb screws to give myself enough room to access line. Also used a 13/64 bit to enlarge hole since new line had larger outer radius than old line (as others mentioned). Seems to be running fine. If I was buying today, I’d get a Stihl but can’t complain too much since the Poulan was a gift and I’m not a heavy user

James Kelley: Feeding the fuel lines through the holes is the hardest part, but your video just skips over that. That's exactly the part that should not be skipped. I can't imagine how you could tape the new line to the old and pull it through. The hole is extremely tight and would just shear off the tape as you try pulling it though. I found the best way is to cut the end of the tubing lengthwise so that you're left with just half of the tube for 1 to 1 1/2 inches (when you get new tubing they'll give you more than enough to work with). Stick the cut end of the tube through the hole (it should now be thin enough to fit easily through the hole) and grab the cut end with needle nose pliers. It's still hard to pull though, but can be done. I lubed the tubing up with some oil. You'll have to stretch the tubing so that it's thin enough to pull through. Be careful not to break it or you'll have a cussing storm (like I always do when I try to work on anything.)

Barry Munz: Good instructions but you camera work moves to fast and jerky. While watching it I got sort of dizzy.

Donnie Moore: I have a trick  to get those fuel lines in those tiny holes. Use a fishing line and tie securely to the new hose. Feed the fishing line through the hole in the tank top and retrieve it from the filler cap hole and pull the hose length through as needed. If it a good tight line you can even stretch the hose as you pull to a smaller diameter with one hand on the fishing line while holding the other end of the new hose.

Russell Gillespie: Very informative

Bruce Thompson: Go to your local airport and get 100 octane avgas. No more ethanol problems and the 100LL doesn't break down like the swamp water they're selling as gas theses days. 100LL can set in your tank for 5 years and it is still good. All your small engines will start and run like a dream.

Brian Eastman: You should use ethonal free gas you buy at a local Home Depot or your local Sears Hardware store,It comes in a 40:1 or 50:1 it says True Advantage True Fuel.

Roly Fisher: LOL, same problem on my 3300.  The line to the fuel tank is the easy one.  The one from the carb to the crank is...a little harder!  I actually did it with very long needle nose pliers and surgical forceps, like arthroscopic surgery.  Re-used the old spring type hose clamps.  I hate buying at my local parts dealer, they treat me like crap every time I go in, even when I go in with part numbers.  It's like I'm taking milk out of their baby's mouth.

Jamie C: I'm about to have to do this on my newly acquired "used" Poulan Pro blower. Thanks for the walk through.

Bob Breisch: Appreciate your video.  My fuel line looked just like yours, - bits and pieces of crunchy plastic!  Thanks for giving me confidence to do this myself.  Repair quotes were higher than new chainsaw prices!

Gary Ronan: Consider yourself lucky. Minnesota is going to A 15% alcohol blend in there gas which will destroy all small engines in A very short time. I live close to the Wisconsin border so I will go and get my gas there. I may decide to move there!

Daniel Miller: if line line will not go into the fuel tank hole drill it a little larger , then seal it with seal all or locktite

🎃Walking Dead💃: Using that damn Ethanol gasoline DESTROYS fuel lines!We can thank the liberal tree huggers for that!

BaronvonBrawn Wright: The Key is always in the right tools... Long Hemostats allow for you to find the line and access the through hole.

railbuggy: The lousy engineers at Poulan located the fuel line holes in my 2150 where you can't get at them through the fuel cap hole.  I'd like to punch the dummy in the nose that designed it!

Rusty Johnston: I have the first Poulan I ever bought.  It still runs like a BEAST!  A little TLC is required for all equipment.  I even got an old 2075 that my mom gave me when my stepdad passed.  I use it more than my brand new 4218.  Fuel lines issues are a by product of Ethanol being used as a substitute for REAL gasoline.  I have a $20k outboard engine that I have had to change all the fuel lines more than once.  Does that make my outboard junk?  Not hardly.  F'n EPA is what you should be b!tching about.

HC Deer Hunter: First mistake is that you bought a Poulan...

Troy Brownrigg: Poulan chain saws seem to be junk! Fuel lines rot off within a year. I started a new one up today it died withing three hours of constant use! I need a real chain saw that lasts!

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How to ... Poulan Chainsaw - replace fuel lines 5 out of 5

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How to ... Poulan Chainsaw - replace fuel lines