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Tara Davis: stuck to my gums but teeth fell out after drinking something. Does not work for me at all. Be great if it worked because no cleaning up the mess of powder or glue crap.

Pat Kin: I had all pulled and bone removed on the bottom. Got ticked with dentist and went to another for another set of teeth over a year later meaning I was completely healed. Where the bone was removed or where stitches and drain were was painful contracting lower lip muscle as in eating with teeth in. That dentist exhausted me so much I never went back but develop a sore every time I eat so I tried Seabond in desperation. They have solved the problem so they do have their uses. I use Poligrip on top and Seabond patches on the bottom.

La Sonia Roberts: I TOTALLY agree with you sistah! I was faithfully using the Poly Grip powder. I loved it because the supply lasted a long time (under $4.00). And it is a strong hold! I can eat and even sleep in them and the dentures are still in place. It is bad enough you have to deal with not having your own teeth, then this company has the nerve to create tissue paper for you to hold in your mouth. I want to log onto their website and let them know...TRASH THIS PRODUCT!

suzonka tyler: sea bond is not good and I found it does ooze after a few houres

Tim Mattox: I like your lipstick and your teeth behind them. The lipstick is dark and your teeth are very white. Very nice madam

The Gamers Crib: My friend swears by the lower wafer, she cuts one out and then uses it as a template to trim a few boxes worth at a time. But I forgot to ask her if it is easy to get them off the denture at night or if it's like pulling a price sticker off something you buy where you have to use something else to get it off the denture completely. I've got a box of them and some cream and some powder but I'm only just into my healing dentures and still have stitches in my gums so I'm nowhere near time to try to use any of them.

Steph Lloyd: I tried the bottom waters tonight. After a month and 4 days of feeling like I made the biggest mistake of my life, I will say that I feel better tonight. Usually by this time between the fixadent powder and the poligrip crap I'm over it and done for the day. They've slid all over my mouth and made new cuts. I'm buying more tomorrow. Also they've fixed my crazy ass bulldog look I've had going and I can close my mouth now. I'm not going to say i can eat food.. But their not as sore. Also I wanted to tell you your videos are awesome. I've been watching them since before I got them done.. Lol and you've helped me a lot. Thank you 

pompsteve: The easy way to trim the Sea bonds is first "find the right amount to trim off",then just use that wafer as a template and trim them all the same at one sitting.I so good at it i can trim up to 6 wafers at one time.It only takes about 5 minutes to trim a pack of 30 wafers.I then put the 30 trimmed wafers in a dry empty denture bath container.Right there and ready to put them in when i need them.I`ve been using Sea Bond for twenty years with no problems.If the moistened wafer makes you feel as if your bite is bit off,just bite down on them and they will re-align.Eating food will also make them re-align.

Debra Lemke: Kal; tell your Mom she should force herself to practice with her dentures even if they don't fix perfect, if she isn't wearing them her muscles get use to nothing in her mouth and this is a set back. My dentist insisted I heal for 6 wks w/out dentures then 4wks to make them, 10 wks w/out. This is good & bad, good for healing but bad for functioning with dentures later. It takes longer to get use to them (gaging issues) I still gag but less & less as I practice and wear them every day. Good luck

Jack Torrance: I was told that getting implants is horribly painful, is that true?

kalinjax: @mygalmo LOL yeah they were extremely weird lol oh well, so much for that- my daughter found them and had fun with them hahaha at least they're good for something, right? lol

Michael Jones: That Sea-Bond looks like too much work for my liking. I use Fixodent powder and it has never done me wrong. Stick with what you know is what I say :-)

bfreder: I just got out of the hospital (yes, had to have my extractions done in the or because of other health issues) and back from the dentist. Today is day 1, hour 3, wow!! what an adjustment this is gonna be but so far so good. Thanks for all the info, I have been watching your videos since I started my process, you have been a huge help and a tremendous inspiration!!!

Merrida100: @kalinjax Can you recommend a brand? My uppers have never been relined (this is just occuring to me now) and I always have to use adhesive, but it's no big deal. I don't even think about them anymore (except to wish they fit w/o anything). The bottoms, I can go with or without depending on what I have to do but it'd be nice to have them at least feel a little tighter. Thank you for helping so much. You have given me the positive attitude, a new way to accept. Thanks for changing my life.

kalinjax: @jeo22061 A woman should NOT have to go without lipstick! That's just wrong! I think that's a big milestone for most women going through this and it's so funny because I swear I thought I was a weirdo because of it:-) Yes, we are going to make sure she explains all of this to the dentist- then go for a second opinion elsewhere if he says he can't/won't correct it....

