Kel-Tec RFB Accuracy Test @ 100 Yards

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Q Speed Racer: i took mine to the range last week. i didn't shoot good but i blame it on me. sight i got ended up being extremely heavy.. made rifle heavy. shot holding not benchrest. need to shoot it more to get use to it.. ill try the 175smk like stone one said. i used federal 168

karl hyde: As a former Military, tactical rifleman, there's a couple of obvious problems here. One, he shot with the rifle "canted", numerous times. plus watch his finger. He is snatching at the trigger, instead of squeezing until it breaks.
With any rifle, try numerous kinds of ammo and see which one shoots best with the rifle. Then keep with it and don't ever change..

Lucy Go: I see from his lack of grip on the gun he has no grip on gun basics. Not his fault. It's to be expected when your parents are first cousins.

jon jenkins: It appears that the RFB's need a heavier barrel with all the obvious vertical stringing..  I would not be happy with those kind of groups with any gun....much less one that costs 1500+  It would no doubt be fine for a duel purpose weapon but not a precision weapon.  Neat weapon design but they can do better that that for accuracy.  With a 1/11.25 barrel twist I would try some 175 SMK's.

This is not meant to be a dig on the posters video, just an observation.

HogWithADrum: about 1.5. I think we can do better on the next attempt. "Kel-Tec chose to cut their 18″ barrel with 1:11.25″ twist rifling" all I could find on the rifling.

fredbrackely: What is that, about 1.5~2 MOA? What is the twist rate of the 18" barrel?

PhotoBobBarker: In most places (that I have been) as long as the mag is modified to only allow 5 rounds (and requires tools to undo the modification, I.e. a #6 screw across the mag with weak lock-tite on the nut) they are fine with any mag you choose to use.

HogWithADrum: it depends on the ammo mostly. best bet is to set the gas system for the specific type you are using. there may be more than one generation of the RFB which could also change things a bit.

Stacy Da-Funk Boogie: Hey great video, have you figure what's the best gas piston setting for this rifle?

papashake: what is he aiming at lol

tony paquet: Try the remington core lokt 180 gr.I get a 5 shot group of 1 1/2 inch with my rfb canadian edition...yeah! woot woot ! cool hein?

HogWithADrum: In our opinion, the RFB is an outstanding primary battle weapon and serves best in that role. Currently, it is set up with an Aimpoint :) That being said, your dual purpose idea is a good one and a 1-4x scope would be perfect! The other 308 examples you mentioned are fine options as well.

HogWithADrum: Thanks for the like! We prefer the lightweight 300 BLK action for deer or pigs. If 308 is your game, the RFB will do a fine job as a hunting tool. Accuracy IS acceptable but NOT incredible. As far as the law is concerned, we would mention that metric FAL mags are 20 round capacity units. Some locations limit mag capacity strictly, regardless of how many rounds are actually loaded up.

psychobeam99: On a side note Im not just looking at the RFB, I have my eyes set on the DSA SA58, PTR91, and the SCAR 17S. The latter being the one I really want but cant afford the near $3000 price tag. Thanks.

psychobeam99: Hey Hog. Do you believe this rifle could double as a good hunting rifle? I live in southern Georgia where a Rifle like this is legal to hunt with so long as you restrict yourself to 5 or less rounds. Seeing as how I believe in the one shot one kill method of hunting, I would probably only leave a round chambered in the weapon for still hunting but I want a single rifle that can also double as a defensive Designated Marksman Rifle. Thanks. Also,the like bar looked offensive to me so I liked this.

556 Channel (HD): Nice video! Great production.

JonnyC308: Wow the bipod under handguard shots didn't turn out so great. Good info thanks.

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Kel-Tec RFB Accuracy Test @ 100 yards 5 out of 5

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Kel-Tec RFB Accuracy Test @ 100 yards