Portable Homemade Water Filter

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Anthony Williams: that's very smart and cool .thank I'm going to make my own! god bless 👍

jay ho: shinchan

Sitdown BeQuiet: The green scouring pad will rust within the first week if any moisture is left in the pipe. As far as the Clorox goes, if rust has begun, then the Clorox will be useless.

3rdWorld Prepper: great video, Thanks a bunch! BTW, I just made one

David Bourg: nice

Kitty Hanson: instead of talking about it ..would have been better if you had done a video of step by step how you made it ..js

Donald Badeaux: Charcoal filters chemicals, no biological matter...can kill organisms by putting water in transparent bottles in the sun...UV rays kill micro-organisms, or can use UV light (like tey use in shoes at bowling alleys)...

marrngtn: What is the "Synthetic Fiber?"

bibleprophecy1st: In the U.S. you don't really need the virus protection as much as overseas and thus you don't need the chemicals. If you are going to use chemicals or boiling you don't need anything more then a prefilter like a bandana.

I made a home made water filter with prethreaded 1 inch pvc pipe with screw on caps on each end with threaded brass niples drilled, tapped, and screwwed into the pvc caps on each end that attach to 5/16 to 3/8th inch ID hose like those that come with sawyer gravity filters. Fill the 6" long pvc pipe or whatever length you desire usually 3", 6", 9" are the premade (threaded on both ends) pipe at the hardware store. Anyway, fill it with activate charcoal, and if you do it right you can put a prefilter inside the inlet side with a ruber washer to seal the pipe against the threaded cap. The prefilter is made of schotch brite pads cut to fit in the cap tightly and the exit or outlet side you can put 1 micron absolute filter material cut from industrial grade biofuel filter material that can be bought online farely cheap. You must search in a search engine for "1 micron ABSOLUTE biofilter" to get the correct material. Both sides I seal off with rubber garden hose gaskets in the caps. It's a cheap and relitively easy way to make a great water filter. You need a drill and bit the next size smaller then the tap and a tap the same size as the threads on the brass nipples to thread the brass fillings that go into the pvc caps. You may need to seal the brass fittings with an epoxi to keep them from leaking. With my setup you can take it apart and clean the filters or replace them, and replace the charcoal. This setup can be used as a filter on a gravity feed system like Saywers or an inline filter for a water bladder or as a straw. The one micron "absolute" filter is the thing that guarantees that giardia, protozoa and other parasites that are larger then one micron can not get through that final filter. Also you must clamp that material with c clamps and something that is slightly larger then the diameter of the size you want 1" before you cut it, and then melt the material on the outside edges so that the threads do not seperate and loose it's one micron rating.

Barry Wind: Charcoal can be laid out in the sun to completely dry and it's ready to use again.

Todd Wooten: What about adding the bleach first, let it kill the bacteria then run it through the filter system so you water doesn't taste bad

PrincessAloeVera: Excellent info vid. I also appreciate the info with the bleach. THANK YOU. <3

TheMongo1357: Add a Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) tab to that Bleach and neutralize the smell and taste of the chlorine in the water! It works GREAT!!

The sh1tiest cancerous Nasty 4ss chanel rated RRR: Any substitute for charcoal? ?

Jason The Human: I apologize if somebody already said it but I think it's pretty important. Over time bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) light and temperature changes degrade when stored as a liquid. That's why it isn't sold in clear containers. Pool shock is almost 3 times more potent. But, purchasing dry Sodium Hypochlorite is probably worth looking into. Percentages change with products and manufacturers so always be careful. This stuff can kill you faster than it can save your life.

Bill Monroe: Drop a clean tampon into your prefilter, pul the string to get it out when dirty !

holyprophacy: never ever use bleach..big no no. last resort only

fastacker2: American diet does not contain enough Iodine. Even with iodized salt. Listen to the white rabbit. Iodine is a nutrient. Chlorine is a poison at any dosage.

darknightwatcher: very well spoken and loved the knowledge you dropped on me.

Anisa Novianti: 222333333

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Portable Homemade Water Filter 5 out of 5

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Portable Homemade Water Filter