How To Re-install Windows XP On Your Asus EeePC Using A USB Pen Drive

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Grzegorz Lenart: Problem all done but asus says NTLDR is missing - restart ..... what to do ?

Mauana Schneider: Thank You Bro!!!!!!!!!! You're my savior!

Jason Blair: Thank you, dude. I have searched all over the web. You are ****ing awesome!!! If I could hug you, I would.

Gamble Greed: can i have the download site of Ghost image of eee pc 901 ?? thank you in advance ..

Grzegorz Lenart: Thanks! problem solved !! I dint pick option in RMPrepUSB "BartPE" first time ... Now all ok !!! 30% ... my image still going ! Very good solution !! You are a star !!

Marie Osipova: Never, freaking ever!!! update XP to service pack 3, freak Microsoft! If someone would find a REAL solution on how to get the system out of a loop of self-rebooting, God speed:) Otherwise, this is a great tutorial on how to restore Windows from DVD, thanks a lot to Steve6375!

dimpodaras: i have ubuntu installed on my 1005ha,because i couldn't find the dvd! now i found the dvd and i follow all your steps (on my windows 8 laptop), copying the eeepcah.gho , the eeepcah.001 and the eeepcah.002 file it is trying to preinstall win xp,opens the eepc asus picture but then booting from the begining and this never ends! i never see the windows that appears on your video at 5:50! Can you help me?What goes wrong?installed ubuntu on Asus,windows 8 on my laptop or what else?

polas anderson: nothing happens and i cannot select anything in bios menu.

dimpodaras: I did it! thank you very much! asus was out of order over a year and a half!!and now it is alive again!! I repeated the process at a windows 7 PC (probably it is not the same on windows 8)! If there are more than one eeepcah.gho files except ,like eeepcah.001 and eeepcah.002 you must copy all of them to the usb!! Thank you very much!you are the best!

polas anderson: This is bartpe oh no this is not original windows xp this is crap man

polas anderson: I cannot select devices in boot when i disabled others and lect only usb say insert boot media device what thell is this how to fix i even cannot select from esc anything nothing works. how the hell to fix it cuz this is not my computer with computer it fixes very easily with f8 on this eeepc nothing works even bios

HungryForHeaven: Thank you very much Steve, it worked like a charm! A tip for other users: Make sure the USB flash you're using doesn't have bad sectors!

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 i used both. when i put them to the larger partition it didnt work because i messed things up a bit the previous time, but when i just put it to C, it worked when i first used the 1.3 one, and then the 800mb one. by the way, i'm now trying to connect that netbook to the internet, but it says something like it depends on y ou connection if it is 128 or 256 bits. please insert 8 to 63 ascii or 64 hexadiagonal signs. thats what popped up after i put in the correct code.

steve6375: Number 5 - need more input... What CD did you use. Did you tick the BartPE checkbox (2:41 in video)?

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 uh ooh, Steve, it seems like i'm in trouble again... I again wanted to reinstall my windows, so i did everything you did in the video again, launched GHOST from the usb, selected the first ghost image, directed it to the first disk ( C partition ), and put it on. after the recovery was completed, i AGAIN did the same with the second ghost image. after that one was fully recovered, i restarted the computer. but nothing happened! what must i do?! please steve, help me!

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 Figured it out! two images for two drives! the first one, the most important one goes the disk 1 and the second, small 800mb one to the second drive! it's as easy as that! by the way sorry for almost SPAMMING you but i'm a computer rooky, but i'm trying to learn. you are a great helper. but now i have ANOTHER QUESTION for you. with which connection can i use my WIFI? DSL or LAN? you have to choose between these in the windows setup.

steve6375: @funnyvideosforlive Try the 1.3GB first. The other one may be for a different partition or it may be for the same partition. Are there any instructions in the manual which may give a clue?

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 the first one is about 1.3 GB and the other one about 800MB

steve6375: I have not seen that type of recovery CD before, but I am very familiar with ImageX. Have a look at the text inside the RCDWIM.bat file and see if that has any clues. See my RMPrepUSB website (e.g. Tutorial #1) for some details about ImageX. Then either join and post on or contact me direct using the email address on my 'Contact Me' page on my website.

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 your right. be the code is absolutely correct ;) i tried with and without capitals etc. but it keeps giving that error. i was mad and typed 000000000000 in the box. it started connecting but nothing happened. i put in the correct key again, and suddenly it tried to connect but it keeps on saying getting network adress. just like i put in an incorrect code! strange...

panjomist: Thanks.........first time I attempted something like this.....great tutorial..worked a treat.

steve6375: Please answer my question. What installation media are you using? It is a simple question and requires a simple answer. Let me help you, some possible answers are: 1. I am using an Asus EeePC Recovery CD 2. I am using a Microsoft Windows XP install CD 3. I am using a Microsoft Windows 7 install CD If you answered 1. Asuss EeePC CD then this is the correct video. If you answered 2 or 3 then this is not the correct video and you need to watch the Easy2Boot v1.7 video.

