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Stefan Ejegod: Awesome, just stumpled over this for some reason while looking for a Kodi Linux install guide.
Are you seriously recommending that people download some random streaming app and then add sites like popcorn time?
Yeah a bunch of lawyers would love that. :P
It's probably one of the most monitored site as we speak.

Don't do anything this video wants you to do. If it was this easy and cheap, AND untraceable, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and so on wouldn't exist.

Thomas Fiting: I cannot get them to stream, constant. Buffering

49ERS R BACK: NFL is my only concern. Please cover for fans!

Nathan: http://ultimatestremioaddons.club/ as of 8/11/18 host is offline.

Carlton3303: Why is it that every software solo comes across is the best software ever. This guy is a joke. Why are you still uploading videos

Pierre mathieu: the link for addons does not work

Kim Thurston: I need a simple thing-I need a media player that will accept up to 4T usb drives that will play any video format. I have 4 usb hardrives full of movies in .iso, mp4, mkv, avi, formats. I currently have a WD TV box that plays everything but the box itself is flawed and sometimes has to be reset just to recognize newly added movies. I tried a Nvidia sheild using plex, kodi, vlc apps and none of them would play everything. Would this stremio app play all of these video formats from an external usb harddrive?

Juan Montalvo: tremendo Papo! 🤗 🤗

Ishen Prithipal: Hey Solo Man, I've been using Stemio on my Redmi 5 Plus - works amazingly well (7.1.2). I have a problem with installing a version on my Android Box with is running 4.4.2 - can you assist?

Jer Nelson: Also note, I am using the newest beta release from google store, and running on Docooler M9S-PRO 32G, HX-S905 with quad core

Jer Nelson: Love the look and Feel of Stremio, just installed it a few days ago with the 4 best Addons like rarbg, iberian, etc but I can't seem to get shows or movies to stop pausing every few minutes. I have a great internet connection, with IPVanish, I saw this on kodi, but they had a cache setting for this and it helped. Is there a Stremio Add-On for Tuning ? to Help the Buffer ? Thanks Much! --jer

Brian Harris: Just a little constructive criticism ok? So don't be upset. I notice sometimes that you cannot see the search box contents. Reason being is I think the lighting in your studio needs to dim just a bit. It's blocking out the view of when you type the http's and others. Other than that, I always enjoy the videos very much.

Bill Griffin: http://ultimatestremioaddons.club/ Error 502 Ray ID: 4454c6e835812a01 • 2018-08-04 23:24:21 UTC
Bad gateway

olean boyd: Is there a bill for Apple

Richard Baldock: The addons link doesnt work

Pixi Myn: I have KODI! but, don't use it. I never get the paddles (clicker) over to where I am watching - it has to be on it's own paddle. I keep forgetting. I'd like to have my flipper be able to control all of it. Silly, huh? I bought it for the purpose of enjoying a nice movie, kick back and ENJOY!! Shouldn't be too hard, right? I'm on the go from morning to night so I am tired when I stop -- and I ALWAYS grab the wrong paddle. (CHANNEL CHANGER) I am a 64 yr old lady; energy to burn -- weigh about 105 lbs, but nobody can keep up w/my pace. I don't say it's a good thing, b'cuz then I have to go it alone. Sometimes, I think THAT'S asking a lot from my friends.

So! Can this be tuned in with same channel changer? I just found you -- I guess I just finally learned how to talk in order to get HELP w/this. H E L P??

Josh Joshi: NEED to Upload more 1080P links that really works in any add-on .

nads mcgee: Oh!! I know about rarbg. 😉😂

Pauly: Top info SoloMan maybe introduce a VPN for the beginners whom aren’t quite up to date as some..With that said Top video and works perfect with the addons you supplied,
So thank you from a long time subscriber and supporter,
First time comment👍🤫✌️

Charmaine Skewes: What are the sites ?

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.

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The [ ONLY ] True KODI COMPETITOR!!! (2018)
The [ ONLY ] True KODI COMPETITOR!!! (2018)
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'DROP Kodi, This Is SO Much BETTER!!!'
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Kodi Just Got Benched By Stremio For Android and IOS & Fire TV

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