FX Verminator MKII EXTREME . Hunting

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34 Realist.: Poor Fool, kill animals for what ?

鄧 鄧: 牛刀殺雞!!

Dennis Haupt: did you eat the animals afterwards?

Robert Michael: Hey RAMBO, there’s a highway next to you, just in case you didn’t notice!

محمود زعيم: بطل حبيبي لوحش

Alan Wallace: Bull

#Joel's Beyblade Kanal Welt: you don't have a heart.... karma is on the way

lionel messi: can you tell me were i can buy that air gun ?

PlayZone300: Why do you kill animals? freaking monster!

Donald J. Trump: AWESOME music man. whats the title? :D

Gilles Quenneville: Hi, can you tell me what is the arrow velocity FPS with the Verminator please, ?

abrahamcraft777 yaboudjian: You are the best shot i have ever seen, ignore all this idiot people with stupid remarks, they don't now what hunting means,
love all you huntings, i just like to now were you got your training? i hunt with air rifle too, i like long range precision shooting,

Logan Kinser: Was this hunting for sport?

Moaaz Sobhy: انا عاوز اشترى بندقيه زى دى منيين ف مصر وبكام من فضل ممكن تقولى ؟؟

Leo Rodriguez: Gay lol

1982javiedu: I hope one day someone puts an arrow trough your skull
Killing animals fur "fun" is not mentally correct...

Check a psychologist or lets wait for that Lucky arrow !!!

greenhouse gardenroom: you are very impressed by yourself !

Sniperqty AirGun: ok soon 👍

badass98kx250: Your hunting videos are the best on you tube and your such a great shot more hunting videos please

KolosovsA: Oh man you suck, I-m 10 times better than you with scoped weapons. LOL can't wait to get my hands on this rifle ; 》~

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FX Verminator MKII EXTREME . Hunting 5 out of 5

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FX Verminator MKII EXTREME . Hunting