Honda Foreman 500

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stratus_b: :)

Patrick McGehee: The ps button means power steering fluid

TjayCaldwell: U don't know very much about that fourwheelers do u?

cumminsrollingcoal: Seems like you need to start out with a slower four-wheeler... Ya dont know as much as you need to know to ride a quad that fast... Just being honest... Nice four-wheeler though!

Quaddingsous: Hi, nice Honda Foreman you got there. I have a Foreman too & love it. Mine's a 2012. If you wanna see some video of my Foreman performing on the trail, check out my channel. My buddies & I recently went on a 5 day camping/quadding trip in the mountains & they also own 2012 Foreman's, so there's lots of Foreman video.

Cole Gaugler: just thought id let u know thats a honda formen 450 the 500 is a rubicon

TheVoltageHDS: @kingdavid373 how much will the 09 cost now like yours or the 10 or 11 n 10 how much will these cost please thanks gratefully TheVoltageHDS

Jordan Bray: really nice bike but i was just wondering is this es because im getting a honda this summer but i heard es has problems

joel: Nice atv i have the same one mines a 08 foreman 500 2"lift 14"itpss112 wheels 27" 589 tires 4000lb viper winch snorkle and an hmf exhaust the only part i dont like about urs is the silver bumper but other than that love the machine

Cameron Pollett: the light that says "Ps" means power stearing. Not push start

Cal Van Oss: It's an awesome atv but it is all stock. oh and you should learn more about your atv it seams like you have no idea of what your talking about.

DetBoi Dave: let me have that please!!!!!!!

231MasseyFerguson: @kingdavid373 You're very welcome.

231MasseyFerguson: I have the same 4 wheeler, same color. Mine's an '09. I bought it new a couple months ago. Absolutely LOVE that thing! My father bought 1 when I got mine, but his is a green, manual shift 2011 model without power steering. He's got more miles on his than I do on mine! lol! We LOVE our Foremans.... I like your video, thanks for posting!

XXCountryBoyXX1500: The ps means power steering

xregizorx: how much was it ? it looks very nice

jra741: that oil light dosent mean its low on oil it means the oil is too hot

camanojim: is this your quad kingdavid? That is a lot of machine, please take care ridin'. I have the same quad as you although mine is white. my son is 15 and rides a 400 ex . Have fun on your quad King , keep her on all 4!!!

honda foreman 500 5 out of 5

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honda foreman 500