Seabond Wafer Review

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Mark Russel: hi, I hate my dentures especially the bottoms, they hurt like hell if I bite even s soft white castle hamburger

heshmatdd: to me it seems to be paid commercial! not a good info clip

Pam Willems: Not what I meant, I meant with the powder the more you drink the looser they become. The wafers stay in place. I drink alot of water, and I like the wafers. Walgreens sells it also.

Pam Willems: I'm a new denture wearer, I just bought seabond. I Love it. Much better than the powder. The more you drink the looser they get. To get them out put some water in your mouth and swish it around that will loosen the wafer.

Connie Charnell: They are great for me....perfect in fact. You have to trim them to size. Different strokes I guess.

riccardo6112: Hi there, I have been wearing dentures for almost 33 years and the older you get the less gum you have. For me Seabond acts like a cushion and gives me confidence. My gums would be painful and my dentures would be loose if I didn't use Seabond. The new Seabond has a pink side and that's the side that sits in the denture. I have made 2 templates, one for the top and one for the lower. They are the perfect size for my dentures. While I'm watching tv on a Sunday evening, once a month, I cut a supply to do me for a month. I bought a pair of small sharp and pointed scissors for the cutting and I can cut around 6 at a time. I put the cut Seabond into the little plastic bag they came in. It's always best to have a slight overhang as it gives you a snug fit. Every morning I put in fresh ones , or change them again if I'm going out for the evening. It's all about them giving you confidence and being pain free. Hope this helps for anyone. Cheers from Richard

sunnysmiles777: I like the upper wafer, but the bottom won't work for me right now.

shanice parker: U had me rolling u r funny and real I love your videos keep these great videos going

kairosgrammy: Use seabond on bottom dentures because other adheaives don't work for me. My bottom dentures would get loose and I'd have to reapply several times a day. It takes me about 15 seconds to trim the seabond and I can keep bottoms in solidly for 2 days. I can't stand the seabond on the top, way too bulky. Use secure for the top. Holds a solid 2 days also. Love that. I can brush my teeth with a denture toothpaste and it makes me feel quite normal.

Robert Fair: Seabond denture wafers are crap. New to the whole denture thing but. Tried the lower wafers to try and keep them in place. Says all day comfort ya right. Followed dorections trim them moistened them etc. They held for about 3 hours. Drank a beer then tried to eat a smokie. Dentures pulled up as soon as i tried to bite down( lowers) when i did bite down to chew right side of my lower denture came down on top of my gums. Thought i was going to die the pain was so bad. Terrible product will never buy it again. Complete waste off money. Any body have a product that actually works. I have been refused employment due to the fact i can not consume enough calories in a day and safety department was concerned i would pass out while performing my job ( lots of climbing scaffolds and physicall work). Seemed so great on the commerical. Bullcrap.

Alvin Rieske: I hate these. I hate fixadent but I use it all day. When I eat that taste gets imbedded in the paste which I got use the rest room to remove with paper towel and re paste. I always have a tub on me. It sucks. I just did a relive too. 😩

Judy Holiday: It will be 3 weeks on June 3rd that I had my bottom teeth pulled and had my plate put in and it does seem like a lifetime..I never had any problems with my top plate I have had it for almost 4 yrs and I have never had to get it adjusted..The bottom is another story,I had to go back to my dentist last week to get my plate adjusted because it was rubbing and I had a lot of sore spots..I thought Wow! I can do this now after my dentist was finished and it fit so much better but then it started to loosen and move around so I tried Seabond Wafers for 2 days and they actually held the entire day and I was able to eat more than mush..I took it out last night and put my denture back in without the wafer and I noticed that my denture is even more loose than it was before plus the left side was really sore and that had been my good side..My question is should I stick with the wafers until I can go back to my dentist or should I start using an adhesive? I am so afraid that I damaged my healing process by using the wafer that I do not know what to do..Any advice would be so appreciated..

Jenny Bishop: What a silly women everyone knows to read instructions first ,I use upper sea bond they are large,I just cut them in half trim one & then do all the others to match so I have 30 instead of 15, they obsolutely the best thing I've ever used, no oozing no horrible taste & they are secure all day,I have left them in overnight & they are still as firm as when I first put them in..Billiant made wairing false teeth less of a problem 100% recommend ,give it a try I'm positive you won't be disappointed ....

Cameron Dill: You have to read the instructions - and trim the wafer

Cameron Dill: Surgeons can do bone grafting to build up your Mom's receding gums.

Lee Huddy: I can understand your frustrations with the various denture adhesives.  However, you must read ALL directions of EVERY product before using them.  It's only common sense.  I haven't used the seabond yet.  I was using the super poligrip powder for the first couple of years but they have taken it off the market.  This product worked best for me.  Since they took it off the market I have been struggling with the fixodent powder.  It just doesn't hold longer then 4 maybe 5 hours.  I WON"T use the creams 'cause they are messy and just gross.  I hope you and your mom can find a product that works for you. 

Tom Berta: Can you let us know what product you use? I saw it in your hand but I could not read it..... I use cushion grip user but I cannot find it anywhere.... I hope your mom is doing better with her situation! thank you for your channel

Diana Baskin: I have had denture for almost four weeks.  I am using the sea bond for my bottoms.  Yes  it makes sense you would have to trim them since teeth come in all shapes and sizes.  They really do  help with the sore spots because they stopped my dentures from rubbing.  They hold well enough for me to eat and they don't pop out like they were doing.  I am still looking for something stronger but for now these are the best I have found.  My tops really don't need anything right now.  I still use the creams and have to pry them out of my mouth.  The secure grip (think that is the name) had my tops stuck for two days.  The bottoms only lasts for one day.  I just don't want my teeth to move while I talk or eat. 

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Seabond wafer review 5 out of 5

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Seabond wafer review
Seabond wafer review
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Seabond wafer review