GoCreateMusicGr: Hello, I bought my Asus used and there was no recovery cd with it. Can you please help me by showing where I can download it? Thanks!

steve6375: @funnyvideosforlive Yes. Any Windows computer can be used to make the USB stick. Then install onto EeePC.

uhohhotdogs: Thanks a lot. I wanted to clean up my sister's old EEE PC 900 (901?) by doing a full restore but didn't have an external DVD drive. For anyone else that might be in my situation: the only difference from the tutorial is that there are two Ghost images that are ~1,351 MB and ~869 MB each. I chose to restore each image to the ~8 GB and the ~4 GB SSD drives, respectively, in succession (without restarting), and then finally reset the computer when it finished both restores.

steve6375: Can you give details. What Model of EeePC have you, what DVD did you use?

steve6375: @khan1346 You need to give more details (without swearing please or I won't help!). Does the file exist on your USB drive? If so and you used an EeePC DVD as the source and not an ordinary XP CD and you followed the instructions correctly, you may have a faulty USB pen. Try testing it with the TEST button and then if it passes, follow the instructions again.

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 no, sorry. So i now have to try exactly what you did, with the 1.3 GB one, and then reboot and do the same with the 800mb one?

markphi: That was extremely useful. Have now restored XP after having lost this PC due to a SSD failure. Many thanks.

cpfigueiredo: Thanks a lot for this tutorial. This video plus 2 webpages gave me all the information I needed to restore my Asus EEE PC to factory condition, including restoring the recovery partition. I messed up the MBR while reinstalling both XP and Ubuntu and I tried lots of things to repair the MBR, without success. Using Ghost to restore the ENVIR.GHO image did that. Then I copied the other recovery files to the recovery partition and I could then install XP via the recovery partition again easily.

ar87ace: @steve6375 that is quite simple! use flash boot to create a usb bootable stick and u can easly install windows using it, i just did that last night on my asus eee pc, when everything else failed! this is the simple way to go! trust me! Its easy and it takes less than 1 hour! :D

KenD Mann: Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! Very easy to follow directions and the result....restoration of an EEE PC that has been out of commission for over a year! Greatly appreciated!!!

funnyvideosforlive: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP I have 2 .GHO files. EEEPC1.GHO and EEEPC2.GHO. What must i do?

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 Steve, I was playing around a bit, trying some things and booooooom, the oobe\title song and the message windwos xp installation. thank you for using ASUS blablabla. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY much thank you from holland! Steve, you made my life a bit better. this is the first time something actually worked. thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kh.anar: thx man. i will try.

Kenneth Kelson: Ty very much for this video! I was able to fix my sister Eee PC. Also I was payed $10.00 :) I give u all the credit tho man! Thanks a lot!!!!

steve6375: @funnyvideosforlive That should not happen! Anyway that is not in the video - please follow the video steps.

Nebulis01: Please note that the the 'BartPE to USB' check box (near 5 COPY OS FILES ...) is not automatically checked in RMPREUSB v2.1.1 (the latest as of this posting. It is *essential* this is checked in order to get the flash drive to boot properly.

steve6375: Are you using an Asus EeePC Recovery CD or ISO - or are you using a generic Windows XP install CD/ISO? If using a MS Windows Install ISO then use Easy2Boot and add the Mass Storage Drivers. See the Easy2Boot v1.07 video on YouTube for more details.

steve6375: When installing Windows XP, you need to format all the 4 partitions (including the 2 8MB partitions) to one partition when you're asked to choose the partition to install the system. Then, you will be able to install Windows XP successfully.

pinkshinju360: my asus eee pc has been not working for a while now (few years) and i got it to charge again but it is still broken i posted a video on my channel about it so can you please check it out and see if there is anything u can do to help me? i really need it to work again

Wulfrune: Thank you Steve, a very helpful vid... thank God for the internet

drscalpel: Great job! Works like a charm! ;) Thanks a lot!

steve6375: @funnyvideosforlive Select first one - restore to HDD, then select 2nd one - restore to HDD.

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 I got Ghost running now with the 1.3GB file. my first XP was installed on the small disk, but this time i put it to the large disk. but now im thinking: if i do this, and after this i want to do this with the 800mb file, wont the 800mb file, which i will place in the same disk as the 1.3GB file, overwrite the 1.3GB file because it automaticly formats or something?

funnyvideosforlive: @funnyvideosforlive ooh i see what you tried to tell me! first do it with the 1.3GB one, then the program is STILL RUNNING, and then do it with the 800MB one.

Ardalan Shams: This worked perfectly, can't thank you enough Steve! :)

skr33d: Yours was the first tutorial that I could actually follow and get the desired result. Well done!

funnyvideosforlive: @steve6375 i chose LAN but i got it all figured out i used the wrong internet code. im typing this happy from my cool , working like brand new, fresh windows install WITH internet! Thanks for all the help!

Edinson Castillo Aliaga: have an problen, wheen start boot from usb, NTLDR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart

How to re-install Windows XP on your Asus EeePC using a USB pen drive 4.7 out of 5

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How to re-install Windows XP on your Asus EeePC using a USB pen drive