Reliance Broadband With WiFi Router

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Dinu cv: Ranjit i have these doubts 1, Can we connect the reliance broadband [telephone] line jack directly to the wifi router replacing old modem come with the relinance connection? 2, Can we log in using a laptop using this wifi network with out login the Internet on the main PC connected through ethernet port or which is not at all connected? 3,Do we need to instal this wifi interface software on each laptop that is going in for the wifi net in our home ? 4, For reliance Broadband can we use normal wifi Modem {without the ADSL versions} those are more costly, is their any speciallty in that? which is better ? 5, For better reception and stable wifi connection is it necassory to buy a expensive USB adapter [wifi receiever that connects to PC usb] or the good Wifi modem transmission is enough ?

jasjeet Singh: i have a belkin N300 ADSL2 modem router. can i connect it with reliance broadband. if yes how? plz help.

Harsh Jain: i have a d-link wifi router DSL-2750U i want to configer it with reliance but when we configer its not saving DNS in it what i do please help me

Sanjay Walia: I have just seen the video and am confident it should work for me because your explaining was clear with all the options one should know. I will revert back once I have tried it myself but now at present I am searching for a wifi router for mu use. Thanks anyway for this video.

RandomStuffByNik: Guys , if it STILL dosen;t work after all this , Change ur DNS to And , It will Work as a charm and it did for me :)

Abhishek Chauhan: hi ranjit, can u let me know if it is possible to have an always on connection in reliance broadband. the net is working perfectly ok through the wifi router though.. but i need to remove the login process from the browser... any help will be great...

Ritam Sarkar: Hi Ranjit.... I Am Using A Wired Broadband Which Is Directly Connected To My Laptop.... They Don't Have Any Modems... Is There Any Way To Create A WIFI Using The Same??

ashwani gupta: Hi, Is tp-link tl-wr740n works with reliance broadband without any issue?

Mohammed Sunasra: Can we login into Reliance portal with a wi-fi device like Phone??I mean without turning on PC

Vir Vijay: Dear Ranjit, i have reliance broadband connection and i am planning to buy cisco E900 router.this router is compatible with my reliance broadband connection, 

Srujith kumar: Hi ranjith, I have purchased a modem cum router(Netgear DGN1000-adsl type). In your video you have mentioned that you are not discussing connecting to this type of modem as that is a very complex procedure. Kindly help me out.

Devanshu Sharma: hi ranjit i have buyed a tp-link TD-W8901N how to config it \ plz. tell

sree kumar: Hi.. I need help to resolve connection issue with my Reliance Wiredline connection and Netgear N300 Model # JWNR 2000v2 Wirelsss Router. Internet connection is not detected by my router. LAN cable provided by reliance is directly connected to the router. I have no modem involved. Smart Wizard does not detect the Dynamic connection automatically. IP stays Please advise

YUKAICHUNG1: Ok,thank you,geekyranjit

YUKAICHUNG1: @geekyranjit,I want to ask u which broadband will give me the fastest connection to the Internet?as I browse the web on the Internet using iPad,but I found that the speed to open different web pages are how can I get faster to browse the webs?

Rishab Arora: after setting up the wifi router ......can i simultaneously use the reliance broadband through wifi and the main pc??..

Jeetendra Nigam: Hello Ranjit, I have 1Mbps Reliance connection and able to successfully setup my DIR-300 Dlink router. But have one issue, speed over the router is not good and sometimes connection gets failed. Any suggestions?

Geekyranjit: @sudipta231: It should work but I cannot gaurantee coz I never used the Belkin N1 router, this video was made using the Belkin N+ router but the method applies to all routers I used similar steps in Asus, linksys, ddwrt firmware and other routers.

Suraj Kumar: Hi Ranjit, Thanks much for your video. I have purchased a Belkin Wireless Modem Router when I was using Airtel Internet connection. Recently, I have changed to Reliance connection. Reliance Internet configuration is different from the Normal Internet connection. What settings we need to use to connect the Internet ? I mean the connection type, Vpp, Vcc etc.

Geekyranjit: The reliance web login is seriously a can of worms, I just do not get it why don't they just remove that silly login page and auto logoff stuff and make all our lives a lot easier.

Geekyranjit: @IOCDILIP: I did not try it with ADSL WiFi router as I do not have the same but you need to change the VPI / VCI values to 0 / 35 it its the reliance ADSL connection and then try to configure the same.

Sarabjot Chahal: i am getting a single cat5 cable no modem. the problem is with the wireless router it should be getting an IP from the router. But it does not .

Gowtham M Shanmugam: some times i get a error that 'lan connection doesnt have a valid ip configuration' i reset the modem every time when this problem occurs.. any solutions?

poonam aggarwal: hello i have a single pc connection reliance broadband internet connection, i connect it with my wifi router it works only for a while say, 6 - 7 hours but then my ip address changes n i have to reconect it to pc or call up relince help. is there a permanent solution so that i can make my wifi router work consistently..

