Reliance Broadband With WiFi Router

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suresh kumar: Thaks for the video. Your video helped me out when I was in a dilemma how to conficure my reliance band modem with my wifi router. An information to thouse who attempt to configure wifi router... please ensure that the ip address of your router is different from that of the modem. If at any point of time you see a message regarding ip address conflict that another computer is using the same ip address, alter only the third number in between the dots of the ip address of your router to a convinent number. Thanks Geekyranjit once again the help I could avail only on account of your video.

MrSanjaydey: I have an reliance broadband connection with modem now i want to configure my TP Link Router as an access point ho to do this i need your help.

Raimy Kachappilly: Thank you very much for the info!! My wifi router was not able to connect to internet after a reliance outage. MAC cloning did the trick for me!!!

achin simhal: thanks buddy, it helped a lot!

Kartik Kulkarni: hello sir,by configuring reliance modem with a WiFi router,will it lessen up the speed? bCOs when I contacted reliance people,they told that by configuring reliance modem to router, the speed would be slow?so will that happen actually?

archit soni: sir please help me by doing a installation video of flipkart digiflip router sir it is just of rs 999 please please i beg you help me

Rohit Jain: hello sirji thanks for your help
i have binatone adsl modem + tenda n301 wireless problem is the adsl light on modem gets off 4/5 times in day...
and i need to restart my both the routers again agin..can you plz solve my mail for your rply

Shweta Kulshrestha: I have purchased a N600 DB Wireless N+ Broadband. I tried to follow the steps mentioned above but still I am unable to connect to my internet using router. When I try connecting the router, it always show as Offline. Please assist.

Harsha Badugu: Still not working...:/ pls!!!

Arindom Samajdar: Hi Ranjit, I am having I-Ball Baton 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router. Please share a video to configure its wifi to share reliance broadband internet. I recently purchased Reliance Broadband and I am able to connect my PC with internet by my this modem. But its wifi section seems not working. Can you please help me?

PIYUSH SAHU: How can we configure TP-Link pocket internet 3020 wifi 3/4g router?
For a long I am trying but not able to configure to use internet for multiple devies

kay plex: hi,how to solve dynamic ip is not detect in tp link tl WR740N USING relince broadband........

Fierce Leopard: hi @Geekyranjit .. can u please post video regarding settings of Reliance broadband with adsl2+ modem and router combined.
Currently tried these settings with TP-Link W8968 along with 0-35 VPI/VCI values and encapsulation mode LLC/SNAP Bridging.
But though it remains connected constantly but large number of connection timeouts and packet loss found, making it miserable to connect to internet(Even Google cant be opened).These connection timeouts occur 2-3 times every half hour.
But surprisingly internet is not totally disconnected at those laggy moments servers like TeamSpeak are working properly with proper communication at those DC times.
Tried googling almost for 4-7 days for finding remedy but to no use and found no video regarding this too. Kindly help me out of this. Feeling so helpless without proper internet Wi-Fi.
Thanks a lot in advance

Saeed Binrassam: Hi there..
I m having relaince broadband connection 4MB speed..
It was orking fine 2 months back by Belkin wifi router..
But in sudden some issue happens by the company when they get fixed.. the connection became very slow when i connect through router only if i connect it directly to the laptop it works not as old days but it is fine.... can please help me out about this issue...???

Devendra Deshmukh: I am using reliance 300kbps plan and using a switch but i am unable to use internet on both pc at same time. only 1 work at time. i log in by 1pc and net works fine and when i try to use it on the 2nd pc it opens reliance log in page and when i input the log in details its says ur session has expired abruptly.

plz any here if have solution?

Sumeet More: teach us how to connect with adsl ....

Vivek N: can we use multiple LAN computers and Wifi with this setting

Gaurav Shukla: Thanks for the tutorial it worked for me but Every time my modem is switched off the DNS gets blank. Can you tell how to fix it

Himanshu Upadhyay: hello, I have reliance broadband connection.
I am provided a RJ-45 cable into my home for internet connection by Reliance.
I recently bought TP-Link wifi router WR740. When I tried to set it up, by plugging that cable into wifi router, I could not do it. When I tried Quick Setup, I selected PPPoE as my connection type. Then in next step I was asked for ISP username and Password, I entered it. Then router started to connect to internet but it kept trying but could not connect. I did not find any option to set it up. I thought after feeding ISP username and password into router, it will get connected by it self when I switch ON the router only. But this is not happenning. Please guide me.

jasjeet Singh: i have a belkin N300 ADSL2 modem router. can i connect it with reliance broadband.
if yes how? plz help.

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Reliance broadband with WiFi Router
Reliance broadband with WiFi Router
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How To Use Reliance Broadband With WiFi Router?
How To Use Reliance Broadband With WiFi Router?

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Reliance broadband with WiFi Router