How To Make A Shelf Train Or Ceiling Train That Looks Classy

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silk8668: AWESOME. You should make some mountains, Rocks on an Area to give it that 3D LOOK. Great Job and Crown Molding looks Awesome!

Chris Colt: That's sweet!

Simon Rankin: we have a pub in Adelaide Australia that runs a train around like yours ,while you eat you can watch it go around...

Rogelio Figueroa: Way cool.

domeslacker: what kind of dog is that?

strafrag1: Well done! It's a great hobby.

machia0705: Real good...Gave me an idea for my office. Thanks.

robm1969: Oh man ! great video I like it I'll try to make a shelf for my son

yesterday8265: Looks real good,you did a nice job on this project

Ashis Mukerjea: Very well done. Crown Moulding makes it more appealing to eyes.

john hemple: very very nice job now to convince the wife lol

Retro719: Awesome and inspiring bro.I was wondering how to do one, thanks for posting!

Andrew G: Awesome! I think this is where my dad got the idea to build his own! Grand Ledge Railway

MermanJesse: Also, if you have a Hobby Lobby near by, you can go to their website on your phone before you check out, and they will take 40% off with a coupon code that you show the cashier. This is how I got my trains started. A $120 set came to around $70

Dan LaChappelle: trains are always cool , and you never outgrow them really I have a Lionel that Father in law turned into an unofficial Harley Davidson addition , it turned out sweet I really need to do something like this for it thanks for the inspiration!

Ryan Guilford: definitely not nerdy or little kid thing. Looks great man. Good job

Glenn Gordon: Nice job on the installation! I have a shelf train layout as well. Grand Ledge Railway -Glenn

Anthony Graves: Nice job man! Fun. That's what it's all about...

Ken Aberson: Go slower please. So it is more realistic through the scenery. Go dcc w/ sound if you haven't already. But its really cool.

Q Bizzy: This is an awesome idea! Going to print out a picture for each wall to teach my children, North, East, South and West. Thanks for sharing!

Roger Peterson: I almost stopped watching, because a shelf with metal brackets just didn't appeal to me. However, the crown molding & corners painted to match the trim redeemed the video!

tiredfingers99: Awsome layout, what a great idea. I was thinking of doing this with all bridges so you could see it from underneath as well. The curves with bridges could be an issue.

James Lowe: Man, that is way cool. You are going to be the hero of your kids, nephews and nieces, and every used to be kid you know. 

Tad Heath: I don't care what people think......but I do know I'm jealous as all h*ll!!!! THAT THING IS SWEETSOME!!!!!! Oh thats what I call sweet & awesome together lol......YOU DID SUCH A GREAT JOB ON THAT!!!! I model N scale but have HO. & Z too. I just wish you lived in corning n.y area cause i'd be coming over to help you move the throttle!!! Lol got to say it again SWEETSOME TRAIN!!!!!! 

Poncho Yates: Cool!

warpo007: Nice, but those brackets aren't very classy.

Ken Aberson: I applaud you. 

chickenofsea: How about the Soul Train?

Jon Ekerwald: just WOW! Nice done.

briansmobile1: Thanks!

briansmobile1: Thanks! I've been wondering where that was.

supertlsmith: Hey, really like it. I have purchased an o scale polar express Lionel and enough fasttrack to circle my son's room. I have 3 questions. 1) how much did the materials cost, 2) what kind of wood did you use, and, 3) how many hours did it take to finish. I'm doing this for my son as a Christmas present. Thanks and thanks for posting your train set.

briansmobile1: Thank you!

briansmobile1: @flukesalot Thanks ; )

CHRIS SHAW: Where did you find the background scenes? Most are 24" wide and not very long.

xxdjcharlierockxx: pretty cool bri but that noise has to be annoying after a while. looks awesome though.wtg! nice job

johnandwegs: Nice, really like it!!! But the city back drop is not France but flinders street station in Melbourne Australia. :)

briansmobile1: All done! It looks way better now- new updated vid coming soon!

briansmobile1: @supertlsmith I shot down $80 just for the engine, about $20 per car. Track was about $75 Shelving was around $200 with brackets and it took about 13 hours or so.

Beach Comer: YES, where did you get the graphics, can't find them any where...? I have already spent a hundred bucks and they do not look as nice. I also like how long they are....

MartyLJ57: Nice job. Any plans to add a backgrounds?

zolar7a: Very cool! the train turned out great. I'm enjoying your You tube channel

briansmobile1: lol Right on! I get that a lot. People say I look like someone new almost everyday. From Christian Bale in "The Machinist" to Andy Dalton the football player.

briansmobile1: @zolar7a Thanks

bwizz24ify: Dude!! That really cool!!

ToCoMi: thats way cool

francescorenzitti: Love your train man! I want to build one for my kid. A couple of questions if you would. 1. What is the length you used from the corner of the wall to where it joins with the straight away piece? I am assuming it is the same on both sides. 2. What scale are those trains? 3. How do you control the trains? 4. What is the height you chose from the shelf to the ceiling? 5. Do you build the shelf first then put the track on after? Thanks.

jay7264: The person that put 1 dislike lives near railroad tracks

briansmobile1: @sweetlikeADAM My wife is a patient woman.... but not that patient. I really tried for that. ; )

ChooChoo Mike: It really is fun, I call mine a shelf train, suspended with purchased "shelf anchors". My corners provide some space for lighted buildings. You can run with a remote and multiple trains if you go with digital control. I use MTH DCS for O-Gauge trains.

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How to make a shelf train or ceiling train that looks classy 4.8 out of 5

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How to make a shelf train or ceiling train that looks classy
How to make a shelf train or ceiling train that looks classy
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How to make a shelf train or ceiling train that looks classy