What Sucks About Hearthstone

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StarLiner: Hearthstone: 80% luck, 20% skill

i5m1thy: I had a game in arena a couple of days back against a rogue, turn 1 he coined into defias ringleader then shadowstep/ played it twice that same turn. Yep. Want to know what else sucks? Maining shaman and having an update that made the minion switching place bug happen twice as frequently. Also having a card unplayable in your hand because it overlaps whilst having a bloodlust in the left of your hand (playing the left most card fixes the bug).

L0LWTF1337: and now its reversed: Rogue vs Priest, the priest is the annoying of the two.

Mante Brian: I'm definitely in the boat where all I really want to play is arena, but I simply can't afford to be paying 2 dollars every game. I'm completely out of gold because I keep drafting HORRIBLE decks and queuing into some pretty good players with good decks on their side. Possible solution: Lower the cost of arena entry to 100 gold and make the minimum amount of gold you can get from a run 50 (even if you don't win any games). If you win only once, you get 75 gold. If you win twice, you get 100 gold. After 2 wins, each win nets you 10 gold, making the maximum gold pull 200 for a 12 win arena. This would allow players to actually net some gold while playing arena if they managed to get some wins, and not be constantly falling into the red. It's not fun playing a game where you are forced to pay nickle and dime micro-transactions to see any progression at all.

Cosma Alex: heartstone sucks for the same reason dota 2 sucks. RNG. I burst into laughter every time i hear someone talk about games with RNG being competitive.

QuotableNotables: Just to blacklist, most infuriating player I've ever played against was a guy named 'Lachrimose', took the full turn every turn in arena, had a ridiculous Priest deck that beat me in only about 15-16 turns but the game was over 30 minutes long because of how slow he played. He didn't get a Well Played. He can go freak himself.

TurboNexus: there was a time when i was playing practice and the bullcrap started i got cards that are for upgrading minions but guess what i didnt have any minion cards and that crap continues until i died i broke my freaking mouse 

Xes: PJSalt

Mark Smith: The opponent matching is rubbish- I saw a 12-0 run and he only got 2 good opponents. I get opponents who clearly passed 2 round Naxtrassus 

greekdemocrat: For the 1st (time) problem the chess clock mechanism could be implemented. Every move time should be deducted from total available time.

Doom Guy: The games hardly even pay to win it just has really broken rules as whoever gets to go second always gets to attack and kill ur monsters first and it causes you to keep summoning monsters just to die because you cant do anything with them at all after you summon them. It just ends up making the game luck based instead of skill based which is horrible for a trading card game.

2veki: You forgot it's a >TRADING
TrumpKingsly: Your first point makes complete sense (no penalty for taking the full two minutes). I play guys all the time who don't do pickle for multiple turns. I don't even see the red halo around board elements during those turns. At first, I thought maybe the HS server was pickleing the other guy around. But, that's never happened to me, ever. The cynic in me thinks something more insidious is going on. I'm thinking that maybe guys like that are stalling, hoping that I'll quit because a) I think the game broke, or b) I'm bored.

greennin: It's funny to watch this now six months later and realize blizzard actually changed all of those things (to an extent): changing the limit to 90 seconds, nerfing rogue and giving you certain gold for 6 wins in the arena. obviously they were watching kripp's videos.

Fvos!!1: If the turn timer annoys you, you can play in practice, therefore you won't have to wait for the bot to play his turn, because he plays it instantly...And rogue is skill...

ScottRyal: why dont they do it like MTGO you got 25mins total time to play with your deck. if you take 10 mins first turn , you only got 15 mins to play the rest of your game.

PureChaosZ: I want this blue crap so badly D:

Avison Lane: like poker, let us call the clock!!

GTT: exactly 

Mark Smith: Hearthstone sucks in some many ways- the theme is all over the place- ancient, guns, medieval...could have had a time traveller hero to combine inventions with ancient; the mana cost of minions and spells is all over the place, 3,1 with charge- ripoff at 3 mana, group buff is too cheap; bs battlecries- one basically says you can't cast spells in your next turn, so many underpriced- it shouldn't matter if they are rare or winnable; that heroes have no defence- pathetic; that some heroes can attack their own minions; how little silence cards there.... Blizzard has us believe that developed this game in six months- more like one hour. 

Doom Guy: To fix hearthstone they need to allow all creatures to attack on the turn they are summoned except for the first turn. And both players should start with the same number of cards in their hand and they need to remove that mana coin for the second turn player as well as that extra card they get. This would change and fix the fundamentals of the game. Its why in games like yugioh you always have a chance for a comeback. And you dont end up praying to go second for that stupid mana coin.

Bolek Lolek: i only hate the game because its all about luck. its 90% about getting the right cards, and just 10% having enough wits to use them properly. not very fun.

Haoyuan Jiang: malygos smite smite :D

Jack Daniels: do you get opponents based on your level?

Jukantos: What annoys me the most is that the game is labeled free to play, but since almost every single lategame card (8+ Mana) is at least a rare, most are even epic or legendary, it feels extremely like you have to buy yourself into it for at least one 40-packs pack, most likely even 2, or you'll just get shredded by anyone with a bought collection. As a non paying player, you'd literally need ~27 days of farming the maximum allowed 100 gold a day, to get the equivalent of someone dumping 45€ at blizzard. I just don't have the money to get me any strategic options. Within 2 months of farming the daily quests, i've come up with about 50 packs, and yet i still have barely any lategame options, because i dont own epics like the giants or the good class based epics like Earth Elemental or Blade of Justice. I can't progress beyond Rank 15 because i just keep getting smacked by players who have obviously bought themselves into a bigger collection. Also, there are some EXTREMELY annoying classes (and decks) especially the mages and priests who just play every single instant destruction spell, include those epics and rares that i don't own and i just get mechanically ripped apart because my basic creatures cant take the punishment.

