HFC CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

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terinaldo amaral: ola qual magazine e compativel com essa sniper?

Kerim Erzurum: Is this bolt VSR capable?

Zach Vajda: I have a problem, I put the CO2 in, wait for the hiss, etc. etc., and then load the bolt back in. I'm using the same Crossman 12g you're using, but when I pull the trigger the entire CO2 cartridge discharges, emptying it instantly. No BB is propelled (Oddly enough). It's frustrating, and I've never used a CO2 sniper rifle before, and don't know how to fix this. If you could, it'd be much appreciated.

Kerim Erzurum: Hi There! I really want a video where u maintain the gun.. How often do i have to maintain the hopup etc?!  U able to do it?

Tyler Jackson: anyway to lower the fps to around 500?

Trevor Williams: very odd i found something out today about sniping, you dont need sights of any kind no scope no sights i was shooting my hatsan 85 in .177 cal with rws pellets i found if i intently very activly focus on the target with practice you can peg it i was shooting pellets (.177) off the head of a nail and hiting them! (from 10 to 15+ ft away) not trying to brag i just found out today and its so cool, iv always known im better at hitting moving targets with no sights then non moving targets with sights but this is new because a pellet on the head of a nail is still all you have to do is focus on it without thinking of anything and then your sub conscious pulls the trigger since your not thinking of it and you hit it every time the only thing is you have to be very familar with your gun and frankly airsoft guns cant do that anyhow my whole point is that you dont need sights on a airsoft gun if you can hyper focus on the target and are familiar with your rifle im most certain with practice anyone can do this I chose small targets at close range because wind effects the accuracy of the pellet just a little bit any farther then 15 ft even a breeze because you trying to hit such a small target the wind only has to move the pellet in the air just a few mm and you miss

EliteSkaterBro: 5:55 tiny spider on the 20mm rail haha

Legend Airsoft: Hey I'm your fan Deathcoreairsoft!! :')but I'm wondering if the "JG Bar-10 Spring operated bolt action sniper rife" has a line in the middle running down the whole in tire stock? Like the co2 one @ 5:45. I know you can upgrade that too but its gonna be more money than the CO2 version. And same FPS like the CO2 if upgraded. But if your gonna upgrade the CO2 version too, its gonna be a high FPS than the spring kind, and that's kinda off...

~Bryan Vega #FANPRO

KrisPowered: Hi i know this sound kinda nooby which i kinda am a noob but where is a good place to sight in an airsoft sniper and how far should it be sighted in? I have a sniper but just not enough space or any idea where i can sight it in. I really want to get into sniping so if anyone can help it would be muchly appreciated :D

Cole James: Hey +deathcoreairsoft I noticed on your Facebook page that you are trying to promote airsoft in South Jersey. Where exactly are you? I'm in Sicklerville, NJ.

Slaughter619: The biggest problem you will encounter with this gun, is the bolt springing a leak. In that case, you can replace the Co2 bolt with a spring bolt

EVAN GRIFF EG3: this gun looks nice i have a amg mp001 spring rifle which was affordable but this gun is nice!

Thomas Marici: that looks nice.  I have always wanted a gas gun I have been airsofting a lot but i have a kwa aeg also so should i get this

Recluse double'o'seven: hey is the inner barrel changeable? as in if I wanted to install a "6.01 tight bore barrel on it"

The Rathalos: Thanks for the review.

Trey Ring: It's ugly

TEMPAA xhdz: Spring snipers aren't the "cheaper" version,marui vsr 10 would kick this thing ass fps isn't everything

TEMPAA xhdz: Vsr 10 clone just got a marui vsr 10 g spec and getting a 3.5-10x50 scope :)

deathcoreairsoft: Well that would depend on what you think:)

DontGoOffWandering: Does CO2 hurt more than spring bolt?

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HFC CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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HFC CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review