Homemade Hockey Practice Pad/Puck Rebounder

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Tyler Morgano: this guy sounds like jim gaffigan

Anurag Kumar: you suck

Sahil Patel: How long are each of the pieces of wood for the puck rebounder?

Zaid Syed: What is the stuff you put around the wood?

2boss4u567: nice green biscit in the background lol

wayd19: Those clips are for an undermount sink 

Susan Gefvert: Dude, thank you. I am definitely buying that board

koofdome: This is also slippery as it is right out of the store. What it really is, is MDF board with an acrylic layer on top. Tese boards are used for laundry rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms as they are mold and mildew resistant, cheap, and waterproof. Like I said, they are ALREADY SLICK. You can chose to use Pledge or a wood polish to make them ridiculously smooth. Do not use silicone lubricant, that stuff smells and will stain. Simply spray Pledge and wipe with a cotton rag.

koofdome: 8'x4' malamine boards are sold at Menards for $12.65. They are in the Wallcoverings Department right with the wall panels and ceiling tile. SKU # is 507-1063. If you want to adhere these boards to thicker pieces of wood underneath, use Loctite Power Grab construction adhesive or an epoxy resin. I work at Menards in this department lol 

Screwyou: Is it durable?

GermanHockeySnipes88: SICK!!!

Sportslover1327: How did you make the passy thing? Because I just got a skill pad for my birthday

Yu-fen Lee: Thank you so much for your work! That's a great job!!

Amardeep Saggi: I tried to search up the product number on the site. Couldn't find the product. Is the number you posted in the description correct?

Blizzard020: that white sheet price us or canadien?

OneTrickPony13: Nice work........thanks for the vid:)

John Jacinto: This won't mess up the bottom of the blade right.

wildcat22pgt: Wow that's pretty cool !!

karan sian: This guy sounds like Mart Huggins from the Campaign

Truhamms: WOW! The puck slides VERY well. Nice Vid!

Cody Murrison: @SuperInventorMan ok dumb question here but it 4'x8' bigger or smaller than 32 sq feet

Richard Swanson: great help

Chris Hall: Just got this today, works AMAZING...thank you so much!!

renfrowe: That's not how that works... 32 feet on every side is 1024 square feet...

shibbiness: @wackyfreakyrandom Hey, do you have the link to the product on their website? Or a number I could use to find it? All these other numbers are for the American sites. Thanks.

minusgreen: good work .awesome job. going to build some for my mites team for summer

Benjamen Button: i found this exact hardboard at home hardware for $8.99 (Canada) and your idea helped me. As so for the puck re-bounder. it is way bigger though. it is about 55cm's longer though. just saying thanks for the idea

evesplittheatom: It's cheap, dirty pressed wood with a polished finish. If you tape it and pull off the tape, the finish will come right off. However, it can handle some brutal stick abuse. I don't get it. I bought two of them and they are pretty resilient.

Brad Whyton: Could someone make me grilled cheese

Hockeychance: Thx And any specific length needed for the bungee cord? Or tension wise?

hockeyhuntingriding: great video very helpfull thank you

Mark Ivan: I know..thanks

Hockeychance: Is this panel strong enough to take shots on??? Thx

xXDarkWolfXx961: did you have to spray the board for it to be slipery also how much did it cost

Mark Ivan: @xXhockeymidgetXx Goto Home depot Website and type in 346428 in the search box. That is the SKU number. It will bring up the product. any HD employee should be able to take you to the product if you give them the SKU#. The product is called: Thrifty White 32 sq. ft. Hardboard Panel Board Model # 709106 Store SKU # 346428

Lauren Archibald: what length are the bungee cords ??

standeman32: I couldn't find the same one but I got a bigger size for only 7 dollars because I asked if I could get It cheaper for the chips in it

Mark Ivan: Yes, it is brown

PapaEsch: Nice job!, I live in Ontario and got that 4x8 sheet at Home Depot for $6 because it had a nick in it, will make the rebounder tonight. At Pro Hockey Life they want $80 for a 2X3' piece of plastic, that's nuts. Thanks for the great idea, I can hear the neighbours side car windows smashing already.

devin2482: What is the exact name of the plastic?

mikeeey47: wow this guys awesome he made something out of nothing and this other video i saw same thing just with metal and rubber they wanted 99 bucks for it geez rip off

420tanguay: Hi, I found a Moulding & Millwork White Hardboard 1/8 x 4 x 8 at home depot in Canada, because I live in Canada, and is this one good too? Its on the Home Depot Canada website.Please get back to me ASAP, want to get one tommorow! Thanks

kenneth2951: @SuperInventorMan How much more do acrylic panels cost?

Gordon Smith: To anyone asking the "brand" or "name" of the board, I work at Home Depot and this is a 4'x8' (1.2m x 2.4m) 1/8" (3.175mm) White MDF board. You should be able to find this at any home improvement or lumber store. It is used typically in Laundry rooms or Utility rooms because the white Acrylic coating is mold and mildew resistant and easy to clean.

lucas budz: i got a 24" by 48" marker board from home depot for 8 bucks and sprayed it wirh pledge and it works great, the board is pretty thin and easy to move around

101hardeepmalhi: Is the back brown

Mark Ivan: @OMG1340 Not that cheap....

Hengster4: Literally went to lowes after i saw this and got the 8x4 sheet for 11 dollars, the puck slides very very well, great video

Mark Ivan: @cooldudz123 It is a 1/8" smooth panel board made by DPI (Decorative Panel Industries). It is used for finishing work in kitchens and such, like maybe the face board on the back of an island with cabinets. Goto Lowes site and search for "dpi white hardboard" to see what it looks like.

Marc Castrovinci: You must work for one of those kitty companies selling them for $200.

Homemade Hockey Practice Pad/Puck Rebounder 4.8 out of 5

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Homemade Hockey Practice Pad/Puck Rebounder
Homemade Hockey Practice Pad/Puck Rebounder
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Homemade Hockey Practice Pad/Puck Rebounder