Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise 'Manual Defrost' Ice Build Up RF267

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DrBillEdwards: Jo, it if is "OF-OF" then I would try it again. If it is "PF-PF" then I would press and hold "Energy Saver" & "Alarm/Light" at the same time. This should reset would the refrigerator may view as a Power Failure (PF), Good Luck!

DrBillEdwards: The same way you put it in defrost mode. Press Energy Save and Power Freeze at the Same time for a few seconds. 

Norma Grissom: Everything worked but I've have tried to set back on -2 for freezer and 34F for fridge and it keeps switching to OF --OF . How can i set it back to the right temperature??

Jo Scarpino: i have unplugged the fridge for ten minutes then plugged it back in. I then pressed energy save and power freeze at the same time for over ten seconds but the fridge does not reset. What else can I do?

Jo Scarpino: after the defrost is complete,how do I reset the refrigerator?

Bob Fine: I have to do this every week now. Any suggestions?

Bob Fine: Thank you so much for this solution. It worked like a charm!

Michelle Thomson: Eventually the ice will kill your fan. "I have had nothing but problems with this refrigerator and have since discovered it has a known problem to Samsung, they just don't choose to fix it. Since the day I purchased the appliance, puddles of water have formed under the ice crispers. I was told this was normal. Ice began building up in the inside back of the fridge, which eventually cause the fan to stop working and the fridge from cooling. Conveniently out of warranty, the service repair person told me they've fixed this many times on this Samsung fridge and that it is an issue Samsung is aware of. They won't, however, admit that and the $416 fix is at my own cost. Pretty ridiculous for a fridge that cost over $1000 to purchase!"

teegirlawesome: Well, I placed the frig in "OF OF" mode and let the ice build up thaw. It has been on "OF" mode since last night and this morning there was a pool of water in and under the deli bin. I took it off "OF" mode for a few minutes and display showed the freezer at -4 degrees and the frig at 34 degrees. I did not hear the fan circulating, but then again my dog was barking at the same time. Items in the freezer are still frozen. Placed the frig back in "OF" model Will check the frig when I get home tonight and hopefully this solves the problem.

Jeremy King: After defrosting the fridge you have to take off the inside back panel of the fridge and run hot water down the back drain until it is clear enough to put a piece of copper wire through and work it with the hot water until it drains. The drain is clogged which causes the water in the bottom of the fridge.

hampoverton65: Worked like a charm. Many thanks.

Lindy K: Our power went out a few days ago. Next day the entire freezer was caked with frozen shaved ice like we were in the tundra. We got it all removed. And then a day later the whooshing started in the ice compartment. I am going to do what you said, and it appears that the auto defrost somehow got messed up with the power outage. (We already had the freezer automatically defrost to room temperature after having the fridge 5 months.) It is now only a year old but passed any warranty. My question: will the auto defrost kick back in or will it stay at manual ?

Rob redeclispe: I have the side x side and had the icing issues, I did a self test on the control panel and showed a 22E error = FF- AUTO-DFST- ERROR. So I unplugged the fridge and let thaw, took the interior panel off ( easier to take panel off after thawing the fridge ) Fan had ice stuck in it and the top of the cooling coil had about 4 inces of ice thick by 4 inches long... after it thawed I plugged back in and checked to make sure than small fan woked, it did, then turned the fridgr to cool to 34 dgs waited till the the next morning to check.... ( 34dg ) accoring to temp and the manual thermometer in fridge..also did a recheck for trouble code.... None ... btw... there is only a 12 month warranty on the display panel and a 5 year parts and labor on the "sealed components" and the defrost mechanism is not a "sealed component" From what I understood "sealed component" is anything that the freon runs through ie: compressor, evap, condenser. Good luck...Not a cheap fridge but my last....

Ken Maskell: We have a Samsung French Door refrigerator: RF267AERS and have experienced the icing and eventual noise from the fan blades hitting ice. Because it was 32 degrees outside, I took all the food out of the refrigerator and put it in the garage. Took the ice out of the ice maker and put it in the freezer. Removed all the shelves and drawers. Left food in freezer. And unplugged the refrigerator. Used a hair dryer on the ice in the top slots and in the very top of the center shelf slot just below the round logo "Twin Cooling". Once the melting started, water would slowly drip out of the two bottom slots. It appears to come from behind the Twin Cooling circle and from the top slots. I also directed the hair dryer air in the slots on the right and left of the Twin Cooling circle. Took me about 45 minutes. Fan noise has stopped and the ice is gone from the slots. Plugged in the unit and the temperature showed 26 degrees in freezer and 80 degrees in refrigerator. Turned on the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons. Checked it a few hours later. Temperature was down to 0 in freezer and 46 in refrigerator. There were two small puddles of water in the bottom of the refrigerator -- two paper towels absorbed all the water. I'll let you know how long it stays ice free -- or at least when the fan noise starts again.

