Gyroplane On Floats, Sweden

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hunt4fish: very your spray rails ..cheers from NL, Canada

Didit Majalolo: Nice one can u please info me about all the detail? Thx u

Ratman Murray: Nice video, looks like a fantastic place to fly (in summer) It was interesting to see the joystick beating the dash to bits whilst being transported on the trailer with the blades on.... make sure you do good preflight checks

wikispeedia: how much?

AnonaMousetookmaname: Thrilling video, awesome camera effects, loved the music. God bless my swedish heritage, you guys should be really proud. Anytime I'm down, i watch this video and it picks me right up, thank you.

AnonaMousetookmaname: Dear Santa, I WANT ONE YOU FAT BASTARD!!!!

AventuraUL: Excellent video. Love the shot from the rotor.

huntjunky1: Morgen stundt har golde munt

Rupert Cebular: I assume you have GoPro or similar video cam attached at the blade tip during taxi runs? Really well made, just don't forget to take it off.

Rupert Cebular: Beautiful work, love the video, love the gyro, love Sweden. Will have to get me a MTO-Sport, just perfect. Bert

René Roy: Nice video... Thanks for posting !

MajinGohanSSJ2: I like Sweden now because of this video :D

Kevin Anderson: Gyroplane on Floats, Sweden

Tim Morell: Thanks al Of you , Yeah it is really performing good , model is MTO-Sport by Auto-Gyro GmBh Germany,! I'm using the gopro HD and I used the suckcup to attach it onthe rotor. No are you serious the gyro would go uncontrolled if I would leave it on under flying, think of the centra fugal forces.!!!! So no not under flying only short time to make nice effect!

iWazzuu: Hey, great vid. How did you mount a camera on the rotor for those shots? Do you leave it there in-flight? What camera is it? Thanks.

Bobcat Martin: Wow, what a great video and perspective. Very well done, thank you for sharing. Added to favorites.

leffepilot: Vackra bilder, snyggt arrangerat, speciellt kameran i rotorn var en läcker effekt, proffsigt.

baggen44: vackra landskap har ni ingen större brist på :)

Didier QUINTARD: Superbe vidéo !!! Merci

Gyroplane on Floats, Sweden 5 out of 5

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Gyroplane on Floats. Sweden
Gyroplane on Floats. Sweden
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Gyroplane on Floats, Sweden