Debra Lemke: Oh I can have a conversation with top and bottom not glued, this is good practice for using your tongue and muscles to control keeping the dentures secure. Remember I have only had them for 11 weeks. In my family we have had many that had/has dentures and most of them functioned w/out glue et… I believe this is achievable with practice. Baby steps and patience's !

Kenya Wade: I have partails and I have been thinking of getting a full plate and idk what to do do....also what kind iif fix ident do u use bc the cream is slimy and the sea bond is like tissue I just don't feel confident...I can talk and laugh with them but I'm afraid to eat with them...what can I do?

lifeliked: no way, no thanks. thank you. i like powder.

mygalmo: OMG!!!! "What is that"? is right!!! It's enormous, but hysterical at best! If 'normal' maintenance of "new teeth" is not bad enough I don't know what more can be other than this ENORMOUS piece of whatever. Yeah, I just got back from CVS and stopped off to see what they're priced at, and they're around $6.00 a box. Your poor mom and what she's been through. I hope that her dilemma will be quickly resolved!

kalinjax: @BTBLEMKE This is what I told her to do and she insists it isn't possible. But I will reiterate how important it is. Thank you:-)

ashleyalicecullen: My mom used to use this brand all the time. She would have to cut them down.

DayJayWo: I use a combo of the Poligrip strips and powder on both upper and lower and it works wonders! My dentures stay in place all day and I can eat now at just 1 month 3 days after surgery almost normal again! I can't bite down w/front teeth yet or eat crunchy foods but I can eat chicken/tender steak/cooked veggies and salad again. I push a little everyday and work through any slight pain to toughen up my gums, no pain no gain is true when it come to dentures I guess! Good luck everyone, God bless!

TheSecora1: has your mom asked the dentist if she can get those little metal implants in her bottom jaw? they are supposed to hold the dentures VERY well as long as they are put in properly

SPAHN MAN: I got my full dentures 2 weeks ago, I use original fixodent and it keeps them in for at least 10 hours and even then it's hard to remove my dentures.I'm already eating steak,chicken and shrimp with no problems just cut into smaller pieces and easy to eat normally.I just bought cushion grip haven't tried it yet will wait for the weekend don't want no problems during work

John Millar Edinburgh: I have just lost 12 teeth and have had dentures fitted . the upper is cool although the lower was rubbing against the left gum and was really sore. I tried Seabond lower wafers and yes it felt to big and throw my bite of although i trimmed a small piece of and placed it on the area that was causing me trouble and it is amazing and very comfortable now,thank freak. It seems to be really good if you just need to stick down the problem ares of your denture and that will prevent that overfill feelin

kalinjax: @BTBLEMKE If you don't mind (to the best of your ability, of course) could you message me and tell me what you do to practice? I just sort of forced myself to fail so if you have techniques I would love to pass them along to my mom:-)

kalinjax: @Merrida100 It's not like what the dentist uses though you can buy an at home reline kit online. This stuff is supposed to just make your dentures fit more does help with retention when the dentures start getting loose. It's not "intended" for that use but it works that way anyhow haha. And no, it doesn't last as long as a reline so you just pull it out whenever it either starts getting loose or looks like it needs to be changed.

kjbrocky: I would love to know exactly what brand and color lipstick you are wearing! :)

newcoyote: I wish I had seen this prior to buying them myself. After trying several times (I am pretty good at figuring out how things work & how to best employ them), I have concluded they are utterly useless. And like you, I am quite young relatively to be wearing dentures. I can imagine what it would be like for an elderly person who has deteriorated dexterity trying to fit the damn things. The only avantage I can see is they are easier to clean over adhesive paste but that is moot if they don't work.

Matt14x: I agree bottom teeth are still loose, haven't been back for my reline yet, so I'm grabbing products left and right to try to secure my bottoms. (my top are fine--good and secure) but the wafers were a choice is the fixodent powder....i've tried it all, but i like the powder, best of luck to your mom!!

BFrazeur: Hi hope it gets better for your mom. the wafers do ooze glue come out the top front denture and yes trimming is no fun... arrrg so at at this....

kayelyn gutierrez: I know im way behind but just wanted to let you know the polydent powder does not have zinc

Amanda Simpson: Furthermore with the wafer you don't have the mess or the pain of removal, you just pop out your denture and go.

nostatic1616: First of all, I hope you know how much of a blessing your channel truly is. It is so important. People of all ages have to deal with getting dentures and few have the courage to talk about it publicly. For a beautiful young woman to champion the task is really encouraging to so many. Please don't ever stop. Your such an inspiration. Second, I tried Sea Bond for the first time this week and holy crap! It's so secure! Its a pain in the ass to have to cut it but it does work. Better than oozy stuff

Amanda Simpson: If the bottom wafer is too big, you take a pair of scissors and cut it down, just because it came in the box like that doesn't mean you can't alter it, you have to make it fit you because obviously everyone's dentures and gum line are not the same. I use the wafers for the bottom plate, and it is the most comfortable thing ever. BUT I cut them first on the ends to shorten them to fit better.

