Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!

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manbolo2: wow, it looks like the amount of herb you put there was enough for one eh..cig, but using the vaporizer you only get 2 hit?
and that youre-high-alert-ding was hilarious, lmao.

matthew lee: his voice reminds me of a old actor from the 90s I cant think of his name!

wendy grimm: Dig him. Mellow, friendly, full of extra little info and opinion. Groovy. Thanks man

Yuki Yuki: Does anyone know the black mamba vaporizer? Heard it's very popular right now. I really really want to try one of those, so let me know if you guys know it.

Calimangrower 1: soild unit a buddy of mine ruined mine over loading it with wax

Edward gbone: Hi, can ya tell me what type of weed is best for a 76 yr old person with cancer....he's got pain and is on oxy...pain killers? Ty

Chris Hudson: cool

Spenser Latham: HAHAHA paused dry herbs... lmao

Spenser Latham: The herbal vapes must've been really big back then, obv they still are but now they reg vaping industry has grown, and surpassed it

Spenser Latham: Damn highest views for these dated videos

Joe Young: this is the best reviewer

Jordon Warner: great video

John Campos: Yo... I'm still here

Bob Sonnet: is the smell an issue? does it linger at all?

Bayram Ozkan: i dont know why but you remind me of kenny hotz xD

allia807: Can anyone recommend a good vape pen for someone who is transitioning from smoking to vaping but is reluctant to give up smoking ?

Blake Hornsby: Most of the videos like this are kind of lame and annoying, but this guy is awesome

brian watkins: Lol

Jose Nieves (Infa): Thanks for the tips I just got my new vape today #sigmaevodkit 

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Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen! 5 out of 5

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Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!