Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!

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Gail Hunsucker: a vgo 5 is about 15 bucks these days. exact same. VGO 5

Y Kal: sir? did you put basil in there dear sir? :$

baal zac: people need to stop thinking ecigs work with ecigs. they dont. eeveryone seems to be forggeting about the chrome thats in the heating wires ecigs use. if your burning dry weed then the wire is red hot if its red hot theres chrome vapors. STOP SMOKING WEED WITH ECIGS ITS DANGEROUS BECAUSE OF CHROME FUMES!

kevin boyle: Trust me.Spend the extra money for a Snoop Dogg G Pen(or any highly customizable pen) where you can customize it with hotter coils and screens and what not.I got mine hitting like a freaking beast.Also only $50 if you know where to go.

hazam haudack: Can you put a ejuice carto on here

Jennifer Spurrett: I just bought this item it doesn't work. It doesn't even combust properly! The chamber seems to heat up but nothing happens apart from a little bit of smoke if you're lucky. There also seems to be no help from the vapormax website and very little info about it on the net. Does anybody know why his is happening?

questiontime101: just got my today 

Chee Meng Yang: GOOD STUFF i got one too!

Eva Maria Lopez Martinez: Does it really make a ding noise wen ur high,??

blackboy6thst1: lololololol i couldnt stop laughing when it beeped

Oscar Montemayor: Lol the cops in the back round 

Jason Chien: 2:08 he almost says weed haha

Visan Georgian: hello , i just order my ago G6 vape it's on its way . I was just wondering about that small screen you kept talking about for not burning your weed. Does it come with the pen or can you purchase it online? Or is it a home made improvisation? I'm really interested because i'm in eastern europe so i can't order anything over the internet from USA or other countries. 

noam shaked: What does he mean by screen, like when he says "i added a little screen"?

Jonny Tafft: get a hair cut

infringinator: temp cougher ture

Eddie Usselman: what is the smell this thing puts off? it is just the same as smoking a blunt? lol

mcot1023: LOL @ 2:09

Richard Smith: I want one yo

Kevin Bonsu: lol he wanted to say weed at 2:09.

JayJay Jason: Ifs that weed you lie you said you don't smoke weed

diablothe2nd: 2:08 I laughed at you almost saying weed :P

Jigsjigz: Whats the best dry herb one?

PHOTOS-N-GRAPHICS: what kind of herbs do you use? he hehe........... 2:09 in video you almost slipped.

Alexander Omar Macias Barcenas: 2:10 he was about to say weed right?

Richie C: Great Video, Love the Warning Ding!!!!

Alex Seeley: I believe kumar first invented the herb vaporizors. ;)

Michael Myers: Is vaping healthier then smoking? Does it get you as high, does vapping reduce the chance of anxiety, quick heart beat? does it smell if smoken in room?

Carson Brown: he almost said weed several times lol

Nam Lam: Does vap pen kill u?

zeng Sally: Vapormax -dry herb vaporizer pen ! 

MeMy SelfAndi: This isnt a vaporizer, more like an incinerator seeing the ashes are even gone. I guess thats why they say vaporizer even though all is incinerated.. I have 2 & I love them. Great for that blast in places you shouldnt, like concerts. No one sees or knows anything but the smell. The toke is really huge compared to a joint I notice too. I got mine on E-Bay . I paid $40 for the 1st & 6 months later I grabbed 2 at $15 a piece delivered.. The first 1 I returned, element was 1/2 burnt out.....

Justin Rodriguez: 6:41 - I don't know why but I found this hilarious

DanMCrisisX: Wtf??? I got this exact pen for 60 at a gas station except it was called Super Vapor Xvape. No website or phone number...broke in 3 days couldnt return

Lou .Casacuberta: ya constant taking apart for 1 or 2 hits ya i rather just roll it but t each his own

Brenda Grinde: that ding cracks me up

Curtis Meiring: New sub awesome stuff I trying to quit smoking cigs and going vape. 

mark sotello: ding!.. ( looks @ pen) ill tell you when i"m high damn it!!!

deangelo wilford: ordered

DaddyDog42: reading the comment section I see folks are still brainwashed into thinking weed is a bad thing.

Sonnet Gomes: i want to vape dry herbs...any recommendations :)

liquid smith: looks cool!

Mike Bell: Why are you paying such high prices for your vale pens I got mine off eBay for $7

cussingcats: dude it tells you when your high 

Davis Hepworth: I luv the sirens in the back round wit all the weed lol.

Vishal Ramawat: 03:00 - Cops coming dude !! XD

Madison Price: 2:10 haha

smithly96: Ding! lol 

Dannie Alexia: loved this review..especially the bit about it letting u know that yer stoned.. " how does it always KNOW? " cute :) I have this product in my shopping cart but, would u recommend this one over the Cloutank that u reviewed??

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Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen! 4.7 out of 5

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Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!
Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!
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Vapormax Review - Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen!