1982 Honda 250R 3 Wheeler ATC

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ima3m: so no if u heard ofearly 90s 250r ATCs ur on crack bud

courtdar: hey man i have the same machine, where did you get your twist throttle from?

Ben Jardine: @SkateThe904 It was 1987 there was a 10 Band were the couldnt Produce anymore then in 1997 the band was let go but by then Four wheelers were the big deal and no one gave a crap about 3 wheelers pluse there was ALOT of lawsuits almost putting honda out of Bunisness becasue of people crashing

dexter whittington: my bro had a first gen 250r, it was in ok condition, it had the metal rims with ballon tires, all original,,i got a few bikes myself 200x 350x and 200s and 250sx

Zorann07: gots the same one ;]

Zac Brown: No they have a 87 350x in WV but it has no neck on it,,, and thr is alot of 1987 200x

kardonman: are thoughs engines the same as the honda 250s 2 wheelers?

makattak88: i love my 3 wheeler. i hae 200m its amazing where that solid rear axle will take you. btw...you should go for a run....i dont mean to be harsh...

Black Box: I loved those 2 stokes. They are unbelieveably fast.

triz250rtecatedude: yep

fixelmox: the kick goes forwards at the threewheelers ,, but otherwise i think that it is pretty much the same engine.

dammitcool: ya no kidding the latest i heard was an 86...i have a 83 check out my vids and comment

salsa1034: @sdchuck1 1987

ridem88: yep thats a slow 250r

shaun johnson: i miss 3 wheelers so much i am wondering if i could cut up a quad frame (honda of coarse) and fab up some front forks like the ATC had. they are just getting too hard to buy/find these days.

WildTrikes: @ailll1 1988 to be exact, there are quite a few 88 big reds floating around the UK (im canadian but I know this from other sources). Theres even pictures of them, they look a slight bit diffrent, but nothing major.

SaberWolf1900: @SkateThe904 Acually they stopped last model was the 86, bc i have a 125 honda three wheeler and thats the last year i know of in the US

Ben Jardine: @ima3m man thats a four wheeler not a atc . there was a ban on them from 87 to 97 then the band was let go

85bigred250: @sdchuck1 87 in us 88 in uk

jordan fortuner: do you want to trade

russell56443: Man,wish mine would crank on the second kick :0( My choke wont stay up so I rigged it but still takes around 5 or so kicks to start?

88nnaa: those things are death traps with twist throttles unless u dont climb ne thing nice trike man sounds awesome

P. Llamas: hey big boy....lets see you ride that bad boy next time.

GAYMON69: do this flip easly

koglowa: badasss

Adam Walsh: @SkateThe904 1987 i think

Jay Bacon: nice

thesheepd: 1988 there was a 1988 big red

Jordan Safioles: sounds beautiful

thashogun1: LOL !!!!!

kseger: holy crap wide load

8lugz: oh my god! that thing takes me back, then i got an 85' water cooled counterbalanced-----sweeeeeeet,then came the banshee......

fishinhunter12391: actually there are 1988's

coshyno: is it in good condition ??

thesheepa: i have a 350x

SaintsRule84: lol, good one

Muddcrazy: @SkateThe904 1987 they were banned and stopped making all 3 wheelers for the world.The 87 250R's and 350X's never made it out the factory before the ban.The ban was stupid they based it on 7 years 900 people were killed they never mentioned the 2956 people who died on street bikes those years go figure the government made money on registrations on street bikes so don't ban them too.4 wheelers came titled so they could be registered so the government gets there money so 4 wheelers deemed safe.

Bikercc: front brake lever is major freaked

raiders115: u could wheelie that thing from here to china!

JTHTHTRUHRR: dam your are really fat!!!

H95Shooterv12: @pedekiller cheack out TPC trikes or tionesta trikes google them

TrikeLovin: Never go to 3weenerworld.......bunch of IDIOTS

coshyno: 87 was the last for the trike

yamaharules163: @dmaheryfz450 no

John Gonzalez: gotta love them oldskool, aircooled 1st generation 250r's nice trike man

85bigred250: @sdchuck1 88 in us 89 in uk

Alejandro Pereira: Change your twist throttle, make's a beautiful noise your 3wheeler, I miss my ATC250r '83 :'(

boboandsnakeingrass: lol a 500 quadzilla

dunebuggyteen: ah its the god of all three-wheelers beating ever other 2 stoke three wheeler in races. your one lucky man to have one. they stil beet alot of quads too lol.

jordan fortuner: hey chuck would you be interested in trading that 250r for a 200x ?

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1982 Honda 250R 3 Wheeler ATC 3.7 out of 5

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1982 Honda 250R 3 Wheeler ATC