How Induction Cooking Works

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Helena Born: Is this safe? Does it emit radiation? Does it cause cancer ? Thanks for any reply

mukund p: Does he have a Vermont accent or North Carolina?

thiagov6123: Induced current and the joule effect generate heat

Adam Danischewski: This may also be how California "wildfires" work.

Trevor Kerr: Are you fuken 1:35?

mef1975: This still doesn't explain why bringing iron into the energy field of an electromagnet actually heats it to, how hot and what voltage or Gauss? Also, why iron and not copper or aluminum? And what's to stop someone from getting shocked when running the pan over the magnet (law of induction?) Anybody know where to get such answers?

Eric Umbe: nice tutorial

Kenneth Paul Saman: "and it's the friction between those molecules that creates the heat"

uhm NOPE.

Pradipbhai soni: Oilfaire furnace for heattreatment

Sound: increse video quality

Siva Kumar: Does the electromagnetic waves enter into the cooking vessel?

Jim Martin: This technology can be used in heating and cooling a home has well. Novartis

Jim Martin: You can reverse this technology and create a freezer unit if you know the correct Hertz frequency. Novartis

Jim Martin: Use this technology with Manson engine design and create an electronic rotary motor. One that you can throttle up or down. No more need for fossil fuel. Novartis

Rebecca Lopez: So in other words....witchcraft.

Roger Nevez: Do you think it is possible to change an induction cooktop from 220V to 110V?

Ian Chernencoff: really? GE can only manage a 240p upload? Is there a reason for this? Well at least it's progressive. I suppose it could have been interlaced. Thanks for the info though. That is providing value. good job.

Hobbes: Just saying "electromagnetic energy is around us all the time" is a little misleading. Sure it is, but there are some forms that are dangerous. Not that I'm saying this is dangerous, but you need to state more information like what form of electromagnetic energy it is. I could put you in a microwave, turn it on, and say "don't worry electromagnetic energy is all around you all the time".

JoeCool: So beware punks (or married people) :o) don't put your hands full of metal rings over the surface, or you will get hot fingers :o)

Bart Stikkers: "iron molecules". Great job GE.

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How Induction Cooking Works
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How Induction Cooking Works