Tina Star: I feel so bad for your mom,,,that gag reflex if sensitive is TOUGH! It took me awhile to over- come and I had to have mine adhered TIGHT or i would go into a gagging frenzie, lol...tell your mom now i got to the point that i can wear them without adhesive AFTER a reline (have had my dentures since June)...during that rough period i thought about jumping on the implant bandwagon,,, you said so expensive and what if you don't like the work or your mouth doesn't heal after!

Debra Lemke: I just want to add that when I practice I don't use the glue in hope that one day I won't have to glue them in. Having dentures is hard enough, a full mouth of plastic and adding glue really takes away from the pleasure of tasting the true flavors of food and beverage. Its just a hurdle and I'm sure she will conquer her goal to function with dentures. Good Luck to your mom!

TrixGin: I am able to use the wafers on my uppers but I find that the Poligrip strips are much better for my lowers and they are super easy to use. I just have to cut straight across about a quarter of a inch and they fit on each side perfect and for the first time today I was able to bite down on food which tickled me crapless! I do have to trim the uppers but I've got it down now and it works great for me! I don't like the ooze either. I need to try the power, looks easy. 3 weeks today, all good! wooho

Amanda Simpson: I Never use to top wafers EVER but I swear by the bottom ones, it doesn't affect my bite at all and it keeps my gums from getting so irritated

mygalmo: @BTBLEMKE You are so correct about this being "good & bad". My b/f sister is a hygienist, and my family who are surgeons have a lot of knowledge about the physical and biological aspects of healing. Each have stated other than taking the denture out to rinse & clean, it's critical to leave in during the 1st 24-72 hours b/cuz it acts as a bandage to the wound; will shield the gums from food, and will help gums to adapt 90% faster w/it in than out. Said rinse 3-5x's per day & leave out @ night

Merrida100: I was using those little adhesive strips, same idea but they come in narrow strips about an inch and a half long, quarter inch wide or so. And you just wet 'em and stick them where you want them. They don't get put all over the whole denture. She might find those helpful, but, heads up, they're a pain in the butt because like Seabond, you do have to wet each little strip and apply. But being little strips there's no "wrinkles" and cutting to fit. I still can't "go bare"-I need my adhesive.

jeo22061: Toilet paper! LOL!!! I went lipstick shopping this past weekend! I can't wait to wear lip color after 30 some years! I hope that your mom goes back to the dentist with her complaints and concerns!

Itazuke Dee: Everybody thinks the gag reflex is "mental" it is NOT.... I have 21000 dollars worth of dentures and I hate them. I had oral cancer and had no choice getting ALL MY GOOD TEETH PULLED. SEA- BOND is a complete of waste of money. Mom needs to go back to the dentist

Michele Nguyen: I use sea bond because I haven't had a reline yet and the wafers help cushion my gums from my denture that isn't fitting yet. I go tomorrow for my first soft reline so maybe the powder will work for me. But I do love the sea bond and cutting the wafer only takes a minute. I only have uppers though.

Tina Star: @kalinjax WOW,,,sounds like they don't fit her mouth? sounds like they need remade! She will never get past that if they are not right!

flynnlives09: @missycontrabandmk2 Also , I've had similar issues to your moms, such as adhesive wont keep them in. Never has, and relines only helped me for a day. Did she have infection in her gums when they did her initial imprints? Because I did, and I've always felt like my dentures were off a bit. My office just told me to keep getting them relined and that my finals would fit. Maybe she could try just wearing her upper?

kalinjax: @mommieluvshrmakeup yeah she has had a couple of relines and it still wouldn't work and she insists that glue just won't keep them in. They are the strangest shaped dentures I have ever seen, really.

flynnlives09: Hey =) I used the Poligrip powder and it is zinc free. I ended up having an allergy to zinc. Due to monetary reasons and a unreliable vehicle, I've been having a hard time getting to my dentists office(they are a half an hour away) to get my imprints for my finals, so I have been going without my teeth for some time

Merrida100: When you talk about the cushion grip, do you mean the stuff the dentist puts on (mine is white) that is soft when he applies it then hardens over the day? It's still on months later. Like an inside reline of sorts? Or do you mean something you buy that'll stay inside your dentures that long, that you can remove and replace, and it helps with retention?

Seabond wafer review 4 out of 5

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