Devashish ganguly: hello can i connect several gadget like smart tv via lan ,samsung galaxy two phones via wifi one laptop via wifi or Ethernet at a same time from this method and i downloading on desktop by utorrent and watching online videos in mobile and surfing on other mobile at a same time Actually I heard that we can't use internet at a same time by Rel Wired BB .i have to plan to buy TP 3220 3g router and opt Reliance Wired BB 699 plan and So i hope atleast rpl thanks

manvir Singh: man.. i have used your technique as i am using reliance broadband. I used it for one complete day. After 24 hours it stuck. i dont know what to do. i reset my router already and tried the same thing 3 4 times but it shows the internet connection check error. I am stuck now and not able to use my internet on my edimax wifi router. Please help me

Arunpreet Singh: Dear sir I have a Belkin PlayMax Router and Apple Airport Express 1st Gen.I want to extend my network for home use using my Airport Express because I am not able to get a strong wifi signal in all the areas of my home.Please help me. Thanks

Niral Shah: Thanks Geek. You solved the problem and input your DNS settings which worked as Reliance did not provide me Domain Name Server address and I was getting disconnected all the while. Kudos....and keep the good work flowing...

shadyabhi: In my Reliance broadband, I am not behind NAT ie ip address assigned to my laptop is same as my external ip address. So, according to your configuration, my laptop will be assigned a ip address..right?

Dilip Chawla: i have adsl router what should i do????

Sam rob: Hi @Geeky ranjit First want to say thanks for posting this video this is the first and only video i found on internet .. i just have one question .. like I'm using reliance broadband wired plan which dosen't comes up with a router or modem ,, eventually it direct connects to my ethernet port and the same procedure goes one i.e. login pages comes up and only after logging in i can use it .. i m sharing the same network in VPC through ms loopback adapter my question is ..continued

Navaneeth Nair: Hi. I have connected Dlink router and it worked fine. After sometime, when I open the browser, I see the Dlink router error page. only if the connect the computer LAN cable back to the modem (after removing the connection from router), reliance login page comes. Once logged in, I need to connect router back with computer cable to setup wireless. is there a way I can get wireless connection always in any machine without above issue

aesean: hello,same problem for me so if you got any solution plz reply

Sagar Anand: hi geekyranjit i have purchased a wifi router of asus rt n103 and have a reliance broadband at my home, the prob is that i am not able to create a wifi connection there the prob with the ip address stuff. i tried the method u showed in video but its helping me out. plz help me out with this issue

Imran Khan: awesom dude..i m using netgear and i jst changed the ip and mac..its working thank u very much... :-)

Amith Kumar: hi i have a belkin n150 router. It does not work with methods working above. the router is working fine when i use VSNL broadband in it.

Viswanath harikumar: How to apply password for restricting the connection, Ranjit??

Adhiraj Biswas: how can i connect Relaiance broadband to D-Link Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ .. please help... thank you..

nishant varun: hi, i have a netgear wgr614 wifi router...i have successfully connected it to the system it works fine but not continuous for long as internet stops working unexpectedly for few minutes and starts to work again after i dont remember how many i do to reestablish....please if u could provide the netgear setting for reliance broadband....that would be very helpful

Hanul Vig: i dont undestand this...we have to login everytime from main computer and then use wifi....we can do this with normal adsl wifi modem...i have connected my bsnl wifi modem with rel modem and wifi works well when the main comp is connected...cant we just make the connection login from wifi(any laptop or pc)?

Hanul Vig: u said login can be done only from main computer...main computer is connected to modem via wifi or cable??

Vishesh Ruparelia: thnxx a lot..had bought it frm a week but was nt workin...finally working......

Vipul Kumar .S. Jain: Hi Ranjit, The Problem what I'm facing with Reliance is that it doesn't has Dailup connection, so basically whenever i use my phone it redirects me to reliance broadband when i have to enter my Reliance User ID and password. Can this process be removed by making some additional changes to router

kashish kant: I Am using EDiMAX BR-6228nC router.Now whenever I try to connect to internet USING the wifi modem, the internet works for first few minutes after I login but does not work after that. However after sometime internet starts working again. But its an excruciating wait for atleast 10-15 minutes before I am able to access internet again. This cycle goes on and on. It works fine if connected directly through LAN cable. Plz let me know if I need to mk sme config. changes in the EDiMAX router

Antonio Colella: you speak too much...this video could be done in 30 seconds.

Adivishnu Kanna: Hi Ranjit, I need a help on the same but, here I have reliance connection that dont have ADSL router. I have a Ethernet cable which connects to Ethernet port. I am using Dlink 600L router, Reliance broadband.

fugly75: ranjit thanks for the great video, can u tell us which model number the belkin router that u are using in the video is and what the range is, are the signlas strong enough for a 1500 sq foot flat?

Baghya Karasala: Hi Ranjit, I have got reliance wired connection with ZTE modem. And I have belkin ADSL MOdem cum wifi router. Can you assist me how can I configure internet through my belkin wifi modem cum router?

Aakarshan Singh: hello. i need ur help configuring my D-Link 2570U router+ADSL2 please... i m unable to set it up.

Geekyranjit: @The007sanjeev: No the Belkin N+ does not support USB 3G / CDMA dongles but a router that I review today does that AUS RT-N13U and also Tenda router for which I did a review earlier.

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