bojsode4: Our Samsung is a little different model than that in video. We have fan noise. There is ice coming out holes like in video. I pressed the two buttons to turn off cooling. Also pressed "power cool." Is that necessary? Why? It seems counter intuitive, but I'm trusting you for now. :) I am defrosting the refrigerator/freezer, right? Shouldn't I remove food and leave doors open? Thank you!

punky298705: How's your fridge holding up? Im thinking about getting one of these, but can't decide because I've been reading a lot of bad reviews.

bojsode4: Bill, HELP! I've used this before and it worked great. I used it today, and in the midst of a crazy day, I forgot about it. Just went to turn it back on and the OFF will not turn off. In other words, the cooling won't turn back on. What now???

DrBillEdwards: We like the Frig alot. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the ice maker, but we don't use it that much.The Defrost issue would have been a big one. If you watch my Videos on the Problem Identification, we 1st Tried Turning off the ENERGY SAVE feature. Via emails; it works for some people. For us it just delayed the build up. Now we manage the Frost Build Up w/ Manual Defrost. Pushing 3 Buttons every 4-5 months is not a big deal. Not something desired in a frig 2.5 yrs old; But we the Frig.

AP P: Dr Bill Edwards I dont have a Power Cool option but a Power Freeze option only... do I use the power freeze? or can I just go without the powercool/power freeze options?

David Hunt: Bill, do you need to take the food out first ?

DrBillEdwards: MrLowbrass67 - I'm glad it stops the noise. It sounds like you may not be completely clearing the frost. If it comes back that quick, You may need to "Defrost" 3 or 4 times in a row - possibly for a day or two. As far as the warm moist air and not cool food -- Academically, you are correct. However, this is normal use and should not be noticed. Unfortunately, The Frig has an issue. I'm glad this helps. I'm curious if a handful cycles for a day or two further alleviates your issue. Good Luck!

bojsode4: Thank you SO much! Your instructions are perfect and it worked like a charm. My husband is impressed that I "repaired" the problem and grateful it cost him nothing. :o) One time through for a few hours fixed it up. I will be sure to watch for ice in the holes so I can run the manual defrost *before* it hits the fan blades next time. Much appreciation!!!

MrLowbrass67: So its been six months since my last post... The refrigerator will not stay cool. It reads 54 degrees inside with a thermometer but the door panel tells me it's at 38 degrees. We tried the power off sequence but it does not work. I had to unplug and defrost the ice for two days. We plugged it back in, after a couple of hours the panel reads 38 degrees but the thermometer reads 54 degrees. We checked the thermometer in our freezer and it works fine. It's about 3 yrs old now.

MrLowbrass67: Thank you! This works,temporarily, but it stops that awful sound the fan makes. I find I have to do this every couple of weeks. I have had this refrigerator for over a year from a Sears Outlet. I am not sure why there are button holes on the back of the refrigerator. It's even more confusing why frost would build up. Could it be from the warm air that enters when the door is opened? Or putting food away that isn't cool? I would think that is normal use. Thank you for finding this solution!

DrBillEdwards: AP P, The Frig Power Cool Option would be the best, but I would try it anyway. If you have this situation, It's best to try it -- even if it is less than optimal. Good Luck!

DrBillEdwards: bojsode4, I hope you were able to get it working again, I would try holding both the "Energy Saver" and "Power Freeze" at the same time for 3 seconds. Good Luck!

DrBillEdwards: Hello MrLowbrass67. You MAY have a bad fan motor - The Refrigerator fan in the TWIN fan cooling. It could fall out that way with your syptoms. The cool air may not be circulating in the refrigerator portion. This temperature sensor could be located near the duct but not properly forced throughout the rest of the Refrigerator. A small test would be to turn the Refrigerator power cool "ON". You can audibly hear the Fan running in my Refrigerator. Good Luck!

MrLowbrass67: After 6 hours the refrigerator became cold again and has maintained that temperature ever since. I cannot believe it took two days to thaw the ice out of the back of this frig. I am surprised the motor on the fan did not burn out. The design of this frig is unbelievable. In the future I will complete the defrost three times in a row so we don't get to the full freeze again. Your posts have literally saved us money. Thank you.

