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Hoss Afat: Ok, credit to you and Jugrnaut, turn on keylock, hold down record and plug into computer at same time, get a 16Mb folder (on e280r) with Version file, create your own folder called "Sansa.fmt" without quotes. Drag that to the folder with Version file in it, unplug your unit from computer and it will format (you will lose all files) and does away with the white screen....hopefully

Lore Dominguez: mine has the screen in white coz all the time that fell but I remember how it everything inside to put the music so I still use it

Rye: Try resetting this way.
Pry open the then disconnect the battery. It worked for me. Hope it helps.

Hoggin Tha Lane: How do u fix the white screen problem everytime i turn it on the screen is white

JohnnyTheLizard: Laptop :D.

JohnnyTheLizard: I tried to charge mine and it kept saying "Disconnected" after a few seconds it showed it charging. I wasn't even disconnecting it.

Emily A: I have the exact same problem with my Sansa Fuze...have you ever found a way to fix it?

Spartan Frost: holy crap it worked! it was a white screen and i had no idea how to fix it, THANK YOU SSSSOOO MUCH!!

GI0VANITA: my sansa froze with the sreen on but nothing on the screen. I disconnected it while it was transfering data, and I thought it broke completely. Well, I search troubleshoot in the sansa website. Mine got fixed by presing the Power botton on off for 20 seconds just like they did. it sort of reboot it. Hope this helps. Good luck! I love my sansa too. If not, try reinstalling the driver.

cool29606: with mine the light turnd off and you cant see any thing some help?

Hassan Kamran: @wayzhack69 i have the same monitor as yours<3

Sheeva Pacaña: @alexanderson15445 well i can't carry my computer anytime, anywhere :p

David .Panda: @alexanderson15445 that was a fan in the background XD

Sheeva Pacaña: hi my sansa is broken too. everytime i turn it on it turns off by itself and turns on again and off again and again and again. my computer won't read my sansa everytime i connect it. i dont know what to do about it. do you have any idea? :/

flash51050: what is unsupported disk mean on a sandisk

bigboyrtj: i have the same problem and if u fixed it can u tell me how?

David .Panda: I dont know why people keep commenting and trying to help me fix it... because obviously I already did. And for the last time, NO IT WAS NOT A BATTERY ISSUE.

Michelle Huerta: @mrchimichunga1....I dont know if you already got help on this question, but when you plug it in, it will charge, but you can still add music and stuff on the computer like add songs to the song file. you just wont be able to listen to the mp3 while its plugged in. hope that helped if you haven't got helped yet. = )

LiL B The Based God: mine just died :'( like everytime i try to turn it on the screen is black and it like never turns on and yes its charged and everytime i connect it to my computer it doesnt recognize it

David .Panda: your stupid. either that is a serious comment (meaning your stupid), or your trying to make fun of me by saying that my sansa was obviously not charged, when in fact it WAS obviously charged and not failing because of battery power (which would also mean your stupid). which is it? doesnt matter your still WRONG

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HELP!!! MY SANSA is BROKEN! 5 out of 5

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