[Hearthstone] What Sucks About HS

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Adoring Fan: Whats with Blizzard and their love of RNG and no skill requirements? every freaking game they've made ...

Terri Ficus: crapty game with crapty mm

aznxknight: this game is pure crap rng. i played it for 2 weeks then stayed the HELL away from it. it's like gambling in the casino but at least when you win you win BIG. in this game, if you win, it's like... so what? you probably paid like 200 bucks to get all those cards and wasted like 100 hours towards it.

Herbjoern: only reason hearthstone sux is forced ~~50% win ratio, you can make the best deck ever, be ahead of meta, play around everything - enjoy your 53% win ratio at 100 games, enjoy rigged counter enemies

Yaela Imladris: Stop. Shaking. YOUR HEAD

Im dying -_-

pay2 win: this game is HARD indeed.

Son Gaea: Childrens games are hard because english speaking folk suck at math.

a true scotsman uth: Its a card game, what do you expect?

Adwagon 22: The second i saw your face, i went and searched vince gilligan XD

gui junqueira: packs are cancer

Max Madmax: about the time limit, they should do : if 1 player takes 2 minutes to play, the next turn he get only 1 minutes 50. And then 1'40, 1'30 and so on.
So anyway, he can't make the game really annoying for us. A life loss would be too hard of a punishment.

I think players should have 2 more Life Points for each legendary in the deck.
So we would play more bigger minions, instead of FACE decks !
great idea, right ?

Max Madmax: only 8 minutes and 3 Topics on What sucks about HS ?
This should have been easily MUCH LONGER !

jn: Hearthstone is a p2w Rng game. Which are 2 of the worst qualities a game can have. It's NOT a game for gamers or people who wanna show off skill. And also fighting the same decks over and over again because the kids who play obviously don't know crap other than to netdeck is awfull, which they can't be blamed for because this game doesn't really allow anything else if you wanna win. Very limited crapty game

zomB99: Every time I come close to winning a match, the bastard I'm playing against gets a lucky hand and wins. The hell with this luck-based grind fest. This godforsaken game wouldn't be so bad if the rng wasn't so freaking broken.

Kougetsu Barakage: I had a guy beat and he pushed a card out locking out the timer. I was willing to wait him out but after 30 minutes I lost after he came back and played the card. That was the last game I played. My gripes about the game in order:

1. Class Imbalance. - leads to stale meta.
2. Card Imbalance. - leads to staler meta.
3. Grind2win = Pay2win. - the 7 win bs for arena draft. the massive amount of gold required to 'craft'. the gay amount of gold given for completing 'quests'.
4. Game client. - why no game rooms people can join? Random games and opponents suck after a while. Playing 10 Hunters in a row sucks after a while. Why no in-game chat rooms? BNET sucks. There is no real casual scene thanks to the horrid game making client.
5. Slot Machine. - The game is a glorified version of a slot machine...except, its a 1v1 slot machine. When you click to join a game its a slot machine. Its terrible and they know it and shove it in your face.

Glad you touched on somethings...but these things break the game for me apart from the guy afking a win out of me. The guy afking the win was the straw that broke the camel's back.

earthtaxfree: to be honest you should ask what does NOT suck about hearthstone...everything is random attack = you do not control nothing = game for unskilled kids....and they even ask money for cards LOLOL Blizzard should pay players to come and play heartstone ...not kidding...utter crap game.....well it might be fun if you are 5 years old or maybe max 7 so cards are all in color and you look at them like all kids do at colored things....but if you are 10 or 12 even at that age you understand what controlling a game and not controling a game means...and the difference in it :)

SemoreLucky777: the freaking game is bull crap and you really have to buy cards. every turn freaking other guys can bring out a bad ass card for 3 or less.

earthtaxfree: do cards have RANDOM chances ? does draw a card = skill ? so why asking retorical question ? :)

Jason jrf: People are taking a piss or getting a drink on turn 1. The other day I got so freaking mad I was playing a gay ass patron warrior and I was playing a dragon priest and I ran out of cards but had full health and like 40 armor from armorsmith Yep I did it I sat and kept armoring up every turn and I was polite and said thank you but he was out of cards too he had 4 small cards on board and I had no cards nothing on board it took him six turns to kill me at 2 min a turn. You know you would do it too just to troll cause situations like that don't happen often.

Zeeshan Jaffar: To everyone saying that hearthstone sucks:

You're freaking right, it does.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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[Hearthstone] What Sucks About HS