Tutorial Of Invisible Part QuIck Weave Part 1

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Aquana Murray: no cap?

kdastorm: Everyone is tlkn bout about a cap and the glue taking the hair out. Someone even asked why was it called a quick weave because there was no cap. It's a quick weave because of the technique in how ur covering the head apposed to weaving through the hair, which took a long time to do, like it used to b done long ago. Also, I've been gluing weave to my head for over 13 years like this and never had a problem. The key is how you take it out. Although, I wudn place the hair this close to the hairline, everyone has their own ways of weaving. There are different techniques for the same effect. Dnt be so quick to judge if u hadn't dne ur history about weaving. 

ronesha45: her tracks aren't going to last and it's puffy which gives it more reason for the glue to sink in her hair and make it hard to get out

Candace Childs: Nice!! U did a great job detailing the invisible part..other ppl dnt even do that but thats neat how u put the track to head and cut it and kept goin up!! Good job I been looking for a.video like this to show a easier way..Good job again

Jasmine Porter: You are doing her hair soooo wrong wtf are u doing smh

tanasha622: Helpful. Thank you much! 

Courtney Rayburn: odd

joyce adu: Didn't even finish if

MyFluctuations: Omg...Gluing to her forehead...

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YeahImJazz WhoAreYou: They need to put thus video as WHAT NOT TO DO

brieea: wow thank you so much I like it

Shoney Pooh: Thats a hot mess! She gonna b ready to fight once that mirrow c her!!!!! Lol wow

kendreia Williams: I think its decent..part cudda been a tad bit neater tho

sparklesmith1001: Lmao @ these comments. Smdh

Erica Coleman: This video is from 2009 stuff wasn't available back then

jnruff: I do not know much about gro protect solution but that you can tell that it has been applied to her hair. It is a neat idea if it works as well as claimed.

sparklingchocolates: U help me pn some parts om here. But damn it's SOO MANY PROFESSIONAL on here smdh that is quick to shoot somebody work down. But I bet u half can't do it at all that's y they bumping they gums. Do yo thang girl #teamfreakem#

mzgemini0006: she is going to be mad as hell taking that mess out... wasn't molded right, the tracks went to far over the edges.. You want to give it a realistic look. and to whomever that said there is glue remover... ummm duh I'm sure we know that but you can prevent as much damage as possible. smh...

Kenny Metayer: You should have used a cap. It would have caused less hair damage & you wouldn't have to spend hours trying to get the glue out of your hair.

Tutorial of Invisible Part QuIck Weave Part 1 5 out of 5

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40min Quick Weave Tutorial /Invisible part 1
40min Quick Weave Tutorial /Invisible part 1
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Tutorial of Invisible Part QuIck Weave Part 1
Tutorial of Invisible Part QuIck Weave Part 1
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Tutorial of Invisible Part QuIck Weave Part 1