Pandigital Planet Tablet Review With Nook App

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Roy RamnautH: I got 1mobile on my planet i will have a tutorial it is so much better than the original one nook and getjar steps 1 go to 1mobile 2 cpick on it you will see a option called download akp click on that it will install if you want flash type in 1mobile search box type in flash player. happy shopping good video!

keely shaye: yea i have jetjar its awesome !

keely shaye: i got one for x-mas :D

Alex Geovani: This thing sucks wont get play store it runs 2.2 so u cant video chat

jeannette davidson: I bought one of these and I can't find the "google play app". HELP

rollingklouds: what really happened dot kom has a terrible report about it today.

peterlol21: does netflix work good enough?

Anna Louis: Wow im so getting one!:)

Cameron Bopp: yerp

Cameron Bopp: About every two months, my pandigital planet becomes really slow and everything takes forever to load. Video playback becomes choppy and it eventually bricks up. I finally figured out how to reset the entire device but I lose all my apps. It really sucks. I love my pandigital planet but literally every two months I have to reset it. I lose everything. I should have gotten the supernova.

Cameron Bopp: Slide me is stupid stick with getjar. But if you want slideme than just google "slideme apk" and download the appstore.

Fernando Sandoval: get jar is better than stupid slide me its newer and better cool bro

rshelp2: Mine did not come with the slide me but the getjar. What do I do?

Ariana: does this have skype? and text free ap?

vince garcia: the market is installed go to menu and go to getjar app all games are all ready free really no need for rooting angry birds & fruit ninja are at the main menu of it

chikkeeenzyumm: i just got mine and i am having serious trouble setting it up

JimiCactus: HELLO TBR! Have brand new Pandigital Planet R70A200 2GB Shared Memory, 32GB MicroSD Card. Have created Accounts with Netflix, Android Marketplace & Gmail. Attempting to Download/Install the Netflix App to be able to watch Movies on my Planet Tablet, I keep receiving the error message, "THERE ARE NO DEVICES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ACCOUNT!" I see you have created a Netflix Icon on your Demo Tablet! Have can I accomplish this?

colton giles: can u get any app thats in the android market like on the smart phones ca u u get angry birds and crap like that

Tinhh: @Apokolypze And it can run the most advanced 3D game for android: Shadowgun See here: /watch?v=vKFAOThTjtk Looks better than psp games.

Apokolypze: @drolasimbo Yes sir you can. It has android 2.3 so you can run games like angry birds, Fruit Ninja, and a lot of different games.

Pandigital Planet Tablet Review with Nook App 5 out of 5

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Pandigital Planet Tablet Review with Nook App