Baby Snapping Turtles Eating

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John McLean: I've just recently rescued one of these little guys, he was trapped in a window well and had been there for at least two days. Was very dehydrated and over the past 36 hours of having him in a water habitat (recycle bin with a sand/dirt bottom and some stacks of rocks) his energy levels has really gone up...but he has no appetite.

I've tried worms (either ignored them or tucked himself in when the worm crawled over his head), tried lettuce, small cubes of watermelon and strawberries and still he hasn't even nibbled. The only time he took a tiny snap was at the worm when it was crawling under him and had been for awhile and I think they may have just been out of frustration at the annoying worm......any suggestions?

l. oliveira: So this isn't a baby alligator snapper?

Alligupta: You can find a Bunch of Painted and Snapper Turtles in Michigan,Owosso. Thats where I Live

kunle igbonegun: nice found one today it was on the side of the pond in the mud

Lucas Laska: you dont buy snapping turtles, you find them

irishbreakfast: @deathfrets your trtle is an aqatic one,and therefore can only eat underwater.a snapper will quietly glide up underneath anything floating,and attack from the blind spot.they will forage and hunt anyliving thing,and scavenge any meat.

KingMike87: @deathfrets get small reptile food from the pet store .. you can identify a snapping turtle by the long their pointy shell near their rear feet .. if it looks like it has about 5 or so points instead of a rounded shape then it is mostly a snapper. Also snappers have long necks and sharp hands and feet ..

Shrimp_Tacos: hello, today i found as to what i thing is a baby snapping turtle mostly because of the long tail but anyways i was wondering about there feeding habits, i caught it at about 2 or 3 pm and put it in a tank with water and a rock that it can be dry on and put out lettuce worms ham and turkey but it hasn't eaten anything can u help me out?

TheCarvingman: @freakyourmother555 turtleshack. com

Johnny Sanchez: @m1cron lol nah i found mine on a sewage pipe near construction site on highway, in Texas

DatDereBlueRidge: I feed mine minnows and crayfish. More action!

veela lynne: @cherd1971 If you are looking for a common snapper, you can buy them from online turtle sellers like the Turtle Shack or The Turtle Source. That's what I did. If you are looking for an alligator snapper, check turtle forums. Sometimes people post ads selling them. But be prepared. Both types get huge; alligator snappers live a hundred years or more and can weigh over 200 lbs.

jro9001: i found one in my back yard

Warriorscats1: @jaimetheskater1 i researched it and theyre not supposed to eat 4-5 days after hatching so a couple days after i found him he started eating grubs from the bait shop. he loves em

Warriorscats1: @freakyourmother555 i found mine swimming in the wisconsin lake. he wont eat yet though, he still has his egg tooth on his nose, he wont eat worms or ants, so right now im trying lettuce

im4fish: @mandy199422 you idiot there is no way that you could possibly find a baby loggerhead turtle in arkansaw... loggerhead turtles are sea turtles...

MGoffer: nice turtles dude! alligator snappers.

airsoftplayer95: @wuggshine dude ur stupid as crap

Jauhaudausau: This is Alligator snappers turtles =O. mine is bigger =)). I had one of these for 11 years.

Schwarz2448: @anqi1998 me too

Baby Snapping Turtles Eating 5 out of 5

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Baby snapping turtle eating
Baby snapping turtle eating
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Baby Snapping Turtles Eating