Baby Snapping Turtles Eating

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John McLean: I've just recently rescued one of these little guys, he was trapped in a window well and had been there for at least two days. Was very dehydrated and over the past 36 hours of having him in a water habitat (recycle bin with a sand/dirt bottom and some stacks of rocks) his energy levels has really gone up...but he has no appetite. I've tried worms (either ignored them or tucked himself in when the worm crawled over his head), tried lettuce, small cubes of watermelon and strawberries and still he hasn't even nibbled. The only time he took a tiny snap was at the worm when it was crawling under him and had been for awhile and I think they *may* have just been out of frustration at the annoying worm......any suggestions?

Alex Eun: I;m in new jersey

Richard B: i hav two to sell....i'm asking $20 ea

irishbreakfast: @deathfrets your trtle is an aqatic one,and therefore can only eat underwater.a snapper will quietly glide up underneath anything floating,and attack from the blind spot.they will forage and hunt anyliving thing,and scavenge any meat.

kunle igbonegun: nice found one today it was on the side of the pond in the mud

gio vanni: thats seens risky....r u supposed to just leave it alone without food....and will the mud freeze in the garage cause i live in upstate NY and its freezing

jro9001: i found one in my back yard

tehmualz: lol i know like see the worm craw/swims over like 3 sec later bam it's half way down his throught lol

intelligentjackass: @wuggshine That's a snapper. Look at the shell.

MGoffer: nice turtles dude! alligator snappers.

anqi1998: i found a cute tiny tiny snapping turtle yesterday. about the size of a quarter

veela lynne: @cherd1971 If you are looking for a common snapper, you can buy them from online turtle sellers like the Turtle Shack or The Turtle Source. That's what I did. If you are looking for an alligator snapper, check turtle forums. Sometimes people post ads selling them. But be prepared. Both types get huge; alligator snappers live a hundred years or more and can weigh over 200 lbs.

jgmtiger: They are fine till they get about 2 months then your in for it lol my little bowser used to eat 1 worm a day and be easy with it and scared now he shreds 2-3 med minnows a day and from my hand he just dont care anymore

madmordigen: i have a baby snapper and i freaks up worms so much better then theas lazzy turtles mine will freak all your turtles up!!!!!!

Alligupta: You can find a Bunch of Painted and Snapper Turtles in Michigan,Owosso. Thats where I Live

blackbandan: Same thing happend to me. im not sure wut turtle it was but it is exactly like ur description. i tried to feed it worms bugs and regular turtle food and it would't eat neither

Pikip: I sell Alligator Snappers, AIM me at Senikachu. I riase them then put them in lake or raise them if no one buys or wants them

l. oliveira: So this isn't a baby alligator snapper?

Sugarbabe2545: @wuggshine You don't know anything about turtles do you? That is a snapper, the shell is pointy.. If it was a red eared slider or a painted turtle, It would have a flat shell(not pointy)... Think before you type :)

hardystyle1771: same here, well i kind of did, but other than that yeah.. i have worms so i hope he likes them =)

Schwarz2448: @anqi1998 me too

Johnny Sanchez: @m1cron lol nah i found mine on a sewage pipe near construction site on highway, in Texas

odalV: i just found one in the river a baby and took it. it doesnt look like the aligator snapping turtle but the shell has ridges but the head is oval noise very lil pointy. what kinda of turtle do i have?:)

Matthew Harms: i have 5. they shouldn't hibernate indoors. that's what i was told, only if they get really cold like in nature

Will Gamble: its not a snapper its bottom wouldnt be oarange its porobably a red eard slider or painted turtle those are the most common

PANDAzPETz: i want 1 r u selling?

Matthew Harms: i would guess it would have to be deep enough. heard they bury them selves in the mud low enough below the water freeze line. but don't quote me on that. just what i've heard.

fuckyourmother555: are you looking to sell any of yours?

0YtsanBlowout0: Do you give him at least an hour of sunlight a day?

DatDereBlueRidge: I feed mine minnows and crayfish. More action!

wanderingpaddle: it's a terrible idea to have two snappers in the same tank!

Matthew Harms: earth worms

TheCarvingman: @freakyourmother555 turtleshack. com

jplatter14: how much did ur alligator snapping turtles cost,i live in cali so its hard to find some inexspensive ones

Shrimp_Tacos: hello, today i found as to what i thing is a baby snapping turtle mostly because of the long tail but anyways i was wondering about there feeding habits, i caught it at about 2 or 3 pm and put it in a tank with water and a rock that it can be dry on and put out lettuce worms ham and turkey but it hasn't eaten anything can u help me out?

im4fish: @mandy199422 you idiot there is no way that you could possibly find a baby loggerhead turtle in arkansaw... loggerhead turtles are sea turtles...

Sarnarath Ijzerdraadt: these are creations of natural selection.

bbeniyo: how can I get in touch with you , a phone number e.mail adress ???? let me know.

Lucas Laska: you dont buy snapping turtles, you find them

litledevel15: wat state do u live in? cuz if the live in florida its most likely a florida oceanly snapping turtles or its just a common snapping turtle cuz when common snappers are baby they hav ridges like that on there shell and there nose is a little pointy check my youtube page to see wat one looks like it is my very first video

treaby4: sounds like sort sort of painted turtle

jgmtiger: got a photo?

KingMike87: @deathfrets get small reptile food from the pet store .. you can identify a snapping turtle by the long their pointy shell near their rear feet .. if it looks like it has about 5 or so points instead of a rounded shape then it is mostly a snapper. Also snappers have long necks and sharp hands and feet ..

msalyssa1: turtles are so cute, I have three. ying,yang, and ping

fuckyourmother555: nice turtles.. where can i buy babies from?

an 4ever: i thought it was illegal to have them in the house

Will Gamble: @ sugarbabe24545 i realized that i honestly dont remember why i said that cause it was like five years ago but im retarded and its obviously a snapper .. dont know what i was thinking

pl00oui: how much for one

airsoftplayer95: @wuggshine dude ur stupid as crap

Lasurax: ill buy a baby snapper from anyone in or near pennsylvania

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