Giant Reign X

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HowTO 27: I got one of these second hand today I love it beautiful bike easy to ride

rm688: How heavy are you?

Edward Tufay: Just broke my lower linkage.! I am not even hard on riding, though i do a regular all mountain riding.....then the link just went plack!!!!! and thats it! thing is, i have to find a replacement if ever there is one!.....

Msun110: I heard there was a recall on the 2010 reign x's but not sure if they've fixed it

floscar: @SKIM916 thank you.

SKIM916: @floscar he means its not a downhill bike

floscar: whats the weight of this bike, is it too heavy for lifts, is that what he meant my "not lift access"?

Lino Naza: I have 1.76m tall going to buy reign X1 next week and disapointed with S size of M size frame. Is it M size an ideal frame?

Aidan Vellu: ive got an aspect 10 scott
Giant Reign X 5 out of 5

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Giant Reign X