How To Open Abloy Protec Cylinder Lock

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Cengiz Kös: Den Schließkern kann man nur entfernen wenn der "Original Schlüssel" drinne steckt und nicht " USE ANY KEY" von daher totaler Blödsinn!!!

Martin Berzerker: How loud this tool is ?

James Puah: It need an anti-drill plate that spin freely when been drilled making it difficult for the drill bits to cut through.

Matthew Brown: ABLOY PROTEC2 сакс асс против этого метода

Dope Show: What is the name of that drill bit you used?

Addison Wilson: I can knock a door down with a battering ram.

Anoni.mouse same: I can brake a door with an Axe.

joule400: maybe abloy could add safe mechanism to it so if parts start to remove it disconnects part holding the door from the lock so spinning the lock no longer moves it. and the part is too large to be removed from the lock base itself. ofcourse no one could then ooen the lock without major removal of parts but bit more secure.

///ALEX C: just use a Brad point bit

Mikko Rantalainen: Searching for "Abloy Milling Cutter" shows that the special tool with 4 carbide tips costs around 25 euros. A drill capable of running that with enough torque might cost around 200 euros. I guess that combination would beat any lock in any normal door.

sheka k: I'm sorry but don't claim this as an informative video, and at the end sell the tool necessary for criminal activity. I appreciate you showing the flaw in the locks, but this isn't for homeowners. This video is geared for thieves and burglary.

Amfibios: and as always instead of using this information to protect yourselves you're getting butthurt. i'm sorry but no matter how expensive, nothing is perfect, that's why we have alarms, cameras and shotguns

Protech Locks: Gd vid, obviously alot of ppl believe ignorance is bliss, a lock that pricey should have better drill protection, if this info never gets put out there the only ppl that helps is the manufacturer, they can keep making these wild claims about how great these locks r and the public wont know any better, personally id rather know what locks r easily opened so thanks.

kote kote: shnifer)))

Olivier Cauffopé: :(

rednecks007: One reason for putting these video's up is to show people just how easy it is for anyone to open these locks. These locks are not cheap and alot of them claim to be unpickable. Well as you can see there is more than one way to skin a cat. The manufacturers of these locks will need to up their game and stop selling over priced crap. Remember, criminals do not play by the rules.

Jonathan Kurtzman: love how many people get frustrated when they see stuff like this!<@:) Bravo sir!

riggsmed: I think that most meth addicts would have already spent the $75 it takes to purchase the drill bit on meth. Your average criminal isn't going to be carrying one of these around.

Nevir202: That's not a normal drill bit. It has Tungsten Carbide cutters. See on the second drill just before he starts, the little slightly darker grey piece? That is the carbide, and it will drill hardened steel.

Jarred Whitman: he has obviously customised the lock so he can do it but why would you destroy such a beautiful lock

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How to open Abloy Protec cylinder lock
How to open Abloy Protec cylinder lock
(632) Exploiting Abloy's Design Defect
(632) Exploiting Abloy's Design Defect
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How to open Abloy Protec cylinder lock