Too Sano: Is this how to defrost the fridge but not the freezer? that's what I need to do.

hac5x3 .: Had the same problem - gaskets were old and letting warm air in and causing ice to form around the fan.

Scott Farrand: So, I had Sears out to look at our RF267 that was making fan noise this last Friday. They took that back panel off, and used a steam shark to defrost the ice build up on the coils... they then apparently moved the temperature sensor (said that it's placement was part of the issue) then they scuffed the "inside" of the plastic cover... (side away from the interior of the fridge) because apparently roughing up the that side would help the water drain away rather than bead up... we'll see if th

MFetMatt: @EurekaRecycler Great video! I have been having the same problem. The fridge is also 2.5 years old. I actually emptied the fridge and unpowered it to make sure all the ice was melted. It took only 2 weeks for ice to build up again. If someone knows what the problem is please share. I will do the same.

Mark Bennett: I've done this before and it works, but the noise comes back after a couple months. Is there any long term solution to this problem, other than getting a new refrigerator?

Megaman: lol your just putting into standby mode, reason why your getting ice building up in your vent is because you have a faulty defrost sensor, there is a modify you will also need to to to the heater on that model and other french doors model, hope that helps :)

EurekaRecycler: I think there has been a rash of issues with some of these in the last year as well (2011) I have run across a few. Definably something messed up in the Defrost components on this one. Some of these electronic fixes can be coastly. Samsung does not have much tech support that I have found except that you can buy a repair manual for about $40/ I may post some repair videos after I acquire a tech manual. Peace, ApplianceWorks@ yahoo

underbook1: I certainly hope this works, haven't tried it yet. Did I miss if this defrost cycle is a timed , or if I have to stop the defrost manually? How do I return the digital settings to normal, or will that happen automatically? thanks

DrBillEdwards: Yes, there seems to be an issue with these refrigerators. The Manual Defrost seems to contain the issue people. Again, I hope Samsung recognizes the issues and follows up with a positive costumer solution. I don't believe this costumer goodwill with come voluntarily though. As to you comment about Samsung Tech Support. I feel it was inadequate. All this is unfortunately because we like the Frig. If I can help you further or if you have more info to share it would be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!

Kristian Oye: I have had this same problem and the technician is currently at my house for the second time in five months (very similar looking model to that in the video). Apparently power disruptions may have tripped the computer up and canceled normal defrosting? I am a little skeptical now and wondering if people with this problem have also had power interruptions and if this is an accurate description of the problem.

DrBillEdwards: Not necessary. The food will stay cold enough -- this is provided the refrigerator is cool enough already.

bojsode4: This is how I defrost the fridge.

Anders Martinson: The technique worked for me, but the ice keeps coming back (as do the pools of water under the deli tray). Just learned of a class action suit that was filed a while ago but apparently still in process: h t t p: slash slash w w w dot zimmreed dot com/Samsung-Refrigerator/20856/4

DrBillEdwards: We like the Frig alot. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the ice maker, but we don't use it that much.The Defrost issue would have been a big one. If you watch my Videos on the Problem Identification, we 1st Tried Turning off the ENERGY SAVE feature. Via emails; it works for some people. For us it just delayed the build up. Now we manage the Frost Build Up w/ Manual Defrost. Pushing 3 Buttons every 4-5 months is not a big deal - Not desired in a frig 2.5 yrs old; But we like the Frig.

Ken Maskell: We've had the Samsung 267 for 2 1/2 years and are happy with it. The only problems we've had are: 1. Just recently we've had the fan noise. The defrosting tips in this video got rid of that noise. 2. Have had frost build-up in the freezer drawer. However, moving the items around in the freezer so that the air circulation is good throughout the freezer clears up that problem.

DrBillEdwards: Yes, it IS necessary to turn on the power cooling fan ON. This turns on the fan which would boost cooling when the refrigerator is "ON" - BUT with the compressor off it will be used to defrost (sublimation). It is not necessary to open the doors or to remove the food - ironically, the ice build up will keep the food cool. Repeat the process a few times. If the build up is too severe. you may need to defrost it over night and use this method to maintain the mild ice build up. Good Luck!!

Angela Seebohm: We have a frig similar to the one in the video. Ours is no longer dispensing ice, only water and doesn't seem to be working. the frig is working except I am getting ice build up in the bottom of the refrigerator part that drips down to freezer causing ice build up. Can (or do I have to) replace the display panel? Can you help me at all please? thanks

Kris B: Thanks for the video, we have the same issue, so hopefully this fixes it.

Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise "Manual Defrost" Ice Build Up RF267 4.7 out of 5

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