Cobra Stitch Duck Call Lanyard (Part 1)

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Jase Meredith: How many feet of the coyote brown and black do you need

Mike Sandoval: nice video you give a me great idea the same metod for make a game carrier for rabbits,ducks and dove

Madison Stokes: Is it a total of 40' or 80' after combining the two different colors?

bjicehockey: thanks so much for the vid!! for me it was about 15" of cord for 1" of cobra hope this helps!

NormanValleyOutdoors: 3 feet of each color should be plenty. Measure them around your neck like the outline of a lanyard to get the exact amount. Everyone is different!

NormanValleyOutdoors: The 3 feet is just the base which is under the cobra stitch knot....the knot is where you end up using alot of cord...the tighter you tie it the less cord you will have to use. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

NormanValleyOutdoors: yes you could! I have made a couple like that, I was just trying to keep it as simple as possible for the video. Thanks for watching.

2259chevy: Hi what Colors are u using like desert tan ect....

NormanValleyOutdoors: @2x2kids1 the rest is now up, please feel free to sub! thanks

Paracordmaker2001: Great job

JTR1974: Your base, is that 8' total length or 8' after you have doubled it over?

davek145236: I have read through all the other comments and i still can't figure out how many feet of the brown and black.. i would appreciate it if you let me know so i can gauge how much cord i need to buy. Thanks.

sphntr15: 40' of each color? or 40' total when they are melted together? thanks can't wait to start making my own

Stephen Goin: saw these at the world deer expo. i knew i could make my own. great video!!! how many feet total on the neck strap did you use to finish the cobra?

NormanValleyOutdoors: 8' total. Thanks for watching!

NormanValleyOutdoors: I can't tell you the exact number of feet, but I would say right around 35-40 feet. Hope this helps...

Cole White: so you always make your coil with the same color if youre making a multi colored lanyard?

anthonyinva: ya what he said it a rainy day and I'd like to finish one

greyfox12shadow: Cabela's sells it in 100' packs for $12, so you can buy 2 packs and see what you have left? $20 and you can probably make 2-3 lanyards?

Jenniferfer2: Hobby Lobby sells the same 100' packs for $9 and if you use your 40% coupon which they always have on their website to print, then you're really in business :)

Blake McVey: AWESOME video! i loved it and now i have made one just like yours and it looks amazing. Thanks for all your help and just wondering would you subscribe me im new to youtube and i dont have any subscribers yet. Thanks if you would:)

F2PAaron: So you need 8' plus 20' of brown and 20' of black?

steve f: If you bundled up each end of paracord with rubber bands or something you could work a lot quicker. Maybe 2-3 feet per "stitch" rather than pulling the whole 40 foot length. Hope this helps!

supermugz: Fantastic, simple and very helpful. The BEST I have ever seen on the net. Thank you for sharing!

NormanValleyOutdoors: Yep! Depending on how tight you tie the knot you should have some left over. Thanks for watching!

zac ingram: what are the colours of the paracord you used in the finished product you showed us at the beginning of this video?

tproc0: I was just wondering how much cord you used. Like how much for the gray as the base and for the brown and black that you melted together how much of each of those colors. Thanks

Lance Brackin: I did a lot looking on the internet for lanyard info and your videos are by the best instructions for making your own lanyard. I watched them and had a nice lanyard 2 hours later. Thanks!!!

wolfcookieo9: just subbed you channel thanks for making the video im making the lanyard right now and will be sure to post a VR in the comments!

NormanValleyOutdoors: I would get 40' of both. You should still have plenty left over that way

Jenniferfer2: I've never even been duck hunting, but this video was so easy I was able to make a lanyard for my Dad for Christmas! And it turned out perfect. Thank you so much. It helped with my Christmas budget ;)

anthonyinva: ya what he said it a rainy day and I'd like to finish one

1997cyclones: how many feet of the brown and black?

NormanValleyOutdoors: @ikelley1907 yes, sorry I wanted to get it up sooner but I wont be able to get it up till sunday night or monday. Stay tuned for more!

NormanValleyOutdoors: 40 feet total, so 20 on each side...make sure you get the knot tight and you should have a little left on the end! Thanks for the question

anthonyinva: got this much and waiting to see how to finish

ikelley1907: is there goina be a part 2 thats shows how to finish it?

NormanValleyOutdoors: Thank You for your kind words! I got alot of headaches figuring out how to make one so once I did I figured I would make a video on it...Thanks for the comment

NormanValleyOutdoors: @anthonyinva the rest is up

NormanValleyOutdoors: @paulmyers00 thanks for the suggestions, it would make it alot easier for sure.

statlivestock: how much cord are you using?

greyfox12shadow: First time doing this, could you just make a bunch of small loops for your calls on the lanyard so they aren't permanent? Then just put clips on each end? Like the Rig em Right Texas rig style?

Cole Miller: ok so i would need 8' for the base and 40' of 2 colors for the outside?

Tony Feira: only 3 feet of each color? whjy do you have 40 feet of cord then? im trying to figure out how much cord i need to get. thanks

NormanValleyOutdoors: Thanks, not sure on the name of the song. Found it on a uncopyrighted music site

2x2kids1: Need to see part 2.when is it coming?

Michael Allan: Great post. I'm just waiting for the paracord to arrive home and I will be making my own one. Cheers.

Cobra Stitch Duck Call Lanyard (Part 1) 4.7 out of 5

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