How Induction Cooking Works

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SVanTha: induction cooking causes it.

Boglenight: how does induction stack up against electric?

LiberatedMind1: That had to be a time lapse at the end

New Urban Innovations: Our high-tech, energy-efficient homes will provide the option of induction cooking. Learn more about how induction cooking works in this video from GE!

Moosa Khan: This won't work with a Peter PAN.

crashthestash: gotta get those errrn pans

Justin Evan: good I like it 

Gavanization: Steel pans work as well


Vikinglord1967: I have one. It is awesome!

rabone1963: you forgot to say how safe they are

Thomas Collingwood: Energy Conservation hard to answer question. Our electricity is generated primarily using natural gas. Generally speaking, would I be using less gas if I used gas or an electrical induction cook top? Anchorage AK

GE Appliances: David - thanks for the comment! At this time, we do not make an indoor, built in grill/barbecue. Thanks, Megan from GE


musikdoktor: correct me if i'm wrong.. and sorry if my english is not good. during heat pan stick to the cook top? how hard stick to it? I ask because maybe it is also a good security option to avoid kid accidents with a pan with oil or hot water..

julia petrova: @Mrfordtoyou i kept replaying that :D <3

Tony Luna: "Turn it on HI!" :)

Devin Sikiric: so if you instantly took the pan off and immediately removed all the water would the pan be hot? or would the molecules go back to normal fast enough to not burn you?

GE Appliances: @trailkeeper No. Using a magnetic plate between the induction heater and a non-magnetic pan will not work.

nightboat720: 30 sec. to boil water....nice!

MidnightMarrow: @ruwan591 Put a square plate of metal underneath perhaps?

UniversalExpanse: correct me if im wrong, but i guessed the magnetic field created by the stove coil induces a eddy current in the pan, since the large area of the plate will have no resistance to oppose the induced current the pan heats up. Thats just a guess though ! except my theory fails when i think a eddy current can be induced in any metal not just ferrous metals

330MillionGods: Why it does not work when utensil is empty or cotains solids such as bread slices. ?

David Stewart: So in induction cooking, the coal heats the arn. Got it.

arxsyn: I hear that this type of cooking emits radiation. How does this affect quality of food being heated? There is a hospital ward where nurses are forbidden to feed microwave heated formula to infants because premature babies are more likely to die

sintoniza2z: Subtitulos,por favor

Vivek M: in an induction cooker, a coil of copper wire is placed underneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current flows through the coil, which produces an oscillating magnetic field. This field induces anelectric current in the pot. Current flowing in the metal pot produces resistive heating which heats the food. Now my question is, when current flows through the vessel, won't we experience a shock when we touch the vessel..???

L1J7E: @14Mentalist if you boil a whole pot of water,about 12 mins.

labobo: Now repeat but replace the pan with a laptop or a magnet ;D Fun things will happen Heart pacemaker, hmmm anyone got one, i want to test something ;)

Josh Kintzer: these are awesome

kght222: @ctoon6 you get cancer from many types of light, that includes radio frequencies, microwaves, and infrared. both radio waves and light are electromagnetic waves, do you get the idea? the difference is frequency.

Adamkó Dániel Software: happy braintumor can arrive

bombardier9999: That's awesome. Waiting for water to boil is the worst.

GE Appliances: Induction cooking uses a high-frequency coil, located just below the cooking surface, that produces a magnetic field that causes the electrons in the ferrous metal pan to vibrate, which produces heat (Like the friction when rubbing hands together produces heat to the hands). This is the only cooking method that directly uses the cookware as part of the cooking system. Magnetic induction cooking requires the use of cookware made of Ferrous metals, like iron or steel, to which magnets will stick.

internetzwemmer: Produces more heat then standard ceramic cooking ?

GE Appliances: @hughezee Based on recommendations by NCDRH, an agency of the Federal Government, we are confident that there is no risk to humans from magnetic fields produced by the product. Thanks, Megan from GE

spyderkat: Does it create other forms of radiation? Will these stoves make high energy photons which are dangerous?

ClaudYeung: And turn it on HAAAAAAAA

GE Appliances: @330MillionGods Can you please email us at with a few more details so we can help answer your question? Thanks, Megan from GE

hughezee: doent it give you cancer.. like mobile phone waves etc

raynarks: @mickycheese27 Nothing will happen if you wear an iron ring: when you put a pan on the hob or take it off, there are no sparks, nothing, the panal just says E or F, depending on what make hob you have. Get one their great; use it with a stainless steel pressure cooker & you'll sale loads of money on lecy. These cookers are as controlable as gas: get one!

GE Appliances: @ruwan591 Sorry, unfortunately you can't use the non-magnetic pressure cooker on the induction stove. Thanks, Megan from GE

Vishva Laksshapathiarachchi: so isn't there anyway I can use a Full Al pot? I have a Pressure cooker made from fully non magnetic bottom, guessing its Al, is there a way to use it?

kilvo000: lucky your ring isnt magnetic... that could have been painful.

GE Appliances: FurnaceRepairToronto - Great! Glad to hear this video helped. Thanks, Michelle with GE

GE Appliances: Hello Josh, you are so right! I love the technology of induction cooking and think it is a plus for any kitchen. Thanks for your positive comments. Sheree with GE

GE Appliances: No, induction is not like a microwave. It uses a coil to create an electromagnetic field of energy, which then passes through the cooktop to the pan. In order for a pan to work on an induction cooktop, it must have some iron to connect to the magnetic energy. Thanks, Megan from GE

hughezee: @GEAppliances caution .......... (CNN) -- Radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.

Paul Nanjing: Interesting. Starting to make sense, Thanks. Is this magnetisation-demagnetisation hysteresis or ordinary currents where the power somehow depends on frequency?

metaspherz: @TheZenPerspective "How long has this technology...been around? Good question. The first patents for induction cookers are from the early 1900's. Frigidaire, then a division of General Motors, showcased an induction cooker in the the 1950's on a touring GM showcase in North America. The induction cooker was shown heating a pot of water with a newspaper placed between the stove and the pot, to demonstrate the convenience and safety. This unit, however, was never put into production.

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How Induction Cooking Works