BMW X6 XDrive40d Vs Snow And Ice 20% Slope

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TX2673XA: On all my rwd old bmw from 93-97 i had proper snow tires (not 290/40/18....but from 195/65 to 205/55 with maximum 2 bar on snow and ice) and proper tire presure = fun an never stuck in snow or ice.

CEM HASAN RAZİ: i have 320drive and i climbe all the slopes in snow especially heavy snowe. i think this drivers are ugly. the don't know how to drive bmw

Руслан Ломанов: В топ гире давно говорили что Х6 овно

Серёга Дронов: Ну и что тут ? Мой субарик бы даже и не думал бы на подъёме останавливаться,даже на лете... )))

cafer türker: freak the x6, it can,t go a snow hill which as big as my pickle.

cafer türker: home or fall out shelter?

top komentari subrscribe: expensive cars and bald tyre.. why people why...

David A: they make snow tires for those big rims

Mattia Patriarca: does this car have snow wheels???

Melih M: But why :/

jr231217: this is that topgear said.

Geordo1960: Beautiful home!

denis bistarov: Dude you need to buy better tyres for this whether ;)  try with bridgistone blizzak dmv1 the best ice tyre ever for me

Nilde693: I hate BMW

игорь корелов: на летней резине епть!

Da2Pat: Ja aber mit durchdrehenden Reifen fährt man ja auch nicht nen Buckel hoch?! Auch mit xDrive

Nicolas Domon: BMW make nice comfortable and powerful cars that can handle little snow with xDrive if the road is not too steep. But if you want something that cuts throw snow like a knife through butter, go with a Subaru, an Audi Quattro or the more affordable Fiat Panda 4x4 which is just unstoppable in snow...!
Cool video, I didn't think the X6 would make it to the top (too heavy). :)

chefdan87: I understand they are nice "CARS" but a suv/sac it is not. My ford bronco that is worth a quarter of your car could have drove up this driveway with ease. Granted your electronic four wheel drive is better than a two wheel drive but it does not compare to true four wheel drives. Range rovers, Jeeps, Fords, shoot a lada niva would have climbed this without any hesitation. Hate to tell you this but if you bought this for its 4x4 capabilities you wasted your money

CARS EXTREM: Wie lang willst du den Wagen fahren? Ich fahre meinen 40d schon 3 Jahre und will ihn wahrscheinlich noch mindestens 7 Jahre fahren. Hab auch ein kleines Tuning drin, dass ich per Fernbedienung ein und ausschalten kann. Damit kommt er fast an die Leistung vom M50d ran. Bin damit vollkommen zufrieden und habe eigentlich kein Verlangen meinen 40d gegen einen M50d einzutauschen. Wie gesagt, anders wäre es, wenn ich jetzt neu bestellen würde, dann würde ich wahrscheinlich den M50d kaufen.

CARS EXTREM: I have almost payed 1000 Euros all incl. (taxes, installing at BMW,...) No, the engine sounds the same. On the hompage you can find the Kit for your 35i. But I do not know, if it will fit on your canadian 35i and if the seller will send it to Canada. If you are interested in, write an E-Mail to the guys of leebmann24. 

BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope 5 out of 5

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BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope
BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope
NEW VERSION BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope INTERIEUR VIEW
NEW VERSION BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope INTERIEUR VIEW
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BMW X6 xDrive40d Walkaround
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BMW X6 xDrive40d Fuel Consumption Test

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BMW X6 xDrive40d vs snow and ice 20% slope