Rayne4Jesus: My only gripe with the game currently is the lack of counter play during your opponents turn. This is why I hate playing against mage decks most of all. As a long time MTG player I find it simply infuriating that I can sit with 5 mana in my pool and not be able to do a single god damn thing about all these spells flying at my face.

YoTuexnovia: I have like 300 Hours played, and I already quit as soon as I saw a lot of videos opening 150 packs. That's sad. What can I do against that? QUIT.

TheSara90: what about the extreme luck factor in the game?

Ivar Nyman: there are not enough cards as well, decks are always made out of the some random cards and then a crap ton of harvest golems and argent commanders

Mark Weist: Rogues are bad lol watchu bitchin about? Priest and mage are broke as freak

Kagedb: You start the game with crap cards and make it so it's near impossible to beat the practice people.

ls32o: Could have some form of optional "rush" game, wherein the turn time is reduced to 30-45 seconds. For those people that just want a quick game, or don't like slower play styles.

Goro Khan: What non sense. The most OP classes are Priest and Druid. Rogues are pretty weak. Never lost against a rogue in 200 games.

L3ndzo83: so in this game rogue is lame, op, boring to play against and just blatantly full of bullcrap while attracting mentally handicapped individuals? hmm pretty much like in every other blizz game with rogues in them... wrks as intended

Luiz Klein: this guy seems a little weed'd rsrs

Kevin Miner: I agree so much on the first freaking problem. I've literally conceded games (non-ranked) where someone took 30+ seconds picking their cards in the beginning, or on their first turn. If you need 30 seconds to just stare at the screen to even be able to tell what you CAN do, you need to play more practice. The first turn and picking your cards is pretty freaking simple.

AVideoGameStory: Nah, this game just sucks. So unbalanced at the moment, even yu-gi-oh is more balanced with its 1.7+k cards. And im not even talking about blizzard being unable to load a fking texture from your hard-drive to memory. I was able to do this when i was 15; who the freak did this game ?

Kaiten Uchiha: Nothing is wrong with the time to play your turn... 

rozgriz5550123: I think what hearthstone needs to focus on is more "Fun" mode. No doubt the game is quite addictive,most of my friend first saw hearthstone, they are like "pfft ,if you get lucky ,you can win". But after they made their own deck and crush their opponent,they know the game is quite fun . The problem is after you start to play against other player,often times you see similar deck some people just won't give a few tweak about their deck. After a while ,most people will just go online ,do the daily quest,then just go offline. The fight just don't feel like rewarding for your victory . kind of like SC2 why so little people loves to play at rank . 

Alejandro Lemus: Whats up with everyone saying that Hearthstone is pure luck? Its a damn card game. Poker, Blackjack, and EVERY OTHER CARD GAME (Fantasy games like Magic or Hearthstone and Professional games like Poker) Run on the same system of working with what you have. People need to stop complaining about how a card game is unfair and learn to play with what you have and to think better about your decisions in game.

David Bernal Romero: Blizzard is trash. I won't ever spend a cent on their games. Last good game was WC3. Now is just pay-to-win, except for SC2 which is freaking stupid! Why are mustalisks called mutalisks if they no longer mutate? The Hole starcraft concept was a copy of WH40K anyway. so yeah, freak you Blizzard. And the story behind WOL and HOTS are so 'MURRICA it makes me sick.

MapRef41N93Wx: It's the single most boring card game I have ever played. Two days into the beta and I already have no desire to play it again. The game is essentially like two people playing solitaire. Card games without instants and activatables where you just do your own thing and sit their on your opponents turn with your face against the desk should not exist. The cards in the game have less depth than the old MTG core sets and there are far too many swingy spells at the common level that you can easily get 2-4 of in an arena and win just on the back of them (Mind Control, Flamestrike, Blessing of Kings for instance). Oh and my god does the playbase suck. Aren't you supposed to be paired against better opponents when you have 5+ wins in the arena? Why am I still playing noobs who coin into shaman power turn one and then do nothing on turn two at that point. I guess the one good thing about the game is that it is probably the least pay to win card game out there. You can take a deck of commons (especially the unlocked ones) with a couple of rares and easily beat decks that are stacked with epics/legendaries (which mostly suck). Maybe it's just because most of people playing Hearthstone suck, but I find the rarity balance is absolutely not pay to win like say MTG. 

Aspectioner: For the 2minute-per-turn players; A solution can be giving players a game time limit. It's so painful to wait 2 minutes for your opponent to make a turn 1 play, instead, for example give each player 5 minutes for the whole game & every 30 seconds after the 5 minutes you take 1 point of damage could work. And the best way to deal with Arena cost is make the entry cost lower & change the daily quest reward to be 1 arena run or 150 gold reward it sucks to have 2 bad decks in a row and be forced to play constructed to gain coins

BeesKneesMan: There was this one freaker who kept ending his turn only a second before his timer ran out. I wanted to concede but was so pissed that I went ahead and wasted my time just to beat him. It's got to be deliberate in hopes of a cheap concede win.

all4game: how about after they do a really long turn with the rope the get less time for each turn after that (ends after the 2nd turn after the had the extra long turn)

Zagy015: Why do you pronounce it "herthstone"?

たわごとトラップ: this game is flappy bird level trash

YetiSteak: Am i the only one who thinks he sounds like yogscast sips :P

Axient Axus: You move your head so much! x)

MrFerdifuchs: just like diablo 3 a freaking disappointment it is.

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