Tactical Crossbow Pump Action

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Hao Liu: you sir, shut up and take my money!

AlphaWolvesGamer: what is the LBS pressure on this weapon?

Zachary Johnson: where can I find one ?

Nigel Darling: good effort lad, im impressed

R3laxx99: Where can you get this?

N SR: How much force and fps does it produce?

Samuel Speights: What is a very attractive crossbow Are you massu produced in this Weapon I love the fact that the cross ball have a magazine That's very convenient.

Jack Hadaki: I have one that's 50 lbs. Pretty easy to pull back.

SavageInsight: Do these come in an easier 45 lb draw, draw length around 9-10 Inches US, or 25 cms?

Bob Gev: I watching The Walking Dead by myself and got a little creeped out. Now that I watched this, I feel ok now. c:

Steve Alba: Young Liam Neeson

jordan vaughn: please provide tutorial or tell me how much money you want to make this for me

selAlgorithm: dear santa...

SavageInsight: I realize this is years out of date and I've only just discovered this video but technically this is a roostering-lever action rather than a pump bow.

ChaosTicket: or level-action, it looks a bit of both.

ChaosTicket: Thats break-action actually.

Jay: Who the hell's being raped in the background?

Mc Panik: this guy refuses to answer any questions about that...Im working on one ..hopefully will have a vid showing how its done soon...I could care less about sharing the build..

1PrometheusMaximus: How about showing us how the self loading quiver is built & attached? I have an 80lb cobra are looking for shoulder stock & second grip as well. Can you help?

nobodyprepper: good system!!!

tactical crossbow pump action 5 out of 5

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tactical crossbow pump action