All Of The 2012 Furby Personalities In One Take

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Furby tube: 5:49 poor furby

iMop iHop: "Instead I'll just thumb it"

shoshanas fab channel of kittens: My furby is stuck in crazy ahhhhh

bestamerica: '
the furby toy is a so cute color / pat pet / pretty sweet / talk / touch on the furby...
but that is a so sadly...
how come america dont make it own furby toys...
wish america can make it own furby toys...
hasbro company furby toys musts be - MADE IN AMERICA -

Zenny: 5:30 I'm gonna act like I didn't just see you molest your furby.

Calvin Jacks: Furby 2012: How To Change To Crazy Personality:

Turn Around, Pull Tail Over And Over, If You Do This Enough, Your Furby Will Eventually Start Moving Quickly And Flashing It's Eyes, It Sound Turn Your Furby Crazy

kate castle: YOU meanie

Lordodragonss: Anyone menaged to discover what Boo-gah-mah and Un-ko-boh means? It is used both by evil furby and evil party rocker

Thomas Hoekstra: 12:25 wiredalful: furbies are being discontinued. the furby: BORRING! me: BUT HIS SAYING BAD NEWS! COME ON MAN! FURBY: seriously? me: wtf is this for a furby you have?!

Courtney Jefferson: ghfhf

Courtney Jefferson: Lol

Saddd. Edits.: My Furby is always mean but when I feed him!

Kiwi Love: What song did he use? Anyone know?

Jade Septic Aye: Mine was evil so I changed into the cute one because the evil trait was annoying and half way through the video my furby changed into the dancing one 😂 and it's my favourite personality 😂

Emerald Furret: in 2016 a furby called furby connect will come out

Emerald Furret: when you feed it alot it's supposed to turn into the fat personality but I guess you don't know that and your furby disfunctioned

Issac jockobb Foofarty: What is the. FIRST song in the part where you try to make it diva

craig talcott: i got a angel/cute furby in one blow

randoming fo' fun: im subbing

ultra kirby fans: 1:43 wtf

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All of the 2012 Furby Personalities in one Take
All of the 2012 Furby Personalities in one Take
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All of the 2012 Furby Personalities in one Take