Growing Back Eyebrows

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CRETIA Miller: Castor oil sounds yucky but it does grow your lashes longer. It stands to reason it will also grow your brows. I tried it and it did work. So give it a try and see for yourself. It's inexpensive and that's a plus.

Marce Chávez Gallardo: castor oil + coconut oil. that really worked for me!! :) as well in my lashes :)

Tonja Casimir-Buckner: Gorgeous the both of you....stunning!💋

Anna Mcevoy: I heard that castor oil really works.

Kiana Frank: I started using rapidbrow a fe weeks ago and it has worked sooo well growing hair where it hasn't been in years/ever.
It's started growth at the start of my brows & it's on amazon for about £23 :). You probably need one tube but I bought two to ensure they get really bushy.
I read loads of good reviews before buying and it seems like it works for the majority who use it 

rubber800: rapid brow works for suree... used for about 1 month plus and boom!. bushy brows. =)))

tanya apple: nic sounds like bridget jones good video:) xxxxx

Hikeeba: Girls, a few days ago I got an Rx for Latisse to grow out my brows. My only concern is growing them out in the shape I want. I would be happy to take before-and-after photos to keep you posted on this approach, if you wish. Would you mind doing a tutorial on shaping ones brows with growth formulas? Many of us (including you two) are trying this route but need some help with it.

Thank you. You both are looking great, Audrey Hepburn great!

TheEgyptianOne: im a guy with naturally thick eyebrows but i used to pluck them and the secret way to growing them back as fast as possible is to not pluck anywhere in your face, even if its the middle of your eyebrows because a pluck anywhere in the face area, will stun and shock all your eyebrow follicles so it will take much longer to grow. So while trying to grow your eyebrows out, try to not touch the tweezers until your eyebrows are fully grown to their natural shape.

My curly colours: I'm preparing a post on my blog with the link to your video, because after seeing it last year, I finally decided to buy it! Now I'm still using and my eyebrows are really growing!

Natasia Ramsay: I never knew that you had braces Nic. I think its because I never thought you needed them.

Raiken Xion: Hmm

Tupapito7140: mmmmmm, you should of included a picture of the product or showed it, because when I searched there was too many products under different brand names.

Rita Vicente: I use coconut oil on my eyebrows, and in a few days, I noticed that my eyebrows are more full, even in my gaps that I had. I recomend to use the coconut oil, I love this oil :)

Darian B: I use rogaine , men's 5% works amazing !! Video coming soon :)

Verity Smith: You're both adorable, love Nic's enthusiasm for her brows :) xxx

marisa ioannou: thanks so much for this, i lost my eyebrows due to stress but this helped a lot, thanks! xx

TheDandyBrownie: I use biotin to grow my brows back when I over-pluck. Also helps my nails grow faster and stronger as well as the hair on my head! You can get it anywhere, I use the 10k mg.


Salihs World: OMG THANK YOU!

Growing back eyebrows 5 out of 5

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Growing back eyebrows
Growing back eyebrows
HOW TO: Grow Your Eyebrows Back Fast!
HOW TO: Grow Your Eyebrows Back Fast!
EXPERIMENT: Does Castor Oil Make Eyebrows Grow? Before and AFTER (My Experience)
EXPERIMENT: Does Castor Oil Make Eyebrows Grow? Before and AFTER (My Experience)
Grow Back Your Eyebrows   MonicaBorowik
Grow Back Your Eyebrows MonicaBorowik
How To Grow Your Eyebrows Fast  *Worked For Me*
How To Grow Your Eyebrows Fast *Worked For Me*

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Growing back eyebrows