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wayzhack69: id say you should prolly just call the number. they will walk you through fixing it and then you can hack it like i did to mine! lol now i have pokemon crystal on my sansa...

KiinozWiifey1: @mrchimichunga1....I dont know if you already got help on this question, but when you plug it in, it will charge, but you can still add music and stuff on the computer like add songs to the song file. you just wont be able to listen to the mp3 while its plugged in. hope that helped if you haven't got helped yet. = )

DarkFrozenDepths: i've never found a solution for mine yet. i got a sansa fuse 4gb player that won't come on, won't reset, won't format, won't update firmware, and can get forced into msc mode (only to appear as a driver with no memory or space, but comes up as 4.03 MB when attempting to format it). i need a solution to it because nothing i've seen or tried is working at all...

luke shirtliff: thats what happend to mine aswell sansa is the gayest mp3 ever

REAlQUADSHOTER: my sister had this problem just put it to ur computer NOTE it has to pop up on ur computer then go to ur music floder and delete everthing.......and to turn it off just hold power button and turn the hold swich on and off and it well go off

ElectricToenail: well i don't know how to charge it cuz it's broken...

Lunatic Ttu ' Boy: insert a mini sd card n plug in the plug in the computer same thing happand to me.

shamil1431: kudu

Hunter (Wordawordb): I tried to charge mine and it kept saying "Disconnected" after a few seconds it showed it charging. I wasn't even disconnecting it.

untaureece marshall: How do u fix the white screen problem everytime i turn it on the screen is white

FujayROFL: get a new one. ur sansa is getting to old.

bigboyrtj: i have the same problem and if u fixed it can u tell me how?

wayzhack69: sure its cool. i downloaded rockbox a long time ago so i dont remember that much, but i do remember that i had to download the games seperately. theyre pretty easy to find tho, just try searching google for .gbc or .gba games. im pretty sure thats right...:)

wayzhack69: I dont know why people keep commenting and trying to help me fix it... because obviously I already did. And for the last time, NO IT WAS NOT A BATTERY ISSUE.

shamil1431: help my sansa not connecting to my pc

Emily A: I have the exact same problem with my Sansa Fuze...have you ever found a way to fix it?

rocketisma: can some body help me my sansa e260 turns on run the proglam and half way the screen turns black and it wont play music or nothing.

microwindowsxp1234: I have had my Sansa for almost 2 years and I have had a few problems, but nothing like this. Before it froze when it refreshed database and I could not do a thing. I went to recovery mode and I changed it to PlaysForSure and it works great. Hope you get your fixed.

Spartan Frost: holy crap it worked! it was a white screen and i had no idea how to fix it, THANK YOU SSSSOOO MUCH!!

mrchimichunga1: i cant get mine to download song or connect the sansa to the computer. it only will charge wen i connect it.

Hunter (Wordawordb): Laptop :D.

STOPSUCKIN: my sansa clip doesnt turn on anymore :( why not i didndt do crap to it either it was working fine yesterday night

flawless101: T_T i used to have that version of the sansa but now i have the sansa fuze!! =] its sexy aint ganna lie

victorytotheloosers: hey i have the same exact problem, i posted a video too but that didnt help. how did you fix yours? I miss using my sansa :(

sockmess: i had that problem with the e series as well. Replaced it with the Fuze. How you fixed it, cause i think the e series is better constructed.

dafaith22: The reason that it does that is because of a small battery just below the screen in the front of the Sansa player. It look like a watch battery which you just take the face of the Sansa off to access it. If its not pushed all the way down on the sansa it will do that so your more than likely will have to put something over the battery where when you put the face on it it will hold the battery down.

wayzhack69: rockbox is free

laicepsde: try holding the on button thats what i did

WilliamsRuss: Sansa is very sensitive to illegal music/video copies.

MEXIOcorp: How much does the rockox cost

GI0VANITA: my sansa froze with the sreen on but nothing on the screen. I disconnected it while it was transfering data, and I thought it broke completely. Well, I search troubleshoot in the sansa website. Mine got fixed by presing the Power botton on off for 20 seconds just like they did. it sort of reboot it. Hope this helps. Good luck! I love my sansa too. If not, try reinstalling the driver.

Hassan Kamran: @wayzhack69 i have the same monitor as yours<3

LiL B The Based God: mine just died :'( like everytime i try to turn it on the screen is black and it like never turns on and yes its charged and everytime i connect it to my computer it doesnt recognize it

Sheeva Pacaña: @alexanderson15445 well i can't carry my computer anytime, anywhere :p

wayzhack69: cool! i did get mine fixed. thanks!

wayzhack69: i would look it up on google try using rockbox to add gb and gbc games to it. this will give it custom firmware and will be a lot cooler cuz u can cuztomize it and stuff.

MEXIOcorp: when u call them wat do they do, do u send to them or they tell u over the phone, also do u have to pay if they fix it

wayzhack69: ok what you should do is call the hotline thats the easiest way to fix it. its 1-866-SANDISK. Or you could try doing it yourself by putting it into recovery mode and updating it but its easier if you have some1 help you.

wayzhack69: like i said before, just call the hotline. they will just have you go into recovery mode and update your firmware using your computer. thats the easiest way to do it.

wayzhack69: yes actually i currently have rockbox on my sansa. it works fine so far no problems. i have pokemon crystal on it and i play sometimes but if you want to play gameboy games on it you should change the controls.

wayzhack69: @alexanderson15445 that was a fan in the background XD

vavatar181: god i really hate these lies especially when they said the thing was scratch resistant but mine was all scratched up with in a month dude dont post a video because you need help watch one when you need help

Steve G: they mean the back of it is scratch resistant

rikkilucario7: unskrew the back, the battery pack should be there, push it in or take it out and that should work. if not, turn it on and hold down record and power. that could work. if it doesnt sorry for wasting your time.

Steve G: hold the power button for 15 sec. and it will shut off

cool29606: with mine the light turnd off and you cant see any thing some help?

Sheeva Pacaña: hi my sansa is broken too. everytime i turn it on it turns off by itself and turns on again and off again and again and again. my computer won't read my sansa everytime i connect it. i dont know what to do about it. do you have any idea? :/

helloimclaudio: an you tell me how to fix my Sansa c240.First i had a refresh database problem and then i downloaded firmware and now only the directional buttons turn on but the screen won't.

wayzhack69: your stupid. either that is a serious comment (meaning your stupid), or your trying to make fun of me by saying that my sansa was obviously not charged, when in fact it WAS obviously charged and not failing because of battery power (which would also mean your stupid). which is it? doesnt matter your still WRONG

JLsoft: Hahaha.

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HELP!!! MY SANSA is BROKEN! 4.3 out of 5

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