How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7

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SirrBeele: If this worked for you , like & share it :)

Jai Kankaria: Not working :( updated iOS 7.1.1 and got stuck! Any solutions? 

Mat Gameplays: Doesn't work for me ;(

LexRednaxela: thanks alot man


darksupersaiyan2177: Thanks but does it remove all your pictures

Shannonn2921: My iPhone 4 has been stuck in a recovery loop for about 18 hours and i've tried this method quite a few times, but it just goes back to the same screen and on tinyumbrella it duplicated the iphone on the left hand side so there's 2 devices(which there isn't). I've also tried to restore it via itunes and do what apple discussions suggest but it still continues to go back into the itunes logo and usb cable screen. Any idea? PLEASE

HYP3R_N1NJA: Can u elaborate more I can't really see what u did or is there a better video btw my iPhone five power and volume buttons won't work I tried downloading irep from another YouTube video and the link didn't work. Pls help me I have to get this phone back on to turn off find my iPhone and sell it I broke it when I replaced my iPhone five battery. 

gamerulthebest swaggie: my iphone was deconected from restoring and now is stuck in black screen..What can i do????

teto morzan: i have a jail broken iphone 4 that returns me right back to itunes icon . tiny umbrella did not work 

Delva Borno: I did this then it kicks me right back to recovery mode ...any ideas?

Marc Worrell: Thanks man this was really helpful 

Veroul v: thanks, worked for me :) the older my iphone 4 gets, the more cranky it becomes with every new update... 

LopsidedCircle: tiny umbrella says i am not connected????

Sam S: thanks for the help

Nars Cip H: worked for me..thanks a lot

Matthew Pharr: thanks, helped me out. :)

Буян-Очир .Буяна: working tnx

dawwe johansson: 12345678

Mufassir Hamid: thankq dud..

Denis Banks: thank you so much!!! saved my phone :)

sveta: really awesome method!! i wud suggest this to nyone stuck in dat problem

tart green: Worked for my iphone 4s, THANK YOU!!!!!

Jomar Ponsaran: Bro YOUR THE BRO 

tomaž pušavec: u realy saved my thank u sooooo muchhhhhh :)))


Robert Scott: thanks this worked 

TheQPortal: YOUR THE BEST <3 <3 <3

tart green: Make sure that you have itunes on first, get the error message, then use tinyumbrella.

Aaron King: I almost gave up on my Iphone 5 and restored it to factory default settings after getting it stuck in the recovery mode loop because of installing IOS 7.1 This really did work and took all of 2 minutes to do, download link is in the description everyone! 

Tenneh Williams: For some reason even though I installed TinyUmbrella I would open it up and go through the process but then as soon as im done with the offers or whatever it says it can't find my device...something like that why is that?

JohnnyLatenight: OMG THANKS

Mario Medina: I really need help bro, when I do the process you show, its shows the screen with the apple, but it turns off again and then shows the recovery screen again what should I do? NEED HELP ASAP!

Matt Scott: verified on a CDMA iPhone 4, worked like a charm!

Phillip Daniel: This really worked thanks so much.

Bryan Gomez: Tinyumbrella wont open on my pc help? Plz

Agustina Wolcan: freaking worked! I don't know what I did but it fixed the problem. You are awesome! Thanks 

ThieuBinh Mai: oh god thanks I thoungt I never get this updat work

Renukeshwara Dev Ponnada: Worked like a charm...Thanks

lewis bower: doesnt stop the loop, just makes it reload?

oijoij: Didn't work for me :( Apple logo just keeps flashing 

packageme: yes!!!!!!!

Robicheau05: THANK YOU.

Jason Hyler: Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!


Paul Verboonen: I have an Iphone 5c (my sister's), i tried with tiny umbrella and with recboot and it keeps on going into the recovery mode 

Dave Rogalv: Dont Work!!!!

Madchopp3r: Hey mate, whenever i do this it goes to load then stops, goes to a black screen then another apple symbol comes up then back in restore mode this sucks!!! Please help.

Jade Liscio: can yu do this for ipad 2 ?

Marko Zupan: Man thnx so much. U saved me. 

How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7 3.6 out of 5

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How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7