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Pamela D: Omg! I'm sitting here laughing. I thought this video had to be a joke! Then I realized you are serious. Someone in the comments called you dumb. I will not take that route. Instead I will agree with someone who mentioned it's best to read instructions first and try it a few times before telling people how bad a product is. I use Seabond seals for my upper denture. I love it! They make it oversized because dentures are not a one size fits all. Different people have different shapes and sizes. I think it would be nice if you remade this video or better yet, just delete it. You are giving bad advice. Take Care.

Donamtrx: I'm pretty sure the reason the strips are so big is so that people of many different sizes will be able to trim it to their size e.g. It's an option for more people..Mmk..makes sense. I'm only a week out..but one thing I've already learned word..DenSureFit❤️ on the pricey side...but worth EVERY PENNY! Got it just today & already ordered a second box bc I never wanna be without it😁👏🏻

moiraesfate1: Yeah these things suck. My dentist told me to use them on the bottom while my mouth heals. They are terrible. They work for like an hour. But you are supposed to cut them down to fit the denture.

Leah Damron: Of course you hv to trim it, obviously isn't. NOT gonna fit everyone! Please read everything before you do a review, also once you get the correct size just go ahead and trim them all at the same time which then you will be able to pop in and go! I use the water and cream together, magic!

Traci Fix: My Mother swears by Sea Bond Wafers so I tried them. I hate them. On my top denture even cutting them down, the wafer would slide out through the back causing me to gag.

tracy MacEachern: You really are dumb🙄

crowe bobby: It takes three times as long to get the gunk of adhesives off your gums than it does to trip a dozen wafers. I've just gotten the wafers for the bottom and it isn't holding strong enough, but I think I may have over dampened it. Getting the trimming right is not easy, but it's worth the effort if it will really hold the denture and should take much time once you know now to do it.

W Hingerty: I have had dentures since 2005. I wouldn't use anything BUT. I can't stand the idea of glue and nasty goop in my mouth. If you trim the wafers properly they fit perfect and hold your denture without MESS

Marcia Johnson: This is the most useless review I've ever seen. Hahahaha! It would have been different had you trimmed it. It's pretty good. I'm happy to see that she likes the powder, because I just got some to try. Honesly, you trim them all at once and it's super easy. I have to laugh though because she's reviewing something she didn't use properly to begin with. And giving it a bad review because you can't read instructions is silly.

Shannon Egusquiza: I'm a new 2 week old upper denture only. I have yet to try the sea bond and I can't wait to try them. I have read the instructions and yet to open them. I'm sorry if you can't read the instructions then your dumb. Not everyone mouth is the same. I'm waiting to try them because I'm having issues with my dentures. already had a soft reline 7 days ago, my dentures are so crooked in my mouth and do not 1 bit fit correctly. I only put mine in right now to eat and when I go out in public. with the soft reline it has really messed it up, food gets caught underneath in the back and I start to gag. I also just gag just talking. I'm not happy at all and very upset when I just used all my 2k insurance limit and another 3k out of pocket on these and they don't look or feel good at all. I think I need a new dentist because when I voice these concerns my dentist just says well it's how it is.

Kratom Love Reviews: at least your not gagging a huge issue for me

Angela Blanchard: i think maybe drink something hot and wiggle it back and forth lololol

Angela Blanchard: to funny omg not sure what it is lmao

Angela Blanchard: I WENT THREW THEM LL AS WELL LOL waste of time ! now i just been on here and everyones going on by secure so i will try it as well . omg u cant get them out ? that stuff melts and it is like melted cheese when u pull it out i almost puked have fun gaging too funny

W Hingerty: I use Seabond, they aren't perfect, but I cant use that glue..

Chuck Moore: um...a bad review is ok, a bad review because you didn't read the instructions?? And then complain that it actually HOLDS??

john gibson: Goodness she is gorgeous as hell!!

Sylvia Shafer: If she had done it right, she may have liked it. I use and love them, trim one wafer to fit and use it as a pattern to trim all the rest in the package, easy to use after that.

atrollergirl1: seabond wafers are amazing and easy. no goo and they hold all day and sometimes all day and night. i will never use anything else. I can eat anything and I've only had my dentures 5 months. on top now I do put a lower wafer in first then the upper wafer. but once I cut them to fit it's fast in and fast out.

steve faber: The directions say that once you have trimmed the first one to size, do the rest of them to match right then so all you have to do each day is pop one in, spritz and insert your denture and you're good to go! You have to read ALL of the directions, first!

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Seabond wafer review 5 out of 5

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Seabond wafer review
Seabond wafer review
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Seabond wafer review