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Sylvia Shafer: If she had done it right, she may have liked it. I use and love them, trim one wafer to fit and use it as a pattern to trim all the rest in the package, easy to use after that.

atrollergirl1: seabond wafers are amazing and easy. no goo and they hold all day and sometimes all day and night. i will never use anything else. I can eat anything and I've only had my dentures 5 months. on top now I do put a lower wafer in first then the upper wafer. but once I cut them to fit it's fast in and fast out.

steve faber: The directions say that once you have trimmed the first one to size, do the rest of them to match right then so all you have to do each day is pop one in, spritz and insert your denture and you're good to go! You have to read ALL of the directions, first!

Paul Moylan: Been using these for years.fantastic things of course you have to trim them😂

Paul Moylan: This a joke right😂

William Zayas: Thank you very much for this review bc I was jst about to try these wafers on my lower denture but after this review I've jst decided not to.. I jst wanted to get rid of the ooze I deal with from denture paste. . 😨

Ken Thompson: For me, 2 week denture wearer, seabond sucks but my dentist wont let me use anything else till the sockets close up. May be good for someone who has been wearing them a long time. For me itsba no go right now

linda laymon: i should make my own video ??

linda laymon: my dentures suck big time i have short gums and a flat roof and one side is shorter then the other ; ;;think about it ? some dentist wont even help me with a denture then i think to my self well then you arent much of a dentist cant afford to go to a Prosthodontists thats just the upper denture i have 3 dentures already cause there labs didnt make them right

Edward Dergosits: If dentures fit their is no room for a wafer to be placed inside the denture without changing it's position on the gums and completely displacing the "bite".

Princess Ginwood: I love that lipstick shade, and your beautiful white teeth look gorgeous with that color lipstick!!! I am just 3 week post extraction. I went for my second dentist appt for adjustment. I had my immediate dentures but have been unable to wear them due to swelling and inability to talk at all. The DA put my top denture in with the SeaBond cushion and the bottom in with some pink creame . I wore them 3 hours but I could not speak or eat. It felt so Bulky and it made my face bulk out above my upper lip.This was the first time wearing my dentures, I wanted to leave them in all day. I also wanted to drink my coffee, which I did. After 3 hours I had to remove them. Could you do a fixedent Powder review Video??? I like your reviews you are honest and unbiased. I think Sea Bond is a little pricey but if it helps and works it p's probally worth it. I'm still trying to keep my dentures in for longer than 10 minutes, 3 hours was my longest time so far. It's a learning process ,like you said.

Charlotte Hendricks: My new dentures on top hurt like hell. blisters and gaging. can't eat drink. using bentadent. about useless. been back for 1 adjustment. got these at affordable dentures. 500 paperweight. help!!!!!!!

Jack Ring: It was the first product that I found works for me.

Mark Russel: hi, I hate my dentures especially the bottoms, they hurt like hell if I bite even s soft white castle hamburger

heshmatdd: to me it seems to be paid commercial! not a good info clip

Pam Willems: Not what I meant, I meant with the powder the more you drink the looser they become. The wafers stay in place. I drink alot of water, and I like the wafers. Walgreens sells it also.

Pam Willems: I'm a new denture wearer, I just bought seabond. I Love it. Much better than the powder. The more you drink the looser they get. To get them out put some water in your mouth and swish it around that will loosen the wafer.

Connie Charnell: They are great for me....perfect in fact. You have to trim them to size. Different strokes I guess.

riccardo6112: Hi there, I have been wearing dentures for almost 33 years and the older you get the less gum you have. For me Seabond acts like a cushion and gives me confidence. My gums would be painful and my dentures would be loose if I didn't use Seabond. The new Seabond has a pink side and that's the side that sits in the denture. I have made 2 templates, one for the top and one for the lower. They are the perfect size for my dentures. While I'm watching tv on a Sunday evening, once a month, I cut a supply to do me for a month. I bought a pair of small sharp and pointed scissors for the cutting and I can cut around 6 at a time. I put the cut Seabond into the little plastic bag they came in. It's always best to have a slight overhang as it gives you a snug fit. Every morning I put in fresh ones , or change them again if I'm going out for the evening. It's all about them giving you confidence and being pain free. Hope this helps for anyone. Cheers from Richard

sunnysmiles777: I like the upper wafer, but the bottom won't work for me right now.

Seabond wafer review 5 out of 5

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Seabond wafer review
Seabond wafer review
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Seabond wafer review