How Induction Cooking Works

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Ian Chernencoff: really? GE can only manage a 240p upload? Is there a reason for this? Well at least it's progressive. I suppose it could have been interlaced. Thanks for the info though. That is providing value. good job.

Hobbes: Just saying "electromagnetic energy is around us all the time" is a little misleading. Sure it is, but there are some forms that are dangerous. Not that I'm saying this is dangerous, but you need to state more information like what form of electromagnetic energy it is. I could put you in a microwave, turn it on, and say "don't worry electromagnetic energy is all around you all the time".

n45w73: So beware punks (or married people) :o) don't put your hands full of metal rings over the surface, or you will get hot fingers :o)

Bart Stikkers: "iron molecules". Great job GE.

Yinan Wang: There are so many types of stainless steel stock pot on the market. 304 grade, 430 grade, or 205grade.
I'm choosing a big stainless steel stock pot to cook meat stew. I will be using it on an induction cooktop.
Is it correct that one material conduct more heat than another material on induction cooktop? or as long as they are a little magnative, they all have the same cooking speed?
I'm wondering if the iron content matters the speed.

Rifat Tabassam: I shifted to induction cooking last year. I prefer induction cooker for cost-effectiveness and better performance. Here is a review article:

Latest News And Talk Show Live: Induction is extremely easy to clean because the cook top does not get hot except where the pan sits. There is a learning curve and the base of your pans must be ferrous. Just take a magnet. If it sticks to the base, it works on induction. You can buy a very inexpensive induction hotplate first to see if you like it. It is also MUCH MORE energy efficient.

Brian Bingledock: My friend bought an induction cooker recently and I'm impressed, I know the method was proven a very very long time ago now but it's like cooking by magic.  It reminds of seeing other material specific reactions and some very strange effects possible when tinkering with electromagnetic waves and fields.  Thanks for the vid GE.

bobskie321: We don't have a induction cooker but if we buy one we have to make sure that it's from the well known brands like GE, etc. so that we are not scam by the price from the unknown brands. Induction cooker is one of the most popular product use by scammers in the Philippines because of their amazing properties like they put a paper on the induction cooker and a cooking pot on top of the paper and shows that the water boils without burning the paper to demonstrate about its safety but they charge you Php 60,000 (US$1,350) for a double burner.

Sompong Tungmepol: Prestige, Pigeon, Butterfly, TCL, I-bell, Electrolux, Sunflame, Glen, Inalsa, Padmini, Softel, Singer, Usha, Khaitan, Wipro, Faber, Maharaja induction cooker error codes (Applicable for Chinese brands too)

E0 –Cooking vessel is not placed correctly. Vessel is either removed or not made of a material usable with induction cooker

E1 – Some issue with internal circuitry of cooker. Try switching off the cooker and switch it On after some time.

E2 – Temperature sensor error. Circuit is open or closed. It means the system cannot read correct temperature of working and results in switching OFF of the cooker. Replace the temperature sensor if the error persists. Costs about 150 Rs.

E3 – Supply Voltage is high. Reduce voltage if the cooker is connected to a stabiliser. Or switch the cooker off and then turn ON after some time.

E4 – Supply voltage is low. Increase voltage from stabiliser if you are using one. Or else wait for a few minutes till the voltage increases.

E5 – Surface temperature of cooker is too high. Don’t let hot water or vessels rest in cooker top after cooking. Remove any vessel and let the cooker cool down for a few minutes.

E6 – Circuit temperature is high. Internal circuitry is too hot to work. Wait for a few minutes to let it cool down. It may also be a result of malfunctioning fan, which fails in cooling down the internal circuit and device. Blocked air vent also causes this error. Remove any blockage and let the device cool for some time. If the problem persists, call for service.

E7 – Internal temperature sensor is not working properly. You should have to consult a local electronic repair workshop to get it cleared.

E8 – Non usable pot placed in cook top. Use some vessel with magnetic properties.


Whirlpool Error codes

C1 – Low input voltage. Increase voltage with stabiliser or wait for some time.

C2 / C3 – Over heat in device or the surface. Wait a few minutes to let it cool down. If problem persists, you may have to consult repair for replacing temperature sensor.

F0 – Some internal error is there. Wait for some time to see whether it is solved by itself. Or else, call customer care.

F2 -  Too hot cooking area. Wait for some time after removing any vessels and try again.

F4 -  Place the vessel towards the centre of cooking plate and not near the control panel (switch board).

F8 – Long time in cooking. Your cooker needs some cooling and so, shut it down for a few minutes.


Morphy Richards, Redfyre, Frigidaire, Spring USA Buffet and many other cooker shows similar error codes. For model specific error code meaning and explanation, please comment through comment column below. Hope this post was useful and informative

SVanTha: induction cooking causes it.

Boglenight: how does induction stack up against electric?

Moosa Khan: This won't work with a Peter PAN.

Kuldeep Singh Rajput: gr8

crashthestash: gotta get those errrn pans

Cory Simson: good I like it 

Gavanization: Steel pans work as well

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How Induction Cooking Works
How Induction Cooking Works
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Induction Cooking Overview
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How Induction Cooking Works